욕망의 참치회 먹방🐟

My first tuna sashimi this year I used to eat a lot of these back in the days.. anyways This is the belly of the Big eyed tuna Look at this marbling bling bling mar-bling ha lol it a lil frozen I defrosted it tho its chewy Big eyed tuna Grows up to 236 centimeters and weighs up to 197 kg with low calories. Good for diet basic U know soy sauce.. (soy sauce is always right) Very chewy second sword fish belly its white its light Amazing texture ( feels like im a creature lol) wasabi.. mix it well Comment: do you not have enough oxygen in that room? (I should’ve peeled it more) it looks different than the regular red tuna belly Its really light and chewy and good. Also called “Mekadoro” I didn’t do a great job on peeling this Last one Basic Tuna sigh… the tuna we know.. this how you slice and eat Just like this ( no bitch no ) Not really satisfied however put that spicy pepper paste (out of oxygen) ( out of air) tuna(Bluefin tuna) : Known as the best tuna so far looks like this grows up to 3meters and 560kg fat as fuck now sushi.. put some rice ( feels like it tastes better since this is expensive) now seaweed looks like teeth will be trained hard ginger ginger clears your mouth and sanitized your mouth feel like im rich nation of delivery, here I am, deliver gang (Korean food delivery apps) if you type DickHunter for you referral code Nothing happens. Thank you HardCore FoodPorn; Tuna-Sashimi of Desire Really nothings gonna happen

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  1. 주우 says:

    엄마가 오늘 야동 보냐고 뭐라했어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. 차고싶은등짝 says:

    형 언젠간 이세상 음식들을 형이 다 먹어볼수있었으면좋겠어…그걸 보여줘…

  3. 푸땅[쀍?] says:


  4. roeo 1234 says:

    이거 사시미 아닌가

  5. 유진우같은데유진우아닌유진우입니다 says:


  6. 코다 says:

    3:57 하이라이트

  7. Meg Houston says:

    I think you got a bit too excited when eating that fish, settle down a bit love x

  8. 잘생긴뚱이 says:

    어….두리안이 다랑어들이랑 부비부비거리네 하악…이러면 안돼는데 아앙♡

  9. 이현진 says:

    동원참치에서 넘어왔습니다

  10. 킬링이브 says:

    형 일년만에 다시 보러왔어 쏘고쑤쟁보러왔어 ㅎㅎ

  11. 장수연 says:

    묘하게 중덕 3:57

  12. Duyen Nguyen says:

    Ăn song hay wa

  13. 김수현 says:

    무슨 립밤 쓰세요? 공유해요

  14. Mack riggs says:

    When. the fish flew behind his head I lost it

  15. 백아현 says:

    너무 섹시하게 드시네요

  16. Wisdom Menezes says:

    I want to break this man's teeth , for no reason.

  17. 오잉 says:

    저 회를 못먹어서 그런데 보통
    날것 회 좋아하시는 분들은
    저렇게 처음처럼 아무것도 안찍어 드시면
    비리지 않나요?

  18. Baldi Animation 67 says:


  19. 오엠지 says:

    나 이거 볼때마다 웃음 졸라 나오는데 그 순간 거울보면 미친년 같아

  20. 오엠지 says:

    오늘도 카테고리는 교육이군눀ㅋㅋㅋ

  21. 쥬니 says:

    맨날 쏘고쑤쟁 들으러 온다 헉 헉

  22. Hyunju Lee says:

    나 이분 유벤투스 케이리그 경기할때 지하철역에서 봤는데 아무도 아는척을 안하길래 아닌줄 알음

  23. MR. famfam says:

    This is like roblox sex

  24. 내 구독자 수 일본 망할 확률 says:


    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 O



  25. 심지우 says:

    노란딱지 안붙었나

  26. 콱자불리자 says:

    아 ㅈㄴ 맛있겠다

  27. Evelinda Tingson says:

    now this is what we call
    F O O D P O R N

  28. Hamster Girl says:


  29. 【ミ단지】 says:


  30. StopPuttingXxonurname says:

    you say the title in English says the video in Korean and do everything else with english

  31. Kamren Johnson says:

    Do you have enough oxygen in that room

  32. bugo bugs says:

    Bling bling marbaling 😂😂

  33. Hallumi Barahama says:

    It's weird that I actually see all of my cousins doing this

  34. お手 says:


  35. Mi Deo Duk says:

    아니뭔 참치를 복숭아먹듯이먹냐

  36. Vision Kevin says:

    Wtf is going on? 😂

  37. razorrcutss says:

    him applying for a job:

    the interviewer: What do you do for a living?

    him: oh uhh… I make hardcore foodporn.

    the interviewer: ….

  38. Joe Lin says:

    Why is this on Pornhub?

