100 comments on “【Japanese Food Presentation] #1 Oyako-don vs Gyu-don”

  1. jeremi michell says:


  2. RaoWolf says:


  3. Horses Rock says:

    gyu don

  4. kwazy star28 says:

    I already tried gyu-don but i haven't tried oyako-don and to be honest,i think miya won this round.my mouth kept drooling just thinking about food

  5. Sr Vexuro says:


  6. Judy Navata says:


  7. Judy Navata says:

    I love Sushi

  8. Daniel Ahn says:

    These all look and sound delicious :O I hope I'd get an opportunity to try these dishes

  9. Suga Kookie says:

    Kokon plz share with me

  10. Viel says:

    isnt oyakodon is something that related to dirty joke too?

  11. Bakhtiar Santri Aji says:


  12. ThunderGod 21 says:

    Oh no!!! 😥 i like both you made me so hungry!!! 😵

  13. Caos Hurricane says:

    I want them
    I want them all!

  14. たりるり says:



  15. Japanese HANJO! TV says:


  16. Marcelo Llorente García says:

    ¡¡Woooaaaaa!! ¡¡The food un thia vídeo is very delicius!! >:0 ¡¡And my favourite food is the ramen!!

  17. Wacky Zombeh says:

    I guees ill fo with Genki don

  18. Funkiesness says:

    Great start, I hope you two continue this series. I love a good Gyu-don, will definitely try an Oyako-don when the chance arises.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. 8 Bit MEGA-Blade says:

    maybe you should put votes up in the i-card as well Miya

  20. Ten Tem says:


  21. TheKenchanx says:

    Both sound so good. I cannot choose! I would have them both!

  22. OreoTheVeemo :p says:


  23. Nica Bear says:

    2:41 THICC EGGS

  24. Jaya Anderson says:


  25. Yandere potato says:

    Miya's #hanjo hanjo!

  26. Yokanan Refael says:

    Good work

  27. Hyper Gamer says:

    why don't you give an ad or something in your video. how do you get money?

  28. Hyper Gamer says:

    why don't you give an ad or something in your video. how do you get money?

  29. Seungri Kim says:


  30. TheShizL says:

    My favorite? It may be plain, but Ramen in beef broth with a side of an egg or two and top it off with three or four beef strips.

    As for the YOU TWO although Miya's presentation was just a tad better, Kokon had the more mouth-watering dish! Plus, I'm a sucker for eggs… Mi Mama gave us five eggs every day for breakfast when we stayed with Gramma~
    (So sorry, Miya!!)

    But you both win in the food department! 🍗

  31. Stealth Killer says:

    Got here by accident…and you suffocated me with your cuteness… 1+ Sub

  32. Gdog Merc says:

    Food lookin kinda nice

  33. L' idiot says:

    lel i love this channel because i can learn about japan even if i cant go there! its so hard to choose which dish is better! thnx Miya San and Kokon San! (im pretty sure you guys count as superiors)

  34. Just a Frog says:

    Appetite Season!

  35. Josh P. says:

    Hanjo Hanjo! I'll take the gyudon!

  36. HellSon666999 says:

    Hello you two, i've laught but also was hungry … all that food 😀 i'm from France and the "Oyako-don" make me think about the "Omelette" make with eggs and other ingredients, depends about what you like. hope more video soon and thank you again for you're content
    (=^.^=) as say's the cat HANJO HANJO !

  37. Cosmer Ray says:

    I have no interest in Japanese I just think the gorl is cute

  38. Mr Myst says:

    Delicious!! 😌

  39. N1ce Dreams says:

    Both looked amazing

  40. Yinyin Nicole says:

    I. Want. To. Eat. That. So yummy. Beef. Chiken. Egg. Rice. Im gonna. Go to jepan…

  41. Farhan Budi P says:

    Do tongue twister again😊

  42. Yj says:

    Miya I can’t wait to see you grow ❤️❤️ love this channel,and you! 😍 ☺️ Kokon is also hilarious 😂 keep up the amazing work! ❤️

  43. Leo Cruz says:

    Ahora tengo hambre

  44. Herni Lestari says:


  45. ً ً says:

    Sugoi ne! >_<

  46. Nina 1883 says:


  47. Pranag says:

    I vote for konkon this time (sorry miya-san) in my region we are forbidden to eat beef stuff *sigh*, and thats not all konkon your dish, the oyaku don looks too much of a delicious meal , I really want to try it out and maybe when I go visit japan we could have a meal together 😉
    As for the video I liked this new series……now I want to eat something *drool**drool*…..

  48. ek says:

    I want to move to Japan ☻

  49. Sweet Honey And Sugar says:

    Oyako don looks delicous also my favorite japanese food is chicken katsu

  50. Mitsuyuki-Hime says:

    Oyakodon is my favorite type of don!

  51. •Tsukina• says:

    #TeamKokon! The way he described it with the details, made me wanna eat it so bad. Neither can I download twitter so I’ll write it here that I vote Kokon. I have to eat it (´∀`) はんじょ!はんじょ!

