생방송 6천명이 경악한 회전초밥 접시 탑쌓기 Conveyor Belt Sushi sushi Korean mukbang eating show

Hi guys! I was gonna go to this place today, but they’re closing soon so I couldn’t go. Let’s think about where we should go to eat. Where do we go today? I don’t know any good places in Gangnam. It’s my first time here. Sushi? Shall we get sushi? I have to ask if it’s ok to film there. I’ll ask when I get there. Conveyor belt sushi! Tada. Sushi Maiu in Gangnam! They close at 11:30 so I came here. Can I film in here? Thanks! This is their menu. Looks so good! Wow. First, This is two pieces of sushi. This looks so good. It’s so good. Wow. Let me check the price per plate. Green $1.3, Purple $1.9, Blue $2.8. Can I have a tuna belly sushi please? The tuna belly sushi costs $5. “THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER!” “THANK YOU!” We always say this when someone orders tuna belly. – Oh really? This has the black label, which means it’s the second most pricey. The shrimp is so big. Almost like a black tiger shrimp. It really is big. Blue plate this time. Just one piece. What is this? It looks like this. It’s eel. Each red plate is $3.3. Cheese and shrimp. Soy sauce marinated shrimp! [Saying thank you to a subscriber] It’s so good! Places like this aren’t open at this hour. I think this has aged kimchi and sashimi on top. Looks good. It’s so good. I don’t think eating 100 plates will cost me $1000. What should I eat? Let me order the stuff from here. Excuse me, can I order 5 of these? Thank you. We’ll heat up the eel for you. – Thank you. It’s so good. Wait, what’s this? Oh. This is clam. Is this mussel? It’s super big. I’ll also eat fried shrimp. Guys, the most expensive thing here is $5.8. The total won’t come out to be $1000. Thank you. – This is out of our best 5 menu. – What is it? Beef tartare. This is beef tartare! Wow. Wait, guys, this is actually crab meat, not shrimp. This is the eel sushi, which I love so much. Look at the color. Isn’t it amazing? It’s so good. This is also from our best 5. – Thank you. I already ate one of the best 5 menus. This is the salmon from earlier. It’s also one of the best 5. This is from their best 5 menu. It’s so good! [A fan visited her with her favorite Maesil juice!] I always watch your broadcast! – Thank you so much! Thank you. This is the last dish from their best 5 menu. This is a wagyu sushi. Wagyu sushi. It’s so good. The sauce is a bit bitter. It’s really good. I had this before, but this is soy sauce marinated shrimp sushi. I won’t eat the tail because the shrimp is already big. It’s good. Beef tartare sushi. Crazy good! What’s this salty taste? Grilled shrimp I had from earlier. I feel like this is salad sauce. Cheese shrimp. Thank you. Guys, the eel is so hot! I actually don’t think this is eel. What is this, chef? It’s a yupdom belly grill. It’s a freshwater fish. We marinated it. – I see. It’s good. Sea urchin sounds good. Can I have both tuna belly and sea urchin? – Sure. Salmon belly, my favorite! I really love this. Excuse me, can I have 3 more plates of salmon belly? – Sure. Wait, 5 more, please. It’s honestly so good. The salmon belly just melts in your mouth. Here’s your sea urchin sushi. Thank you. This is my first time having sea urchin sushi. Woah. The taste is a bit- the sea urchin sushi tastes a bit like crab innards. Thank you. They gave it to me like this! [Busy looking for other foods while she’s eating] I’m grabbing everything new I see. Tuna belly. – Thank you. Look at this! I really love tuna. Where’s the sea bream sushi? Sea bream! [The owner of the restaurant hesitated..!] (Very surprised) Are you the owner of this restaurant? – Yes I am. We’ll get you a drink on us. I already had this, but it’s good so I’ll get more. Guys, I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 dishes in front of me. [Loves to eat] I have 8 plates in front of me. I feel like it’ll disappear if I don’t grab it. – Have some fruits as dessert for later. It’s on us. – Thank you! They gave this to me for free. Tada. I want to grab everything I see. Sorry guys, I’ll eat it fast. Wow, guys, this is warm. It’s so warm and delicious. It’s so good. Tako wasabi, which I haven’t tried yet. Look at all that tako. It’s literally overflowing. Wow. So good. Cheese prawn sushi. Out of… Out of all the shrimp sushis, this one is the best. It’s sweet and so delicious. Crazy. Did you give her free perks? Wow. She ate so much! Give her more free stuff. How many plates? I’ll count it. Enjoy your sushi. Thank you. Free tuna belly on us. Thank you. They gave this to me for free. 41 plates. Not even 50 yet. Guys, the eel is so big. The rice isn’t even small, either. The eel is big. Eel is the best. Thank you. I got two plates for free. Salmon steak. Looks good! Did I not have this before? It’s so good. Crazy. I love it when it’s the sushi is cooked more than raw sushi. Like this. Look at the thickness. It’s thick. It melts in your mouth. So good. We usually have tako wasabi with seaweed, but this one… is wrapped in aged kimchi. I didn’t know that. Wow. Tako wasabi with seaweed is good too. This is the sea urchin you ordered from earlier. – Thank you. So good. Sea urchin. It’s so good. It’s similar to crab innards but also different. It has a similar texture. It’s good. It’s better than sea squirt. Less smelly. Egg. I wonder what it’ll taste like. Good. A comment said they can’t sleep because they want to know how much it’ll cost. Snack time. They gave this to me for free. So good. The pineapple is sweet. Thank you. I got a free perk again. Tada. Negido. With salmon and radish. Wow, it’s good. Wow. Thank you. Wow. Look at the color of this. Seriously. This is honestly so good. I think they chopped up the tuna. Another customer: Can we have one sea urchin… We actually ran out of sea urchin for today. Viewer: Did you eat all the sea urchin? No, it wasn’t me! (Only ate 2) We ran out of yellow plates. So this will be added to the cost.
– Thank you! I don’t think we can order udon. I feel bad for ordering from the kitchen. I’ll eat what’s in front of me. Done. I still can eat a bit more, but they have to close soon. So I’ll leave this at 84 plates. Next time, I’ll try getting a hundred plates. Let’s take the thumbnail. [The owner LOL] LOL It’s been 7 years since I’ve seen someone eat as much as you. Look at this. Let’s see how much this is. Let’s go. [Counting the plates] This is crazy. 2 purple, 19 blue, 9 red, 33 black, 19 yellow=82 plates excluding free perks Ok. Let’s enter 19 plates in. $325.6!! It’s less than I thought. – Oh really? Here you go. – Thank you. Come again next time. – Thanks for the meal. Bye!!

