【Eng Sub】香辣蟹肉壽司披薩 Spicy Crab Sushi Pizza│HowLiving美味生活

1 sheet Sushi Nori (Seaweed), 1.5 bowls white rice, 1.5tbsp Sushi vinegar, 1/4 chopped onion, 1cup minced crab sticks, 4tbsp Japanese mayonnaise, 2 tbsp chili sauce, 1/2 pc sliced jalapeno, Mozzarella cheese. Hello everyone! I’m KT Welcome back to HowLiving You have tasted a pizza haven’t you Today I am going to demonstrate how to incorporate the essence of Japanese and Italian food It is going to provide a brand-new, unique kind of flavor Let us get into it First, mince the onions and cut the Jalapenos into thin slices If you are not a fan of spiciness tomatoes and bell peppers are good substitutions Mince the crab sticks and set them aside for now Then, mix the white vinegar, sugar, and salt so we can have our Sushi vinegar ready Make sure to stir them constantly, till the sugar dissolved completely Pour Sushi vinegar into rice, mix well Add minced onions, crab sticks, mayonnaise, and spicy sauce to the bowl mix them well, too Place Sushi rice evenly onto a piece of dried seaweed Gently flatten them with a spoon Then we add the well-mixed crab salad onto Sushi rice Flatten the salad gently as well Sprinkle mozzarella cheese a.k.a the “pizza cheese,” on top of the salad Finally, place the sliced jalapenos on top of the cheese pop it into an oven bake it on 200℃/ 400°F for 15 minutes And there you go, our spicy crab sushi pizza is ready to serve Would you look at that Witness this fresh-out-of-the-oven, Cali-style Pizza It is absolutely stunning, won’t you agree? OMG Yummers! If you’re up for more KT’s delicious cuisines be sure to subscribe to our channel

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    This looks amazing, can I have the steps in English please?

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