АСМР Японская еда, Лапша и сладости 🍜🍬 ASMR Trying Japanese food, Ramen and Candy 🍭🍝

Hello Hello Today we will have a little unusual video Most likely, it will be divided into two (or three) parts. This is a package from Japan. I ordered various delicious things from Japan Such as ramen, instant noodles that you need to brew various soups, porridges chips sweets Some very strange potato chips candies, cookies, various soda drinks here Honestly, I have long wanted to order something from Japan But it is quite expensive, and all that. So I ordered it all specifically for the video. You know, when you buy something specifically for the video, it’s not so bad for the money spent So … yes We will knock on it all, try it. And I will evaluate: tasty or not, strange or not so much … Naturally, this is just my personal opinion. But, in general, we will have this video: whether it is colloquial or trigger – decide for yourself Well, let’s start? And we start with noodles I prepared a translation for myself in order to better understand what is what If someone is interested in prices, then … You can look at the passing Like this In sum, it all cost 116 dollars (plus shipping – 90 dollars) Something like this Expensive pleasure But I motivate myself that this is all for the sake of video Because if you think differently – the conscience strangle Okay, let’s start This is canned onion soup Honestly, I couldn’t get it right. Do I need to warm them, pour them somewhere or just drink cold Or still pour everything into a plate and warm Here is This company pokka Everything here is in Japanese By the shelf life, as you can see, everything is fine Well, let’s try to open this onion soup Does it smell like onions? He smells like onions A bit scary Oh Did you see He is a little yellow This is really onion water. I would say that it is sweet and quite spicy. But very delicate in taste. And there seems to be pieces of onion Damn, and this is delicious I want to cook onion soup This is really delicious. I really liked this thing Very straight Yummy Now I’ll just be showing different types of ramen If I translated it correctly, then it is “sharp and sour ramen” [focus] There is some kartinochka And here either a napkin, or something else … But it looks very interesting. I never thought that I would knock on the packaging of Japanese ramen It says “1956” I wonder what is the reason? This is … mushroom porridge And carbonara Here is drawn something similar to bread or a piece of puff pastry … Here, too, is something Something like crackers There is a cooking recipe And here – too Pour, brew, wait And such a picture And here is the same with the description Written, by the way, that they can not be put in the microwave Just need to fill with water, mix … Most likely, wait a few minutes, and you can eat One of them must try Another thin soup in a can He looks like this It’s called [very complicated soup name] Soup drink But if he looks like an onion, then I think he is also cool enough Because the onion is cool I like it I do not know, for me it is very cute Hold a jar in your hands and understand that she is from Japan I’ve always liked Asian countries Here is And it’s so cool. So thank you! If it were not for you, I would never order it. I also ordered this … Packaging is similar to “Doshirak” It’s called … [name!] It has a slightly spicy taste. And is, as it is written here, a hearty snack. But, as I understand it, this is also some kind of noodles. with some sauces It’s udon with kari If I translated everything correctly And here is a very nice picture. Pork ramen And a very cute man And here is a cat Pussy Interestingly, is it because cats eat it too? My cat, by the way, when the package arrived, sniffed everything The whole box, each of these things. Everything And another ramen And here is such a noodle: spicy soup with meat and vegetables It seems he is very sharp And here, too, tongues of flame are depicted. In my opinion, this is something really spicy. Of the ramen, in general, there is nothing else These are the chips And specifically these – this, as I read, is one of the oldest brands of chips And they, it seems, were the first to start making sharp chips in Japan. And this ringlets. Also, apparently, sharp And now you have to choose exactly what we are going to try. Since all I try, I probably can not I suggest we try one of these things. Let it be this one And try some noodles. We will brew you and try this little thing now. and this noodle Chose them by chance It smells very sweet And it looks like instant mashed potatoes Like mashed potatoes with crackers It just smells like cream and vanilla. Unexpected smell Let’s fill with water Now it will stand a little, but we still brew noodles Here is a bag with something Seasonings A slice of … meat? And the noodles themselves Unfortunately, if there is an instruction here, then it is in Japanese And I know that some sauces need to be added after the brewing But I may do everything wrong and just pour everything in there. It does not smell very tasty But it looks like … It hisses Here is our snack Smells like cream The consistency is similar to soup. Liquid soup And here are these things [focus] In general, something like packaging Well, let’s try? Oh, I hope my stomach doesn’t get sick after that But the smell is delicious Taste pretty good I do not know what it can be compared with. You know, it still reminds me of