【Japanese food】Vinegar|Handmade|健康の源!91歳のおじいちゃんが作るお酢

Kobayashi vinegar factory I’m the fifth generation 130 years since our founding I inherit the family business and keep tradition This vinegar is old This vinegar has been developed for 30 years Vinegar has proven to be good for the body I have done a lot of research on vinegar so far This in vinegar named “Acacia” This is vinegar named “Cho-jyusu” “Cho-jyusu” means longevity Both vinegars contain honey Acacia vinegar contains Tochu tea Lead to cell activation Removes body fat Diet is popular these days, vinegar is enough to improve your constitution Vinegar can be drunk or used in cooking and incorporated into the body As the body ages, body oxidizes Recently, the number of people who drink vinegar has increased I think using vinegar will help you live longer The vinegar I made was picked up in newspapers and appeared on TV Some people come from far away to see my face I like to meet and talk to people I have valued meeting people I sell vinegar that I made with great care Making vinegar wholeheartedly is the most important thing in doing business Cells are made of mitochondria Lactic acid bacteria and acidic things make mitochondria Foods rich in lactic acid bacteria such as yogurt are considered good for the body Miso soup is also good for your body Natto made from soy is also good for the body It ’s important to incorporate something that ’s good for your body How long does this vinegar take to make? A ripening period is required, It takes about 2 months Does it take about 2 months to make one? That’s right It takes time because it is necessary to blend and ripen various things These vinegars cannot be made immediately and sold immediately. Do you make vinegar here? I am making it here

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