대왕연어초밥 요거트소스 부어먹기 먹방ASMR MUKBANG great king salmon sushi yogurt sauce サーモン寿司 ヨーグルトソース eating sounds

Hello, I am Kyo Kwang Today’s menu Giant salmon sushi Yoghurt dressing sauce We prepared salmon sushi at Sammi Restaurant! Sammi Restaurant Salmon Sushi is big and delicious ^^ (I was embarrassed because I came out a lot.) (Did you pour well?) (I’ll eat basic salmon sushi first) (It’s still so delicious.) (I’ll eat one more) (There was a noise.) (I have sauce with chopsticks) Salmon sushi + yogurt sauce (Eating like this is delicious) (Call) My mouth is full of salmon (good) (Raw horseradish food) (I like raw horseradish) (Eat now is super ginger) (Nose ~) (🤣) (It’s best to eat with yogurt sauce and salmon) (I like onion sauce too!) (Salmon is huge) (Salmon sushi was big so it was hard to catch) (You can eat salmon anytime) (The plane is again …) (I want to move.) (I felt bad today) (I felt good by eating something delicious) (Simple? ^^) (Sensitive to sound) (Watching the remaining salmon) (😄) (A lot of sauce is good) (It was a little uncomfortable because it flowed down well) (It’s still delicious ^^) (I’ll put some horseradish on top) (I’ll eat neatly) (Burden) (Eating one sushi fills your mouth.) (This is a lot of yogurt) (?!) (No … 😭) (I won’t spill this time) (😁) (delicious) (It’s delicious even if it’s uncomfortable to pour sauce) (I now know it’s not on the screen) (I’ll only have a sip of cola ^^) (Salmon is thick) (?!) (Concentration) (Good not spilled) (Wrap-up) (I’ve been careful) (😱) (Sorry) (Kumchuckumchuck) (😋) (you’re close?) (Pre-blocking) Salmon sushi in yogurt (vampire..?) (Sorry..) I’ll eat horseradish with you (This is a very dark color) (I knew darker colors are tougher) I thought yoghurt was flowing down. (Is this too dark?) Are you tired? (This is not sick) (It’s the last salmon sushi) (It’s so delicious today) (I want to eat often) (The restaurant is a little far away) (I really enjoyed the meal!) Thank you for watching!

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    Thank you for watching my video.
    Terima kasih telah menonton video saya.
    Cảm ơn bạn đã xem video của tôi.

    오늘은 대왕 연어초밥 준비했습니다!!
    연어초밥은 제가 좋아하는곳인 삼미식당에서
    준비 했어요😊
    오늘은 조금 색다르게 연어초밥에다가
    소스를 부어서 먹어봤어요ㅎ
    소스는 요거트드레싱소스!!
    홀스레디쉬나 타르타르소스도 연어초밥이랑
    잘 어울리긴 하지만 저는 요거트드레싱소스가
    제일 맛있더라구요 (어니언소스도 맛있어요!!)
    부어서 먹는것까지는 좋았는데
    소스가 많다보니 흘러내려서 먹는데 조금 어려움이..🤣
    그래도 맛있긴해서 가끔 부어먹는것도 괜찮은거 같아요^^
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