some kind of mashed potatoes. Very diluted with water With some cream But the taste is still different I do not know, but tasty You know, there are liquid soups … This is something like … Cream soup! Well, what is it? This is not a crouton, it’s something from puff pastry. Looks like at least Very tasty by the way Crackers are usually harder, and here it is softer and softer in taste. Cool Try Yep Yummy Very cool It is even hotter – generally super Closer to the microphone And to this Yummy Okay, leave room for the next dish. Pork ramen The sauce needs to be stirred This sausage has become soft It smells like Russian instant noodles But is there some kind of smoked smell and … smell of sesame? For some reason, I think so What is it floating here? Probably he is Okay, let’s try the broth first Slightly sharp but not much And pretty smoked in taste Well, and noodles … She is hot Delicious noodles I would say that it is different from Doshirak and Rollton. Slightly different taste And she is hot, too hot In general, these noodles taste like ordinary spaghetti. Well, what, tasty, not bad, I was afraid that it would be worse And so – very tasty And this option is not too sharp. Spicy but not spicy In general, funny Yummy I immediately recall all sorts of dramas where the characters make ramen Yummy Let’s try this … strange sausage This is soy, as I understand it But by the way … pretty good A bit off like a real sausage Like a ham slice I like this sound Cool But she is hellish hot It always seemed to me that they cooled so quickly. But it turned out that no Or is it some kind of magic noodle I liked it and it’s funny that I didn’t get a sharp ramen This one will probably taste like hellish. And these are probably simpler. not so sharp … But everything is very tasty Well, try the chips? And maybe immediately sweets? Little by little How how? I honestly do not know I don’t have much experience with this. I need scissors As you remember, I already said that these are sharp rings. And here a few peppers are drawn at once, which means that they are super sharp It smells like pepper, look how small they are And in the description it was said that they were specially made so that they were comfortable to eat. In general, I agree with this, they are really “comfortable” It is not very … Oh, no, I lie When you chew, the sharpness is not felt, but now my tongue burns So yes … They are sharp Just the effect comes a little later. And now my tongue is burning Tasty chips while you chew them Plain and slightly spicy But after you live … Give a fire extinguisher Just mouth burns I need water Still burning Horrible The following chips are also sharp These are already common forms. Smell a little different And here they are sharp right away By the way They are even more delicious. The sharpness is felt immediately But the effect of those rings has not yet passed, so … It’s hard to understand how sharp these chips are. They are very tasty Resemble Lay’s, only tastier Such here This is a potato Potatoes in oil in the form of sticks Smells like potatoes Such things So it looks Very crispy Reminds some “light” chips without a lot of spices And they have a little smack of something creamy. Just, apparently, the promised oil But in general, very cool Just crispy sticks When you do not want anything sharp And these are chocolate chips. Salty Chips and Chocolate So.. Smells like chocolate These are chocolate chips. It’s just chocolate chips. But it is delicious. I liked this thing. The following crunchy stuff with such cute … monkey men? “crunchy”? I do not know, so drawn It seems to be something corn Let’s just say I don’t really like corn chips I love only sweet corn sticks There seems to be some sauce here (or recommend it to buy) Let’s open That’s how they look inside Balloons No sauce, I do not see, probably, on the packaging just a recommendation Smells like spices Various herbal spices Smells like them These are corn sticks. This is real corn sticks. Only not in powdered sugar And corn sticks with spices and smoked flavor I want with this sauce Why is there no sauce? And cool I liked this thing. Damn, I liked everything A little distracted from eating There you could still order such stickers It must be a mushroom They are so voluminous In general, these are cool stickers. And here… Wow And here is a 3D picture I loved books in my childhood where you turn the page, and there are such three-dimensional images I thought it was magic and magic When I have more space, I will definitely buy such a book. Yes See how cool she is And here, apparently, and you need to glue these stickers There are several variations House, kitchen Is he somewhere … in the store? and on the beach I got the beach We continue to eat on KitKat, the very KitKat KitKat with tea So small There are two records Like this Like, here is one, there is another I like tea Tea brewing Take a brew, pour chocolate over it and eat It is delicious?! But so specific It also melts very quickly. This is a bit of a strange feeling. You just eat tea with chocolate But cool, quite tasty But strange Very unusual More chips Smoked Cheese Pringles Chips and with jalapenos and onions You know, jalapeno pepper Or what is it And onions Here, they are probably sharp And smoked cheese This is, like, smoked cheese. Let’s try I wonder if these are sold by us? But … Even if they are sold … These are something in Japanese All in japanese