It’s salty! Today, we are going to do a challenge together. Together? Yes. And that is… I have a bad feeling about this. Eh? Is that a fish? Have you tried that before? It’s scary, isn’t it? Its eyes are scary! Its eyes really scare me, though. Let’s go. Let’s try eating danggit. Let’s get the scissors. Scissors. It’s smell time. Okay. Smell time. Let’s do rock, pap– Wait up, it smells! First comes rock, rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Smell time! It kind of smells like Niboshi (Japanese dried baby anchovies). It smells the same, isn’t it? For me, it kinda smells like sh*t😂 It’s like stenchful kind of Niboshi. Well, let’s try it. The loser will eat first. First comes rock. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! I’m scared! It looks terrible. Hold on. Try touching it. Instead of Niboshi, it’s kinda… Is this even safe to eat? Is it fine? Go ahead. What? What? What? I’m scared. What kind of fish?? It’s because the eyes are still on it. It is really, really salty. Is it really? It’s salty? It is extremely salty. Salty, eh? Yes, it is. It doesn’t taste bad. It’s just that it smells weird. Let’s dig in. I don’t like this aftertaste! Did it smell bad? It’s kinda… It’s the “fishy” feel to it. It comes after? Yeah. I’m gonna eat it. So salty. It’s very salty, right? It is surprisingly salty! I can eat this with rice on the side. I can taste the sea water. Yeah, that’s true. The after taste is really bad. You look awful. Shoot, I removed the eyes I remembered the koi (carp). I remembered it. Koi? The carp fish. Have you eaten it before? Hell no! Carp stinks, man. It is? Oh my God. What’s your score? 2 out of 10. 1 out of 10. This is really something. Let’s eat it one more time. One more!!! Let’s dig in! Oh my God. It’s salty! My finger smells bad😂 It stinks! Really salty. It’s salty! I get it. What are your thoughts about it? It doesn’t taste good. But this is really popular in Cebu. So stinky. It’s kinda similar to Niboshi but Danggit is way, way saltier. Very salty. I want to dry it more! Also, I don’t think this has been dried enough. It’s kinda frightening. Well, Japanese anchovies are dried-up so… This is quite worrisome. It’s okay. I’m sorry. Diba? Hindi lami!! I’m sorry. Hindi lami?? At first, I also didn’t know that. “Delicious” in Tagalog is “masarap”, isn’t it? In Cebuano, it is called “Lami”. Lami? It is completly different. Oh, it’s Cebuano. That’s why I said it’s “hindi lami”. “Hindi lami.” I really wanna go to Cebu again. I wanna go, too.


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    dried seafood in the philippines is quite endless in variety. There are some that people like that would turn your stomach. There are some that you will like but most don't.

    I hate the taste of Honeybutter Chips despite good reviews from people. So do fumiya has different likes of some food. So yeah, we all have different taste on food. Respect their choice of food and so do they respect your choice of food too.

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