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    이쁜 도야지네… ㅋㅋㅋ

  88. 김조폭마누라 says:

    저 뒤에 파란색 걸레 나만 신경쓰이나 ㅎㅎㅎ 저 식당 위생상 지적 받을 것 같아서…

  89. 쏘쿨환타 says:

    방송하느라 싫은티도 못내고 얼마나 신경쓰이고 거슬렸을까.
    매니저같은 일행은 한명정도는 있어야겠네요.

  90. 임일남 says:

    처음으로 구독해본 먹방 BJ

  91. bono bono says:

    이 동영상 조회수 생각하면 홍보효과 생각해서 50%깎아주시지 ㅋㅋ

  92. ᄒᄒ왕감자 says:

    초밥집사장님 볼빨간사춘기 좋아하시나봐..

  93. 박미성 says:

    인천 부평구청역에 제 인생 초밥맛집잇는데 거기서도 한번 드셧으면 좋겟어여ㅠㅠ회전초밥집은 아니지만 진짜 다맛잇어여!!(게살크림고로케랑 사시미도 강추)몬스터스시!!꼭 가주세요 쯔냥님이 맛나게 먹는 모습보면서 또 대리만족할래용♡

  94. Jae Seung Lee says:

    가게섭외나 방송중 트러블 생겼을시 대처를 위해서도 누구 한분 함께 하시는게 좋을듯합니다.

  95. inseo park says:

    우연히 보게되었는데 보자마자 구독했어요 뭔가 중독성이 느껴집니다 ㅎㅎ 쯔양 미국 햄버거 먹방보고 지금 맥도널드로 달려갑니다 ㅎㅎ

  96. shsh ha says:

    왜 저분이 스토커임? 혹시 따라다녔나요.?

  97. 박소영 says:

    스토커인지는 어떻게 아나요?

  98. white black says:

    진짜 대단해요~👍👍👍

  99. 무져야 says:

    ㅋㅋ진짜 스토커인가?
    맞다면 방송하는척 좀 그르네..

  100. M Focus says:

    5살 마냥 풀은 다 골라놓는 거 봐. 귀여워 미치겠다능 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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