This is so cool Let’s try the first ones with pepper I think everyone saw what Pringles looks like. Smell … Normal Not foretelling the taste This is real jalapeno pepper Who ate it, he knows how sharp he is But actually… Basically, if you chew quickly … And do not keep the chips in the language That is not so sharp In general, a little spicy and with the taste of this pepper I don’t feel much onions Apparently, a barely perceptible delicate taste is onion. But clearly felt the taste of jalapeno pepper Jalapeno … I do not remember how to pronounce it correctly And then there are some pictures Looks like some kind of drama or music video. Or something else With smoked cheese A little broken And they smell smoked Very tender and pleasant taste It’s like cream cheese. who smoked with chips But very tasty Also on their site was Coca-Cola with coffee I think it’s nothing special And here Fanta with mandarin and jelly Mandarin, jelly And it says that the jar should be shaken And here – too I’ll shake it now, and then the whole floor will be in lemonade She hisses Now for sure the entire floor will flood An arrow is drawn here and an arrow is drawn there. Fanta smelling mandarin There are jelly pieces! Now I pour it somewhere and show In general, you see It does not look very aesthetic. But here Fanta with jelly And real jelly pieces Come up with the same It is unusual to drink That is, you drink and feel it jelly But tasty Delicious But thanks to jelly it is almost impossible to shed. Here is such a fish She showered a little, as you can see But not much Fish Cookies It looks like a waffle And inside is delicious chocolate Cool I think I bit off the fish head She’s cool And the chocolate is not too sweet, not too bitter – delicious And the fish itself is like a waffle Something like bread Only delicious And this is a gudetama I think everyone knows Gudetama And here is such a chocolate inside White chocolate, dark chocolate and waffle [focus] Here is Yummy Plain delicious chocolate But it is a Gudetama Then there are these cupcakes Chocolate and cheesecake sponge cakes And on them it is written that they are with vitamins So this is, like, a fortified bar. See images of vitamins everywhere? I do not know how true this is Which one to try: with chocolate or cheesecake? Let’s second This is a sponge cake He is so soft You can squeeze it, all right Smells like something creamy It really tastes like cheesecake Very tasty bar You know, this is from a series of snacks that you can carry around. Convenient when it is in a backpack or purse. But I do not know, again, about vitamins, something else Just tasty and cool For those who have noticed this little thing – this is what I burned. And therefore, temporarily, I will have this … ugly point And this is Japanese urine candy It shows the urine itself (marshmallow) and the filling It’s great that they are all packaged separately. In general, with motsi / urine-ice cream, I wanted to shoot a separate video with eating it I hope I still take off It lies in the freezer. This kind of ice cream Maybe I’ll take these sweets in the same place. Soft Ball shaped Reminds slime let’s try Indeed, the top layer is just this dough … Or something else. I do not remember. I once read about it, but I do not remember There is still a small layer of marshmallow And so … Creamy filling While I tried a little bit of everything, I already had time to eat. And we still have a lot of everything we need to try. All right, all for your sake Here is such a water This is sparkling water. Cider, soda And, as I understood, it is with the taste of this fruit, which is called … like this And this is something like lemon or lime. Soda It smells really lime Very carbonated Lime, lemon water If you cool it, it will be super Slightly sour, but still sweet Cool I wonder what that 2% means Isn’t it alcoholic? But nice, tasty Another such cookie Smells like sweet powdered sugar In principle, this is how it should be, because they are as if covered with powdered sugar. Here is an asterisk Sweet I remember in my childhood We have sold something similar Also something so sweet and crunchy. Something crunchy and the rest is chocolate or .. I don’t know I do not know what it is, but in childhood I ate something similar But I do not remember what it was But the taste is very similar Cool sweetness As for strawberry … Almost does not feel like just something sweet The cream that is drawn here, there is more A strawberry … I do not know, not very But tasty Another cookie – these are pandas. And, as I understood, their main feature is that all pandas are different It would look good at a party where they can be beautifully laid out on a plate. In theory Translation from Japanese to Russian is very bad Unfortunately So let’s open Such are the wonderful packaging. There are many more Watch So melts chocolate! It’s very hot here From the fact that the room is closed As you can see, everything instantly melts here. [focus] On the other hand here are cookies But he also looks like a panda Oh, these conditions for shooting video +35 degrees Celsius Tasty, very tasty Very very tasty Such a cookie With a picture of a boy Moreover, the translation says that this cookie improves the functioning of the stomach. I do not know how it is Broke a bit But more or less whole Such a cookie here I’m already talking Do you see? There is such a layer yet Let’s taste it It is very, very