【MUKBANG】 AMAZING DISCOVERY!! Adding Mentai Mayonnaise TO Tonkotsu Ramen IS TASTY!! 4.5Kg [Use CC]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (Eng subs by ~Aphexx~)
(Font size color transparency 100% controlled by YOU) so today! tadaa I bought these a whil~~~ I made a video but he’s a while back
And I said they tasted amazing…. ~these all upsidown~ And so I made them
But they tasted so dang good I bought a 24 pack carton of them I kinda goofed when I placed that order but whatevs that just shows you how much I luv these I just discovered the super delish
Way to prepare these but then again….. you gotta weigh the good and the bads
with this I might get a lot of blowback
with this one its just the way I feel though when making yummy things you gotta
do some extreme things sometimes prolly… when something looks amazing
it usually scores higher “food” points so for things that look bad and
has a high “food” score it means that it overcame the points that were
taken away from bad presentation and still scored high well…. I know its going to be me that is
going to tell you whether the food is yummy or not well anyways I’ll be making this dish And by the way
The thing I will be using today is…. tadaaa… this mentaiko (fish egg) mayonnaise
alrighty…. the cooking… here you go This is How It’s Made As usual prepare the toppings Today will be using just regular boiled eggs
Cut them in half cut your seaweed into quarters Make ramen as usual 8 portions as well After it’s cooked through add the soup the pork broth looks totes yummy add the oil packet This is something that I love adding to Pork broth soup
garlic stay with me on this you guys…. add the fish egg mayo plenty Add toppings as usual
Something I don’t use often its mentaiko egg I absolutely love these
I often eat these with my onigiri Egg The seaweed gets soggy so quickly
I will add it later Onion K, now add the seaweed see…. tadaa its done I’m sure some of you guys out there are all
Shook at how I used the mentai mayo in this but trust me its yummy
itadakimasu dissolve the
mentai mayo The color of the soup doesn’t look too different whenever I’m not shooting videos
I don’t eat 8 portions worth I stick with around 4 portions worth and such
but this doesn’t have enough of my #BFFMayo Sadly I only have this much
of the fish egg mayo remaining Once you add the mayo to the pork broth soup
It gets pretty yummy on its own The lends the Mayo’s tangy sweetness And then you add
the mentiako fish egg flavor it makes it even that yummier the ‘bestest’ its the ” King of Rich flavor ” And these are some of the mentaiko fish eggs
I added as toppings It’s kind of going too extravagant
To eat in one bite Probably a good idea to mix them all in Very yummy they’re always so yummy It’s even better with the seaweed don’t these mantaiko eggs look so yummy the pork broth soup and mentaiko eggs
go so nicely together egg with all this soup and all the stuff
inside it I decided to add the boiled egg to go with all of it it would be awesome if they made
mentaiko egg ramen mentaiko goes so perfectly with almost anything
goes great with rice It goes perfectly with pasta as well
Which means but of course it would go well with Ramen It tastes good with bread as well
mentaiko butter toast is so yummy as well mentaiko totally goes with anything Once you add the mayonnaise to this
The pork broth soup gets so creamy It’s very yummy I usually make my ramen with less water
thereby concentrating the flavor it gets even thicker and yummier
today…. I totes forgot to do that add more seaweed
mentaiko goes so perfectly with sesame oil Which means some Korean seaweed would be
a good Addition to this seaweed mentaiko and noodle
the ultimate trio the wonder trio is
doing wonders within my mouth Since I love garlic so much and lots more Garlic and fish eggs go nicely together The garlic adds extra punch to the mentaiko eggs hot My bowl is so big that
my chopsticks will sink into it last mentaiko It tastes so good when you combine it with a soup All done
gochisosamadeshita the kagoshima pork broth ramen with mentaiko mayo
toppings was so yummy when you add mayo to things
you might think it be gross but it truly is yummy Mayonnaise goes nicely with curry as well
pork broth ramen already is high in calories And the addition of mentaiko mayo
might just increase that calorie count even higher well ….. might is probably not the right word
it WILL increase the calorie count Things that are high in calories are very yummy decrease the amount of water you use, add eggs
and add the mayo…. this will definitely make it yummier It makes taste more like a creamy
pork broth soup It was absolutely yummy won’t you all please give it a try as well A link to my favorite Kagoshima ramen
will be posted down below And as always thank you for watching this video if there is
Anything you want me to do or eat please tell me in The comments section below if you like this video
Please hit the like And subscribe buttons BAI BAI

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