【MUKBANG】 Tokushima [Kinchan Noodle], 9 Kinds of Kin-chan Ramen! 3688kcal | Yuka [Oogui]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (english subs by ~Aphexx~
Change font size color and transparency via options menu) So, Today a viewer from Tokushima sent me all these Cup
ramens so I’ll be eating that today this is Tokushima’s specialty ‘Kinchan’ noodle
they’re very well known aren’t they? I’ve done a video eating these noodles before. I was sent so many things
and I’m so very surprised with all this selection alrighty, its time to eat! lets start off with the most popular Kinchan noodle
its topped with all these eggs, shrimp, and shitake mushrooms its going to be so OISHIII its a very light tasting soy sauce and black pepper taste
yes its very OISHII they sent me this ‘onu nori’ its Tokushimas famous seaweed
that goes perfectly with rice or ramen and today I’ll be eating this with some ramen
its so very crisp its very sweet and very crisp it lends a nice aroma all done
next up is some Champon this is also a very mild and OISHII taste all done
next is a soy sauce Tonkotsu (pork broth) this sheets of seaweed are so OISHII
you can enjoy them on their own like chips there is also this drink, its a citrus juice that Tokushima is
known for so nice and refreshing this is Kinchan’s Tokushima ramen a soy sauce flavored one oh this has a different taste to it its got a
stronger deeper tasting soy sauce flavor ~so hot~ next we have a Kinchan ‘Kitsune’ Udon (deep fried tofu)
this fried tofu looks so OISHII its soaked up so much of the sweet broth all done
next up is Kinchan’s pork flavored ramen this one has extra bamboo and char siu added to it
oh wow this Char siu looks so yummy it tastes like a real meaty char siu all done
next up is a Kinchan ramen. It comes in such a big bowl all done
it had such a nice OISHII shrimpy flavor to it next up is Kinchan’s meat udon
looks like this a very Japanese style soup filled with a lot of seaweed next up is onion ramen looks like this
its got a wonderful onion and soy sauce combination all done mm tasty
gochisosamadeshita these Kinchan noodles and Tokushimas famous foods were
so OISHII I was really surprised with the diverese selection of
flavors Kinchan makes and there was also a letter attached as well
~Y’all didn’t know but Kinchan gots their name from them ‘Kin tsu’ brand of wheat that they be usin’ to make
them there noodles. ~ and also the thing that made me so happy was the note
they left at the end of the letter ~Y’all take care now Y’hear. We’ll always be rootin’ for yuh
take care your health, we’re always lookin’ forward to your
Kawaii smile on all your videos~
xX~Tokushima has a special accent~Xx I’m so HAPPY!!!! I’m always so happy now, thank you everyone!
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