gentle Just super tasty The taste is milky and creamy, but not cloying, as it happens. And very gentle. But this, again, is just my opinion. I can eat a sandwich with sausage, mayonnaise and jam, so … You can not listen to me But generally tasty, I like And, you know … We once sold round such cookies And there was also a similar layer, only here it is thicker And cookies are softer Something like him. Either it was called “Mary”, or something else … Whether “Maria” is another, without a filling. In general, I do not remember But before, it was sold almost everywhere. Also connected by some delicious layer It reminds them. Only here the taste is more delicate. It’s time to drink it all Peach cider Honestly, I’m shocked that the glass bottle reached intact There just was not even a bubble film in the package. But reached And this is good Very, very, very apricot, peach smell More even apricot I hope you taste better Very carbonated You know, it smells more like apricot, and it tastes closer to peach Not cloying Sweet but not cloying And very fizzy Literally the whole mouth in the bubbles Now I’ll try to take a sip closer to the microphone. I do not know, heard or not, but there is a solid gas Tasty, but opens, however, difficult And still hisses So.. Such beautiful candy See how different they are. Such, such … And here is their whole glass A whole glass of different sweets I wonder what you should focus on Tastes are drawn here: this one with strawberry This is milk … with milk and something else With cookies, it seems It looks cool Let’s try this, weird Milk and something there Some kind of tadpole that looks at milk Here, by the way, ‘Thank you’ is signed behind. And here is something in Japanese I think my neighbor is knocking А у меня еда убегает Вот такая шоколадка Это мармелад Все тает моментально У меня, если что, чистые руки Белый шоколад с мармеладом Шоколад нежный, вкусный, приятный И обычная мармеладка Прикольно Еще я заказала вот такой сок С йогуртом Вроде как, смузи Что-то типа смузи, причем… Тут огромное количество всяких овощей, фруктов И, вроде как, молоко По сроку годности должен быть нормальным Какая-то наклеечка Еще везде нарисовано, в какую сторону крутить Это так мило Сейчас постараюсь показать вам его цвет Here is Такой красный Очень густой Ну, не слишком густой, но густой То есть, это не вода, не лимонад Действительно, видимо, какой-то йогурт И очень-очень ягодный А еще мне нравится, как сделана эта штучка Йогурт с ягодами. Yummy Такой вот коктейль Я чувствую, что я сейчас съем всю эту витаминизированную еду и буду… Супер-здорова В общем, какой-то напиток… С разными витаминами I do not know Мне кажется, что это что-то вроде энергетика или типа того Никогда их не пила Но давайте попробуем Немного постукиваний Интересно, вы еще смотрите это видео? Или уже нет Он мне на грудь вылился Этот момент, когда хотелось открыть очень аккуратно, а в итоге ты полностью облит Ладно, не обращайте внимания Все-таки конец видео близок, не будем зацикливаться на мелочах Пахнет лимоном Мандарин, лимон… В общем, что-то цитрусовое Очень газированное Давайте попробуем Похоже на Fanta Очень похоже, но, как уверяет производитель, с витаминами Ну,что могу сказать, вкусно Но никаких витаминов я не ощущаю, не знаю, можно ли вообще ощутить их на вкус А так, вкусом похоже на Fanta Здесь было написано, типа, “ешь меня”, да? И вот мою футболку съела газировка Жвачка, от которой, я так понимаю, у вас будет красный язык Здесь вот такие шарики жвачки Вот мой язык сейчас Ощущение такое, будто сейчас у меня весь рот будет в крови Не слишком эстетичные кадры, знаю, но… На вкус — обычная жвачка Язык, вроде, немного покрасился но не очень сильно Когда красится в какой-то фиолетовый или синий, это более заметно Зато сама жвачка стала из бело-синей красной Кстати, вы глотаете жвачки? Я — нет Язык теперь немного красный. А на вкус жвачка будто с Coca-Cola’ой Это чувствуется, когда ее разжуешь И при этом там будто есть какой-то охлаждающий эффект Ну и, собственно, все Something like this Да, да, да Да, вы правы, видео, наконец, подошло к концу Не знаю, насколько оно вам понравилось Не знаю, как легко было его смотреть. Может, действительно стоит разделить его на две части А может, вы все посмотрите за раз Но надеюсь, вам было интересно Потому что в большей степени меня вдохновляло записать все это на видео Показать вам А потом уже покушать все самой Так что огромное спасибо, что вы есть у меня И благодаря вам, видео, трансляциям, косплею… Я столько всего попробовала и пробую, что… В обычной жизни, наверное бы, не сделала По многим разным факторам и причинам Огромное вам спасибо Если вам понравилось это видео, обязательно поставьте лайк Напишите комментарий: понравилось ли вам и что именно понравилось А если что-то не понравилось, то… боже, вы же до конца досмотрели Или перемотали… В любом случае спасибо Here is Хотите ли вы какие-то похожие видео, где мы будем что-то пробовать… То есть не просто видео с поеданием А именно вот такое… то, что было в этом видео Если хотите, то с чем хотите? Что-то,может, азиатское или другое… Может, сравнение разной еды? В общем, пишите, комментируйте Чем больше лайков и комментариев, тем мне приятнее Ну, а я пойду все это убирать… и кушать Кажется, на полторы-две недели у меня есть еда Fine Всех целую, всех обнимаю Спасибо еще раз за просмотр Не забывайте, что в описании есть все ссылки на все соцсети Instagram, VK и тому подобное Here is

