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And this will not be noticed? Note that this is not safe. To this I put my four magics and it works. Food Wars, is the story of a humble but talented
apprentice chef … … one of the best cooking schools in the world. This anime has a manga version And in each of its two brutal volumes recipes This tome gave me a fan recently …
… but … Wait! What does this mean? ¿Pizza with pineapple? Pilopi, I watch … Today’s recipe has been extracted from
one of these volumes First we will need three
garlic cloves We chop it with the expertise of a ninja and add the result into a bowl Two tablespoons of honey will give the whole a sweet and special flavor We also need a splash of sake. Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from rice. If you can not get … You can use some sweet white wine. Although today it is easy to get into specialty stores. My superhuman powers and my knowledge of the ancient Japanese … I warned that this suspect
bag is only miso paste It also puts you say Superpilopi
three times in front of a mirror … I will appear in your house and force you to eat broccoli every night Miso paste will give a taste
potent mix We need a good scoop. If you can not get … … utilizad a bar of concentrated chicken broth dissolved in a few drops of water. It’s not the same, but it will. All mixing serve to macerate this wonder 100 grams of defatted pork loin. We start to make it more manageable and we put in a saucepan with
water medium heat for a couple of minutes Now that is already cut, we cook and mix well with the other ingredients. Pork absorb all the flavor of garlic honey miso and sake Becoming something new and
wonderful for your palate A detail only … has to
spend six hours in the refrigerator to marinate So … do not … know-scale
mountain or count to 100,000 in the meantime. What you want You can also give LIKE this video or share it. It costs you nothing and make me very happy. Onigiri rice for, cooked in the same way as for sushi The first step is to wash the rice With this we got rid of a lot of
starch You can stop when the water wash fall completely transparent Once washed, we put our rice in a saucepan and add 1.5 times the same amount of water So for a glass of rice, the water will need John of the University of Michigan! A glass and a half of water John! Dammit! You have no … to add Punished to the corner thinking! Now we cover the saucepan and cook for 12 minutes over medium heat When time runs out, we remove from the heat and let it sit other
five minutes The result is a rice with the perfect texture and its exact doneness At this point the macerated pork
It will have absorbed all the flavors during the last 6 hours You just have to get him out of the mix without you sneaking bits of garlic And I cut it into smaller pieces As half a centimeter thick This, my friends, will fill our incredible onigiris Finally, put some water and a teaspoon of salt in a bowl in which you fit the hand We will use it during assembly Installation of onigiris is very simple, if you follow my instructions to the letter First, you must get wet with salt water hands. So you will not stick rice … … and you salareis its surface. Two birds with one stone. It is true! After you put in the palm of your hand, a lot of rice. That is plentiful! Be aware that you are going to press and reduce its size Helping you of your powerful hands so decisively prensáis but delicately … … and you may believe a fair hole in the center.
you have to squeeze enough for the ball to stay consistent … But not enough to undo rice We do not want crushed rice! Right in the center! That’s the place where we deposit our incredible pieces of pork #sakeajomisomiel Once in place, we must
lock on the inside cover them … … with leftover rice, to form the
new heart a ball full of “tastiness” To give the mythical form of onigiri, palms will … … hands V-shaped, so that they fit with each other … … as if they were pieces of a puzzle We pressed without destroying the rice so that it is compacted into a triangle. And once achieved, we turn to onigiri and perform the same process In this way we get equal on all sides You repeat the process several times, conseguiréis so perfectly to your legendary onigiris … … you’ll want to sing very high and very strong god of food … This is nori. Today it is very easy to get … and we will use it to finish our
recipe. Simply cut it into strips … … and one of them placed on his onigiri
corresponding. Contact with rice … … the algae will change its texture and
will be completely stuck. Yes now! We have our finished and ready to eat onigiri Optionally you can add some soy sauce to spice above You can garnish with black sesame. It is not mandatory but enhances its flavor and is more presentable Let the kitchen with you! And remember … do not forget to play with food

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  1. 미란다멜라니 says:

    Me gusta el brócoli :v

  2. átomo matic says:

    Pilopi dije 3 pilopi en un espejo y no
    Apareciste a mi mejusta el brócoli 😢😢

  3. Gaburieru says:

    en si el manga tiene una vercion anime :v

  4. Gaburieru says:

    en si el manga tiene una vercion anime :v

  5. XD el crack 1 says:

    He he he he A mí no me afecta el brócoli de hecho a mí me gusta el brócoli

  6. HiTortita says:

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  15. Jose Guilindro says:

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  16. Adrian Sala says:

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  17. Gelkezo says:

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    Me encanta el vídeo y yo entiendo tu estilo peroooo 6:39 eso fue demasiado

  19. TURLES V2 says:

    Parece que los japoneses les gusta el arroz….. A MI IGUAL!!!!

  20. Jacobo Estañol says:

    de esta serie el que me quede con ganas de probar es el risoto de manzana estaria genial que hicera esa receta

  21. gina alexandra angarita pacheco says:

    Desde que el Brocoli lo prepare super pilopi; no me molestaria comerlo toda la noche 😄

  22. Alexus 34 - AA says:

    Esta bien si digo que me encanta el brocoli 🙂

  23. Moka Roman says:

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  55. Uri Llongue says:


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