  39. Gibatron Was here says:

    Imagine this guy eating ass and all the sauces he would put🤣

  40. 니털 says:


  41. Рая Исмаилова says:


  42. Thiên Quốc says:

    Ăn gì mà kinh thế

  43. 뽀뽀 S2 says:

    뭔가..후방주의해야핫것만가틈 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  44. 땀밍 〰 says:

    어쩔 수 없는 매너남 .. 입꾹다물고 드셔 ㅠㅠ ♥

  45. APK Downloader says:

    Y U M

  46. Daisy The Doge says:

    Mom: what are you watching?
    Me: Well… basically porn.

  47. Elisha Lumban says:

    I cant even understand what your saying..but why you eat raw meat.

  48. kiều tuấn says:

    Việt nam đâu ạ 😘🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  49. 김지혜 says:

    그 어느 참치회 먹방을 봐도 만족이 되지 않는다…

  50. Pentas says:

    소스 흘리는게 매력 포인트 ㅋ

  51. byc hoi says:

    ㅋㅋ 멋지다.

  52. 이태희 says:


  53. 수수⃢께 끼 says:

    3:56 3:56
    3:56 3:56

  54. Isaac Tui says:

    Those fish popping out of no where reminds me of spongebob

  55. Jett Usrey says:

    Do you speak English no offense

  56. Jeong Woo says:

    푸드포르노 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  57. E E says:

    My friend told me to come here

  58. simone says:

    why am I watching this

  59. Saged ali says:

    He prolly had ecoli

  60. 김정서 says:

    이 시절의 딕헌터로 돌아와라…..이 검은방에서 검은손으로 조져야 특유의 변태스러움이 가미되는데…너무 아쉽다

  61. Dönûtsæ Gachaʕ•ع•ʔ says:

    I think the food is his gurlfriend lol…

  62. Liana Villegas says:


  63. 김준하 says:

    토 나옵니다..

  64. Sek Phirun says:

    Was I watching porn right?😅😆

  65. 분삼 says:

    야동틀어놓고 다른거 할때랑 이거 틀어놓고 다른거할때 나는소리가 똑같아

  66. Alexandria’s Edits says:

    Um, i think I’m vegan now soooooo

  67. 문희열리네요 says:

    ㅅㅂ 오빠.. 유튜브 프리미엄인거 까먹고 몰폰 들켜서 엄마한테 혼나고 있는데 폰에서 계속 후로로록…쓰읍…흐음…~이런 소리 들려서 엄마한테 의심 사고 저 이상한거 보는 애라고 가족들한테 소문 다 났어요…하 그래도 오빠 사랑해여…

  68. 匚ㄩ尺丂乇ᗪ says:

    Please dont kill me

  69. 전민헌 says:

    다시봐도 레전드ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  70. shrek shrek says:

    This is what we call porn hehe

  71. Mike C says:

    Now this is was I call a complement vid from all his dang vids did best one BECAZE HE CAN EAT THE SHIT RAW

  72. 김우현 says:

    이때 엄청 마르셨네

  73. 물찬구름쒸 says:

    언제나 보는 푸르노

  74. 침침29 says:


  75. Giang Tran says:

    Nhìn mặt hãm lol

  76. 칠성사이가 says:

    딕헌터님 30초만 숨참으시면 큰일날 것 같아요

  77. 혁진 says:

    조회수 700 ㄷㄷ

  78. 민이 says:

    4:45 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ입 겁나 크시넹

  79. 잠탱이플레이클 says:

    ㅅㅂ 이거 xvideo에 올려야되는거 아닌가 ㅋㅋㅋ

  80. Felipe Fernandes says:


  81. 박준서 says:

    2019 best porn

  82. Milton Huang says:


  83. Aislinn Freeney says:

    Sorry but this is Soo disturbing

  84. 퓨퓨 says:


  85. Moonlight Shadow says:

    So much passion in one salmon😅

  86. 뾰송뽀송뽀송 says:

    Ggfytfffsrraurg8wt6w has been in talks for the first !!!!!!!

  87. 앗흥 says:

    영상 안보면 소리는 av임

  88. 뚱이 says:

    밥을 먹어도 배가 고프네

  89. Alita Accetura says:

    You can have that as ur channel name

  90. 焼け野原ひろし says:


  91. dint noob says:

    Dickhunter's 3 months ago video title: eating salmon.
    Dickhunter's today's video title after he read his comments: eating salmon food porn.

  92. 황원우 says:

    It's like watermelon

  93. Spicywaters Sma2444 says:

    Your arm was like a tentacle coming in from the deep depths of the ocean with the spicy pepper sauce

  94. tHaNoS lOl says:


  95. tHaNoS lOl says:


  96. BOBA tea says:

    ;-; DO you have enough oxygen dosnt look like..

  97. BOBA tea says:

    And when you mix the wasabi with the sauce it looks like poo I'm not hating NOT HATINGG btw I LOVE you

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