苦手な日本食トップ3(質問コーナーエキストラ) Japanese Food I Don’t Like

What Netflix show do you recommend? Barbie Happy Life In The Dreamhouse What’s your favorite Pantera album? I know it’s one everybone likes but Vulgar Display Of Power Marvel or DC? I said before that I like both, but I’m more of a Marvel guy but recently I’d say I’m more of a Image guy Do you have any dark humor movie recs? so these are some of my faves off the top of my head Fight Club The Lobster Shaun Of The Dead (also Hot Fuzz) Pretty much any Tarantino movie or Monty Python movie How do I become friends with a cat It kind of depends on the breed (some are more friendly than others) but if you give it a treat it might become a bit friendly (or always expect you to give them a treat…) also playing with the cat Hell Oh, I mean America Who do you think is the best singer in UUUM? Who do you think is the best singer in UUUM? M: Hikakin…? M: Who is there? M: I have no idea who’s in UUUM M: Tomohiro Kids Who’s that? M: Ueto Stingers What’s that? M: People from UUUM I’ve never heard of Tomohiro Kids You just made that up didn’t you M: No I thought that Tomohiro Kids was an actual channel for a moment there You made that up right? It sounds like it could be an actual channel Now’s the time to make that channel Tomohiro Kids What’s your favorite J-Rock band? SMAP Can you show us your Dokkan Battle character box Man With A Mission or One Ok Rock, which has the better English? I listened to both of their recent songs I’d say they’re around the same Not great but not terrible Top 3 Japanese food you don’t like I’m a vegetarian at the moment, so I can’t really eat a lot of Japanese food so I decided to include things I didn’t like before I became a vegetarian Octopus I just can’t… the texture it’s like eating rubber Ikura this is also the texture and it looks weird This is one that a lot of foreigners don’t like natto it’s sticky teh smell the taste Why do people say that the Transformers movies suck? So I made a list of things why I personally think the Transformers movies are crap First Transformers was a cartoon to promote a toyline and it’s the movie version of that the story is weirdly pretencious and at the same time mind numbingly boring The acting is…although I like bat shit crazy Shia Labeouf but his acting in this (and a lot of the other people) is mediocre at best aside from Optimus Prime and Bublebee the transformers are hard to tell apart so it looks like there’s a ton of black and silver robots so when they’re fighting it’s a black and silver CG mess and also I think it was 2 (haven’t watched passed that) the final battle was over an hour If the Avengers do that I’m invested, so it doesn’t really matter but with Transformers half the time I’m not sure what’s going on and it’s just so boring so boring last of all the humor is below primamry school like who the fuck watches it and thinks it’s funny? In closing Fuck Michael Bay the silver lining is I watched the Bumblebee trailer it actually looks promising Top 3 Ways on how to skip school without people noticing Become invisible Clone yourself Use your super hacking skills and change your school attendance What if it’s one of those schools that still keeps records on paper Sneak into school and change it but then you end up going to school! Oh…

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  3. Helena Miró says:

    I had an ad of the new transformers movie before this

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    今セブンのタコ焼きなうなんだけど いくら好きなんだけど 納豆オクラつまみでよくたべるんだけど うちら合いませんねどーーりでむかつくんだなって納得しました

  12. Morpheus ASMR says:

    I think the transformer movies are for people with ADD. The action and the switching from scene to scene is to fast paced for me.

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  14. Mikej1592 says:

    ROFLMAO Hell, I mean America, that was funny

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    would you rather fuck ema watson's body with the head of the rock or the head of ema watson and the body of the rock ?
    choose wisely

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  21. Glasses&Mouthplates says:

    Yes, PDRsan. The new Bumblebee movie turns out to be that good. The acting are much better, the robots have more screentime and actually have personalities, and the fight scenes are easier to follow since they're humanoid robots fighting each other instead of chunks of clunky metal slapping each other.

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    Fucking hostileほんとすこ

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