까니짱 야외먹방|용인 신봉동 맛집! 연평도 해물탕에서 해물찜도 먹고 전복회도 먹고!

Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*) Annyeong~❤️ Today I came to Yeon Pyeong Do Hae-multang. I remember this restaurant served
plentiful and fresh seafood. Today I am gonna show you
many other seafood dishes too. Let’s get in now. Oh! What is this? Oh~ These are where they keep seafood fresh. I am getting in now. Chan! I just got seated here. Here is menu.
I can see various kinds of seafood on it. Today I will order jeonbok hae-mul jjim large platter
(jeonbok: abalone) and sashimi of 5 abalones. 10 butter grilled shrimps, Oh! There is ganjang gejang. I order it too. Hae-mul jjim is spicy braised seafood.
and ganjang gejang is soy sauce marinated crab. Half frozen water kimchi was served first. Oh~ Ice! Oh! Nice! Thank you~ Great! Plentiful! I eat scallops first. Butter grilled scallops Look so yummy. These are basic side dishes served for free. You can ask for refill of side dishes too. But asking many times would not be welcomed (^^*) This is japchae, thin glass noodles stir fried
with pork meat and various vegetables. Sweet pumpkin also looks yummy. This is steamed sweet pumpkin. Toppings are usually honey and nuts. It tastes a bit sweet. Yang nyeom gejang! Yang nyeom gejang is spicy marinated raw crab. It tastes a bit spicy.
but it has sweet taste too. While chewing it, take flesh only and spit out the shell. Wow~ very yummy! First main dish was ganjang gejang. Ganjang gejang was just served. It was cut and trimmed for me to eat easily. Let’s eat now. Look so yummy!! Ganjang gejang alone cannot be a meal. Because it is a kind of side dish,
you had better eat it with rice. Otherwise it might be a bit salty. Oh! yummy! Specialty of this restaurant is not ganjang gejang. But their ganjang gejang was very nice. It was not fishy and very smooth.
It was not too salty either. Rice mixed with ganjang gejang was melted
on my tongue. But Korean seafood restaurants usually charge much. Ganjang gejang cost me 52,000 KRW (44 USD) Wow! Crabshell! As I have already mentioned several times, this is the best part of the ganjang gejang. If you are accompanied by your friends
when eating ganjang gejang, do not fail to secure this crab shell (^^*) Female crabs were used for this gejang.
It costs cheaper if male crabs were used. Of course male crabs are not
as yummy as female crabs. (^^*) Wow!! Really yummy! Oh! Butter grilled shrimps! Thank you!! Hae-mul jjim A kind staff cut and trimmed the seafood for me. I could see octopus, abalones, sea shells,
monk fish, pollack roe, milt, etc. Wow! Crab first! I have eaten so many crabs until now.
Crabs would hate me. (^^*) Octopuses would hate me too (^^*) Octopus was braised properly. It was chewy and not very tough. Shrimps were in the hae-mul jjim too. Broth out of shrimp was mixed well
with spicy seasoning in the mouth. Octopus is really chewy. Staff cut the seafoods to one bite size.
It is very easy to eat Everything is very yummy. This is milt. It might look a bit gross because of
its brain like appearance. But please try to forget what it looks like and what it is. Just focus on the taste and chewing texture. Then possibly you would like to eat this. This is monk fish. It is very chubby. Oh~ Plentiful. Monk fish is called “Agui” in Korean. Its skin is smooth and chewy
while the flesh is soft and rich. It’s time to eat butter grilled shrimps. It tasted very savory. I could feel my mouth full of the butter’s aroma. Grilled mushroom was juicy and savory. Shrimps are chubby and yummy. The butter was absorbed well. This is really yummy!! Nice! Nice! Next turn is abalone. Abalone sashimi is called “Jeonbok hoe” It has munching texture. And it tastes like milk when chewing for a while. Slightly salty milk (^^*) Sashimi of 5 abalones cost 30,000 KRW (25 USD) And 50,000 KRW (42 USD) for 10 abalones. Oh~ abalone sashimi has very nice chewing texture. It is munching texture. Yummy! Intestines are yummy too. Now I need some drink. Fanta pineapple flavor please. Fanta! One of my Itailian view told me that fanta was originated from Italy. Is that true? Sea shell. Octopus is very chewy. Hae-mul jjim big platter is for 3~4 persons.
It cost 79,000 KRW (67 USD) Small platter for 2 persons cost 59,000 KRW (50 USD) This restaurant locates far from Seoul. It would be difficult to get here by public transportation. But if you love seafood very much
and if you plan to travel Korea by rent car, I recommend you this restaurant. It would take 1~1.5 hour from Seoul. Mini abalone! This place is among the nature. You can find many other Korean restaurants
and beautilful cafes near here. There is also a creek just behind this restaurant.
It would be nicer to visit here in summer. Today I could enjoy yummy seafood here. Plentiful seafood was served
and each of them was really nice. I will pack and take the leftover home. I can see a coffee vending machine there. I go back home after drinking a cup of coffee. Here is the machine. Well.. Milk coffee! Coffee is free. You can use espresso machine too. I will drink outside. Free coffee is always tasty. Everyone~ I could enjoy yummy foods very well
along with coffee in the end. See you again~

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