【New Year’s Day】 180$ Sushi!! “Gin no Sara” [4080kcal] Let’s Look Forward TO The Next Year [Use CC]

Hello! I’m Kinoshita Yuka! Today~! Tadaa! Limited edition gold sushi platter Kotobuki prepared 5 servings Happy New Year everyone! It’s has dawned! It is 2018 It’s special! So today we have prepared sushi In, this is it is, I … I kinda wow It’s expensive. It’s 5 servings, with 65 pieces of sushi, However, 21000 yen is exceeded. (approx. 190 usd) Somehow, I think you I’m about to be a happy person. Oo! Amazing! It comes in this luxurious box wow look at this What would this? It comes with Karinto (sweets). Amazing! happy! Indeed, it is a tub of limited edition New Year sweets cute It comes with some truly stylish Karinto. Arare Karinto Yup! Sweet and delicious Gold leaf sesame Karinto Oo ~! Do you know? It comes with a gold leaf Yup! Delicious Vegetable Mix Karinto It’s got various colors Yup! Arare Karinto was the most delicious Like even this chopsticks It is gorgeous! It comes with a soup This is a soup that contains tempura in the form of a temple. Now, I will open it, Open! Beautiful color! Hehehe The back of the lid is gold Please look at this~ It is truly a luxurious feeling “Kotobuki” is placed in the middle It’s amazing It is special with vivid colours Let’s eat! Alright, first of all, I will eat my favourite, medium-fatty tuna It is beautiful! It is soft, and it’s juice sticks It melts in your mouth Yup! Soup is also delicious The following is a squid I wonder if it’s Perilla? mm The leaves smell good, and the Squid is very tasty And, this is the tuna Yup! It’s tuna is delicious has lots of protein in it Salmon The salmon, itself, looks chewy It is delicious this is raw shrimp It’s head But I have to take the head off The shrimp is also chewy It must have been fine when it was already in the sea I have a feeling, It’s healthy It is healthy is good This is flatfish Yup! the flavour is packed tightly Daikuruma shrimp It is so big! Yup! Next, the large scallops It’s middle is soft and tasty And the large snow crab There is so much crab It has a luxurious shell It is New Year herring roe The egg is crispy And, sea urchin! this color is dark It is so sweet, it melts This uniqueness gives you a good feeling Next, Conger eel The sweet sauce on the eel, it is delicious Egg! Salted salmon eggs Yup! Biting the eggs, it comes out from the middle, Really it’s delicious! 2018 last bite … It is the middle tuna! So I’ll eat the salmon first, Yup! The last bite Itadakimasu! Yup! Thank you for the meal it was Truly delicious It was gorgeous! This is proof. I want the beginning of the year to be luxurious! Last year, you cared for me very much! Thank you again this year For 2018, I hope everyone has a very good, happy year! Thank you for watching today! If you have things you want to eat or that you want me to do Please tell me in the comments section! And please if you liked the video, hit the like button, And please subscribe to the channel! Bai Bai~!

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  4. Professor says:

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  5. Jelly Jilly says:

    A Nasa tem que estudar o estômago dessa mulher kkkkk

  6. Yt Vv says:

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    Luar biasa 👍

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    i like jepen♥♥

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    Wow ..Thai Language 🙏🏻❤️💚

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    Qué buenos subtítulos 😂😂😂👌

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    Hello My Nguyen

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    How can she still skinny and im here only watchin this video make me gain weight 🙂 ..

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    연어초밥이 진짜 짱인데ㅜ♡♡

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    You so beutifull yuka👧

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    Mano já n basta eu amar vc e vc está comendo minha comida favorita?!?!😍😍😍

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  34. Branca Brn says:

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  40. 98 98 says:

    No se como cojones funcionan los subtitulos pero por la poca correlacion entre lo que dice yuka y los subtitulos parece obra de algun capullo xD

  41. Kalexa_2518 says:

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  42. Jees No Limit says:

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    Lady just eat the dam food U doing to much talking

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    now i want some sushis

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