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Hi, everyone! I’m Masa! This time I’ll show you all a super easy to make, super tasty pizza! It’s (Japanese), which is seafood pizza toast. The recipe this time, you don’t need to make your pizza dough, using a piece of toast, add your favorite ingredients on top, then bake, your pizza is done! You can have it for breakfast or brunch! Really great! The steps are really easy! Let’s get started! 7~8 sprigs of asparagus Cut into chunks 2~3 cloves of garlic Cut off the ends Smash them with your knife Take off their skin 1 tomato Cut off the stem Crush it into a purée You can use a processor, but not too fine 1 hard boiled egg Cut into thin slices 8~10 poached prawns About 60g canned tuna Tilt your pan 1~2 tbsp of olive oil Garlic in, turn up to medium-low heat Garlic is easily burnt, add them in first Make sure every garlic is in the oil Tilt your pan, you can use a small amount of oil to fry ingredients Turn down to low heat when the oil starts bubbling Cook them till golden If you can easily crush them, then it’s done! Lay down your pan Tomato purée in Turn up to medium heat 1/2 tsp mixed dried herbs in 3 tbsp ketchup Some tobasco sauce Some salt and pepper Let it reduce then turn off the heat The sauce I make this time, it might spend you some time! Usually, the sauce we make to make a pizza toast, is really easy to make, some ketchup and some tonkatsu sauce. Mix, and spread it on top of the toast. But this time I want to taste the freshness from the tomato! So, you can choose your own seasonings, ingredients to make your own sauce! Spaghetti sauce is also good, it has already packed with flavor, use them, add some other ingredients, you can also make a great sauce! Use parchment paper or aluminum foil to keep your tray clean. 2 slices of toast Some butter To prevent the toast turn soggy after you spread the pizza sauce. Spread you homemade pizza sauce. You can spread it all on your toast, even the edges! About 100g pizza cheese Prawns Get rid of excess water in the tuna Egg Asparagus More cheese Some mayo The end I added mayo, it’s optional, I added it because I’m a mayo-lover! It adds a kick to the pizza! If you don’t like it, you can choose not to add it! So, let’s put them in the oven, and bake them to golden! Pre-heat your oven to 250˙C Bake about 5~6 minutes Or bake till the cheese melts Now, a tasty pizza toast is done! The pizza toast is really luxurious! Seafood and eggs, an mayo on top, these are all my favorites! Wonderful! Let’s dig in! The result is astonishing! The cheese and the pizza sauce, awesome! The slight acidity from the tomato, with the seafood, egg, this is the ultimate combination! They must be super delicious! The toast I choose this time, is quite thin, you can enjoy the great amount of ingredients, and the crust underneath! They are all well cooked! So great! So good! (Can’t stop the feellin’) The important part to make a pizza toast on your own is, you must spread the sauce on the edges generously! So you can taste the flavor even at the start or the end! You can enjoy the tasty pizza toast at every angle! These ingredients are my personal favorite, it’s just like okonomi-yaki, which is added your favorite ingredients to the batter, add the ingredients on your toast, bake then done! Not only prawns, you can also add squid, scallops, etc.. But they have some juices in them, poached or seared first, let them cooked through, then put them on top and bake! If you want to have a tasty and easy to make pizza at home, you must try this out! Thanks for watching! (If you like this video, smash that like button, comment, and subscribe for more!)

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  1. looiwy says:

    hi masa can i make more tomato sauce and put in the fridge? if yes..can last for how many days? tQ

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    Have some leftover bread & don’t feel like eating the same thing for tomorrow’s breakfast. This is great! Will be my dinner tonight 👍🏻😊

  7. Agnes Lee says:

    Hello Masa, how Long can I keep the tomato sauce if I make a bigger batch..
    Thank you..love your videos..

  8. Agnes Lee says:

    Hello Masa,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply…
    I will keep that in mind.
    Kind regards

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    LOVE IT~~~ 😋

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    MASA せんせい , Bravo 👏🏻
    None of missing ingredients ~ ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"
    You’re getting more attentive now.

  17. li jenny says:

    MASA 請問你如何保持身材的秘訣?謝謝分享

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    Masa 老師, 你這個pizza bread 真是很好味, 多謝你既分享👍🏻

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  23. Annie Iao says:

    他的國語很好呀! 煮食時好斯文淡定 .

  24. Jessey Lim says:

    May I have the English subtitles of the ingredient?

  25. 牛不韙Ngau Ng says:

    Yummy sauce ! Added my favourite mushroom pieces. Egg slices were surprisingly nice to go with. Simple and fast to prepare especially for midnight snacks 😆. It‘s tomato sauce this time. Do you mind sharing other sauce recipes too ? I love white sauce too. Thank you so much, Masa ( ^ ^ )/.

  26. 이중문 says:

    老師真的表情100分!品嚐自己做的美食開心滿足 😄

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    我也喜歡做這道 用蛋餅皮也可以 我最愛用青椒和鳳梨🤤🤤🤤

  29. Yong Biao says:

    這個方法好棒的感覺喔!我家的小朋友們超喜歡pizza, 平常我都從披薩🍕皮做起,要花點時間的。用toast會省好多時間啊,good idea, 我來試試看,謝謝

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    Hello Masa san, Is there any replacement for mayonnaise in this recipe ? Can I use yogurt instead?

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    Hi Masa, may I know what type of cheese is recommended and how do we get rid of the water from tuna? Thank you.

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    好可愛的老師 好喜歡看你的影片😍❤️

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    my sister said you're so cute! (are you married?) haha lol btw love your cooking tutorial!

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    今晚做了这个料理!虽然热量高到guilty 但是这个酱真是好吃到疯狂_(:ᗤ」ㄥ)_ 谢谢Masa~圣诞快乐!真的太好吃啦!

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    每次看Masa吃东西都那么开心,幸福感爆棚的样子 😀

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    感觉老师完全具备去电视上开一个美食节目的能力呢, 又会教学,人又可爱!

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    Masa 老师能不能出点好吃的减脂餐食谱呀??期待呀

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    你的食譜很讚! 來作lo…

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    It's not fair, I would Louie some, ha,ha,Margaret

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    怎么可以这么会做各种料理呀?真的太实用了. 非常感谢老师!

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    Gostei da receita 😋🇧🇷

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    Love your idea. I’m going add some crab meat and some Italian seasoning.

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    Perfetto !!!

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    健康有营养 👍

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    È come se sentissi il sapore da lontano,bravo Masa 👍👍
    Nino da Napoli

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    26years ago, I was been in Japan for a few years. I did enjoy details of Japanese life, I am sure that’s number one all over the world. Watching your cooking show, I do believe my impression more! Perfect cooking show, don’t stop that. Thanks

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