hello, it’s kinoshita yuka Today, I’m now in Malaysia yaaaay ! I will upload Malaysia’s videos every Thursday! let’s look forward to that ! It is evening now in Malaysia I’m now at KHAN’S CAFE restaurant, a restaurant located near the hotel where I stay And its dishes seem to be very delicious i’m looking forward to this here is it ! chicken tikka, looks so yummy the aroma is so nice itadakimasu let’s start eating ! oooooh ! yummy ! spicy a little bit this is so yummy ! spicy the other dishes are ready this is butter chicken curry i asked for butter chicken curry and this is what called “Maradona Sara” It is a shrimp curry the curry looks so yummy ! waaaah! what a cheese ! delicious ! butter chicken curry is really delicious! Chicken curry, is the best “Maradona Sara” curry yummy ! what’s this taste ? Garlic chicken, looks very tasty and this is Biryani with plenty of sauces Garlic chicken looks so delicious hot ! mmmmm ! the garlic taste is notable, sweet and delicious mmmmm ! The sauce is very similar to the yogurt sauce they used chicken fat in it, and this is very tasty yummy ! ! Fried Okra Okra Hmm! Its sweetness is light and delicious looks like a sweet potato we did it ! gochisousamadeshita this was truly tasty ! There are a lot of trains in Malaysia! You can see this, right! Hello again ! it’s Kinoshita Yuka! I am now in Malaysia to participate in Social Media Entrepreneur Award event for this year, to receive an award I’m looking forward to this. The place is huge. There are so many girls. I’m so nervous I will do my best I will walk on the red carpet, I will do my best The weather here in Malaysia is warm and beautiful, and that’s great! Hello everyone, I am Kinoshita Yuka hello, it’s kinoshita yuka Because I love eating and food, I want to make everyone happy with the food that you love And I am so happy to be here today in Malaysia that I love thank you so much From now on, I will do my best in Japan and Malaysia to put a smile on everyone’s face thank you so much i’m going now to try the food of this restaurant in front of me it’s a Famous place Ho Kow And it seems like a lot of people from Malaysia are coming here The residents here recommended it to me it’s a Shopping street in malaysia ooooh ! this is interesting Wow! It is a popular tourist spot in Malaysia And the previous restaurant that we saw is near here luxurious ! Yay ! the one who holds the camera is the youtuber Erin’s diary. There are so many cute and colorful things Colors are everywhere This looks really delicious Bubble Wrap Look, aaaah! This looks delicious! Bubble Wrap Waffle I love this so much, it looks so delicious oooooh ! waw! – I use an app to see my cats from distance-
You can see here Lon-can lon ! look at this popular restaurant please! ah ! Hello, hello, thanks a lot! Malaysia’s people are very kind He came to apologize because 30 minutes had passed since our request Aah! We asked for a lot of things after all The food has arrived! This looks really delicious shumai shumai ! what a cute shumai Nasi lemak Yay, Nasi lemak, I love it ! This looks really delicious It is like a mochi But the sauce is different? Yes ! The sauce is different, spicy sauce As for this, it is usually eaten at breakfast ah ! I love this so much and for this, Wonton noodles… with plenty of chicken looks yummy ! Cham, coffee + milk tea right ! Aah! This looks really delicious itadakimasu i’ll start with shumai yummy ! ! ! really tasty ! looks so yummy ! mmmmm ! this looks so amazing ! amazing ! waah! this looks truly tasty ! mmmmmm ! tasty mmm ! shrimp is really yummy ! Nasi lemak the sweet and spicy sauce is very delicious Kaya toast is amazingly sweet and salty which is so delicious frid chicken It is bread stuffed with chicken and butter mmmm ! the texture of the noodles is so great ! I am at the mall now! A commercial center in Malaysia Let’s go ! – I hope you check Erin’s diary channel too – just awesome ! huge ! It’s Poo the Bear – winnie the pooh – bear Look at all this sushi This looks awesome! EMPIRE SUSHI ah! it’s a Pet shop in malaysia ! Malaysia pet shop Aah! Hamsters Look at this, so cute very cute ! so cute ! It looks like this hamster is hungry! He drinks water aaah! so cute ! Also, this hamster is different from the Japanese hamster Love this huge home of hamsters ah ! Look at this! I bought a lot of things Milo, I love Milo very much But it pronounce -Mailo- in Malaysia Hay ! I bought a lot of things Hay ! Milo drinks as well! I bought a lot of Milo i’m going to do a video about, let’s look forward to that ! I am here now to try street food It seems that this place is very popular in Malaysia Coconut juice ooooh! ah! really tasty ! And here is karaage – fried chicken – itadakimasu yummy ! This omelette is very delicious and we don’t forget some vegetables as well mmmm! tasty Very delicious ! ! crispy ! This looks really delicious i love it ! resembles to Chinese food yummy ! Here is Bak Kut Teh Looks delicious! Let’s drink the soup mmmm! yummy ! Its sweetness is light and really unique mmm ! The meat is also tender and delicious meat ! ! really tasty ! this is delicious ! mmmm The sauce is thick, sweet and delicious Mmm! This is truly delicious Sounds delicious, maple syrup! Hmm! Very delicious Very tasty, especially the thing inside here really yummy ! durian oooooh! ah! This fruit looks very unique and yummy ! waaaw! thank you waaaw! Beware of thorns outside mm! Sweet and melty This durian is absolutely delicious resembles to mango with vanilla, very tasty so sweet, very melty and soft Thank you for watching! Hay ! I will now return to Japan I was surprised by all what I saw on a trip for this time – let’s look forward to the next malaysia video – and of course, I’m wearing the mask i still have just few hours for the departure

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