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    Почему ты говоришь кака-кола? ))

  62. SALMINATI says:

    12:27 in English subtitles

  63. Turk SwiftKey Yfyf says:

    Приятная такая и смешная и это твоя фишка, мне понравилось незнаю чем но понравилось

  64. Miguel Ángel Arias González says:

    Pon que no pruebas comida mexicana 😋😋😁

  65. Ūłýãņâ Fįľĺ says:

    Теперь я хочу кушать (

  66. Айдана Дана.ай says:


  67. Евдокия Вьюева says:

    А ты за свои деньги это всё покупаешь?💖💖💖

  68. ꜰɴᴀꜰᴇʀшᴀ says:

    Геля:вот у меня столько вкусняшек))будем щас жрац
    Я в это же время:мне и ломтика хлеба с маянезом хватит:0(0

  69. Lina Ozdoba says:

    правильнее рамЁн, а не раменЭн

  70. Andressa Flores de Oliveira Dorian says:

    12:27 😮😶😵😐😅

  71. Andressa Flores de Oliveira Dorian says:

    18:50 ela começa a comer.
    Eat begins

  72. kLipTz. says:

    no entendi una vrga pero me gusto i no el asmr

    like si lo entendiste

  73. Тимофей Андреев says:


  74. Амина Шакенова says:


  75. Sofia Lps Way says:

    Привет, пожалуйста посмотри канал "Katy Up", нечего не смущает? Хотелось бы видеть комментарии от тебя 😢👍

  76. Luciano Fts says:

    Brasil me responda

  77. Тимофей Андреев says:

    Стучи побольше пожалста

  78. Мадина Мусапирова says:

    Ты еш только иду ипони?

  79. Ksenia Menshutina says:

    Может быть, здесь есть какой-нибудь японец, который такой, а почему она пьёт суп холодным и ест средства для мытья унитазов?

  80. Leon XD says:

    Интересно, а японцы заказывают наш старый русский борщ в консервах?🤔

  81. 【果汁】ひかる says:

    52:26 При этом 2% не алкоголь, потому что это 2% фруктовый сок😂

  82. 社畜 says:

    31:35 じゃがりこやあ

  83. ARON t says:

    Знаешь геранда? Жаль.

  84. みずぽんはるる says:


  85. Sarah Harris says:

    What happened to the subtitles near the end just after she heard the knocking , coz mine turned to Russian subtitles

  86. 법규 says:

    49:00 소변사탕이라고 ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어 ??

  87. Carol Matos says:


  88. Taehyung Kim says:

    Не рамэн а РАМЁН

  89. Алёна Блоцкая says:

    Так долго я не спала. А потом заснула😏. Молодец что так постаралась

  90. Алёна Блоцкая says:

    Моя любовь это лапша, сладости 🥰И ТЫ!!!!!!!!!💗💗💗

  91. 찜빵 says:

    다음엔 한국음식도 해줘

  92. Санёк Psychоdelic says:

    Сосед стучит) Слишком громко разговариваешь! ))) Спать ему не даёшь)

  93. khaled Ellithy says:


  94. Natsu Natsu says:

    じゃがチョコ 美味しいよね( ¨̮ )

  95. Natsu Natsu says:

    え ほうじ茶のキットカットとか知らんかった
    たぁべよウン(( '-' )( ˙-˙ ))ウン

  96. Kira Pantileeva says:

    Целый час удовольствия ☺️

  97. people these days says:

    English comment here🦋❤

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    Мне кушать захотелось😂

  99. A.R.M.Y BTS says:

    Геля,не рамон а рамЁн))

  100. Человечек says:

    22:50 жЫзнь это суп, а я вилка ._.

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