【MUKBANG】 [Gin No Sara Sushi] The Ultimate Fresh & Melty Shrimps! & MORE! 50 Items 4000kcal[Use CC]

Hello it’s Kinoshita Yuka
( English subtitles by ~Aphexx~ ) So today tadaa! I’ve got a large seasonal dish
of sushi from ‘Gin no Sara’ And can you see the standout feature of this dish?
yes, its the large raw shrimps The sushi looks so yummy The other day I had steaks
And now today I’m having sushi Is it really alright for someone
to be feasting like this everyday? There are 10 different types of sushi
And in total we have 50 also these eggs here
This serves 5 people itadakimasu
Let’s start with a feature of his dish the large shrimp just look at how BI……. the plate is white you can’t see it Look how big it is
And we have squid on the bottom just look at the difference in size It’s so white and slightly transparent
It looks so very yummy I’m kind of afraid to pick it up
So I’ll just dip the shrimp in its crazy plump and yummy Just from The Taste of it you can tell that this
shrimp swam thru the oceans with plenty of vigor I really love how it feels on your teeth
You can really tell how fresh it is and next I picked up this shrimp so I’ll eat it
(squid not shrimp) The perilla Leaf is doing a good job sushi is the bestest
I love eating sushi rice and sashimi together Add for today I have 1kg of a red miso soup Sushi and red miso soup goes nicely together next up is one of my faves
chu toro tuna Look at how plump and Wrigley this is
I love how fatty it is It’s not as fatty as ‘O toro’
a nice amount of fat allows for the mild tuna flavors to shine next is flame broiled large shrimp The large raw shrimp is so tasty I like this one more
its topped with yuzu citrus ponzu sauce Just got a chewier mouth feel after its been
flame kissed Scallop The shellfish which is so different from fish
Taste so nice as well Egg It’s so sweet and yummy
I love eggs from sushi shops SALMON Why is sushi so colorful like this?
It’s almost like a flower This is all the meat that’s on the inside of it fish….. how did the fish make their meat so colorful
and who did they intend to see their colorful flesh? fish be weird Salmon is so yummy Tuna I love how they leave sushi in its raw state cooked meat also has a nice mouthfeel to it
I love the varieties of mouthfeel Yellowtail
Yellowtail is another one of my faves That’s so fatty and yummy Among all the sashimis
the fatty ones are my faves toro tuna and salmon and hamachi
are fatty onion-tuna the tuna is so light and airy ikura egg the umami just pops in your mouth just look at this large raw shrimp
look at how jiggly it is … it doesn’t tear apart despite all that.. kids don’t play with your food the oceans must have made it so strong and now I eat it I left one of each of them all 10 of these contestants….
all anticipating which one will be eaten next FINAL ROUND
of the sushi battle nobody be fighting tho~ the first one I will eat is… ginger squid I love the perilla leaf I’m one of those people that saves
The best for last I usually eat the yummiest first as well…. but I often save the best for last….
sometimes….. A person that likes to eat
The yummiest thing first and last but more often than not I save it for last
~I keep repeating myself tho~ is what I’m saying that important so much wasabi in this scallop yellowtail, shrimp, grilled shrimp, salmon, tuna its the 5 best of the day its a tough choice but… shrimp
its very similar to the grilled version 2 remain I feel as though…. I’ll eat the tuna first last up is the flame kissed large raw shrimp
itadakimasu all done
gochisosamadeshita the sushi arrangement by ‘gin no sara’ was so yummy the shrimp was so nice and plump and jiggly it was so big as well
it was filled with so many of my faves…. so yummy sushi is the ‘bestest’
the oceans are a true gift I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy sushi like this it was all so yummy won’t you all please give it a try
and as always thanks for watching if there is anything you want me to do or eat please tell me in the comment section
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