  52. TEREZ1 PYROP3 says:

    i want to eat oyako-don!

  53. Shozo Pipo says:

    You and Konkon hit HARD! I was drooling through this whole video

  54. Briyhon reed says:


  55. Lily D. says:

    YOu act alot like valt from beyblade he loves food so much.

  56. Lily D. says:


  57. luthfy sdn says:


  58. Hana Song says:

    I don't have twitter ._. but I vote Miya

  59. MagicSoi Sauce says:

    i wish i was Japanese,ugh america

  60. Laurel Murphy says:

    Ahhh don't make me choose, I just want both!

  61. Shiden Kaze says:

    Nice presentation of the dishes well done, my favorite japanese food is ramen with udon flavour so good 😋

  62. Play With UwU says:

    i can´t forget this video, i loved the voice, i need help

  63. crystalRplaysOZ says:

    i want fall everyday now ;~;

  64. Brendan McCabe says:

    Kokon for sure

  65. Starkat03 says:

    Japan is healthier and have amazing food therefore im moving to japan

  66. Pablo Vergara Sarasate says:

    Tasting much sweeter than wine… ♪♫♬

  67. Kitsune Aya says:

    I say Kokon won. I don't know, maybe it's just my opinion. I like how he explained it with rough passion and I just like oyako-don better than gyu-don. Like if you agree

  68. Midnight Fran bow says:

    Kokon san and you win!

  69. A Fly says:

    * screeches * WHY DO BOTH LOOK SO GOOD AHHH

  70. Akasuki Chan says:

    I was born in appetite season

  71. Skystripe Burns44* says:

    You are pure evil making the food sounds so good

  72. el EBPLO ALV: says:

    No te entendí ni verga no hablo ni ingles ni japones :v
    "Nuevo sub"
    Pd: entendí el vídeo porque puse los subtítulos en español :v

  73. 武士朱莉 says:

    Huhuhu 😢😢😢I'm hungry, i want to eat~~~😢😢😢💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙

  74. Jemma Pronai says:

    i've seen ten seconds of this but it's already relatable

  75. Kill Me says:

    I'm not fan of eggs

  76. Forget Aboutit says:

    Im so sad right now. I live in Texas and I can’t eat either don

  77. TheDancingirlOfficial says:

    I choose miya. Because it looks so tasty and do not worry kokon. I also really like yours but I choose the food of miya. Gomen'nasai kokon

  78. Alisia Diaz says:

    Alguien mas llego aquí por un comercial, valió la pena 👍👍😁

  79. Mya Biggins says:

    Kokon won,I’m sorry but I love eggs,and that dish is MOSTLY EGG!!!🤤🤤🤤💖💖💖(good job kokon)

  80. Noe Cortez says:


  81. Queen Acid says:

    I like Kokon's since it seemed a lot more appealing to me on a personal level. But hey, if I ever get the chance to properly try both dishes, I'll update you guys on my choice! But for now, Kokon's dish has got me.

  82. jordyn patterson says:

    watashi wa tabemono ga sukidesu

  83. Mermaid says:

    i actually like both of the foods and i have tried them, but i think the ones that i tried got americanized. lol

  84. levi says:

    They seemed happy to eat dong

  85. Justin Bury says:

    Im not crazy about egg unless its hard boiled, on that one and only point i give it to Miya.

  86. brittany taylor says:

    I been meaning to ask about the prime matsuzaka beef what's so special about it I kept seeing being mentioned Lot in anime series and I heard it's cost a fortune to getting it can u set things straight with that please

  87. majestic mermaid says:

    Miya won

  88. Shat says:

    Sorry but I have to agree with kokon because I’ve had it before

  89. AnaxErik4ever says:

    Donburi! I have been a long time fan of savory stews over rice, especially oyako-don or tekkadon (tuna donburi). I stopped eating red meat when I was 16, so even though gyu-don is likely delicious and savory too, you won't catch me eating it (for personal reasons).

  90. BlockHead says:

    I like sushi 🍣 and salmon sour soup 🥣

  91. multi5 multible says:

    You sound so much like ruby red from rwby AND I LOVE IT

  92. Alex 223 says:

    I love food so much❤

  93. Gaming Goof says:

    One more thing and I don't mean to offend. But is it true your country eats dog and cat? 🙁
    Because I know how important both animals are to your culture

  94. Device Devil says:

    Aw heck why did I watch this without eating lunch first

  95. Anime9100 says:

    I love katsu curry

  96. Lanky Geezer says:

    I will make sure to eat both, they both look delicious.

  97. FFEDCO Gabbiani says:

    Kokon definitely won this for me, but I am sure it is a matter of personal taste. Hanjo, hanjo!

  98. chaosblur says:

    Between the two presented here, Konkon’s Oyako-don made my mouth water more. I’m adding that to the list of Japanese foods I’d like to try one day.

  99. Toriano Holder says:

    They Whuold look good to my dad he whuold love it🍙🍣

  100. Toriano Holder says:

    I choos Miya’s cuz my dad whuold love it

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