【Subtitled】Hey boss. Still haven’t got the kelp I bought – Taiwanese Seafood Auction

I know you guys are in a hurry. I know, so I’ll try to sell faster. We’ve got too many items, gotta sell quicker. You know what this is called? Cod scraps. Usually we sell large slices of cod, these are those trimmed ones. 那These are way cheaper. All comes in different shape. All different. The pricing is simple. These won’t cost you 1000, 900, ……, 400. I gotta sell faster, so these cost just 300. Cod scraps. Just 300. (300 …300) 300, buy if you want. Cod scraps, pack it up for him. One more. Bring up one more box. Who wants these, just 300. It’s swimming away, still alive. Just 300. (300..300) Anyone? (You haven’t gave me the kelp I previously bought!) Anyone wants cod? 300, (300..300) 300元就好 (Yeah, he haven’t gave me the kelp I bought for 10.) 300 once, twice. 300, I’ll move on if there’s nobody interested. Nobody? We have many items, lets be quick. These are our signature item. Signature item, you know what are these? Norwegian mackerel. Mackerel. Norwegian mackerel. Norway produces THE most delicious mackerel. Rich in fat, tastes perfect. These are deboned Pan fry these is fine. They sell these for 100. Four packs for 400. There’s only one box left. However you just need to pay 300 today. 300, and one more, one more. (Seven slices for 300!) 7 slices for 300. Mackerel seven slices for 300. Norwegian mackerel, without thorn. Seven slices for 300. (300..300) Want it? 7 slices for 300*2. You guys are not interested? Tastes fantastic. 300 once, twice. Nobody? Otherwise I gotta move on. No one? Why you guys aren’t interested, strange…… Never mind. It’s salmon time!!! Special offer today. We sell different type of salmon. Thicc slice. 2.5 centimeters thick. Perfect thickness for pan fry. We vacuum sealed it. Nobody’s selling vacuum sealed salmon anywhere else. I won’t rot after one or two months. They sell 200 a slice. 2, 4, 6. They ask for a lot of money if you want to buy at a different store. Five slices for 1000. I’ve got just three boxes left. Five slices won’t cost you 1000. Six, seven, eight for 1000. One more, still 1000. (Nine slices for 1000!) Salmon! Salmon, thick slices. Nine for 1000*2. Great for family. Don’t leave it overnight, it won’t taste great. (That one is thin and that one is thick.) Nine for 1000, anyone? Too much or too many. (Too much.)(Too many.) I can’t help. Too many? One for 1000. How about that. (Hahaha.) Stop kidding. Four for 500. Four for 500, you can’t get these anywhere else. Can’t do that boss, it’s already so cheap. These are vacuum sealed! You get one more extra if you pay 1000. Four for 500, you want it? One more for free if you buy nine slices. Soooooo reasonable. 2, 3, 4, 500 bucks. (500..500..) Four slices, 500. Thicks slices of salmon, 500. You want to buy ten slices? 4, 5, here you go. 4 slices, if you buy 9 slices you get one more for free. Four for 500. Four for 500. Salmon, thick cut, vacuum sealed. 500 once, twice, otherwise I’m gonna move on. Nobody? Want it. These are vacuum sealed. Want it or not? Great. Give it to him. Four for 500. Four for 500, ten for 1000. Want it or not. Nobody? I’ll put them away. No one? That’s it, time to sell cod. Got to sell cod after salmon. Our cod is DIFFERENT. These doesn’t have imperfection. Look at these. All looks beautiful. These doesn’t have imperfection. The other stand sell cheap ones for low price. You can’t buy those if you want. Eleven slice for 1000. Ours are premium one. Ordinary price is 200. 200! Five will cost you…… These cost 1000. Special offer for you. Five for 1000 is too much. Eleven for 1000! (Eleven for 1000.) Why are you hesitating? Eleven for 1000! Promise me you will buy if I add more slices. (Yeah I’ll buy.) Nice, bring one more box. (You wanna buy as well? Yeah.) How much you will pay. Who want’s to buy? More, more, more. Don’t stop, more. (Adds one more.) 1000! Twelve slices. It’s your choice to buy or not. One, two, three, lets do it the fast way. Twelve slice, 1000. Give it to him. Who want these? Twelve slices, 1000. Twelve, 1000. I your decision to buy or not. Twelve slices, 1000. Twelve. You guys want cod? Gotta make a decision! There’s only one box left. Last box. Perfect cod. Looks great. Look at the cod we sell, there aren’t imperfect. Same, twelve for 1000. Want it? (Pack it up.) Twelve for 1000. Two, four, ….twelve, 1000! Twelve for 1000. I know, you’ve already paid. Special offer for nuclear family. Six for 500. (Six for 500.) Anyone? Cod, Six slices for 500. Want it? Six slices for 500. Alright, not interested? One customer? Fine. Six slices. One more customer. No? Otherwise I’ll put them away. Aight, put them away.

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