전복문어찜 문어밥 리얼사운드먹방/SPICY OCTOPUS & ABALONE 🔥SEAFOOD BOIL! Makanan Laut Pedas 魚介類 Mukbang Eating Show

It’s mine! (power!) Abalone from Wando Island Live abalone Shopping for octopus and abalone Kelp broth, chili powder, crushed garlic, ginger powder, pepper, sugar, oligosaccharide, soy sauce (clockwise) Stir-frying abalone with chili powder and crushed garlic Pouring kelp broth! Since the seafood can be juicy, add only a little broth Bean sprouts and water parsley! Dissolved glutinous rice flour in water Looks so tasty……. Hi guys What I’m going to eat today is Spicy braised abalone and octopus! I cooked a spicy braised dish using super fresh live abalone and octopus I used spicy chili powder to make this sauce I braised this dish with water parsley and bean sprouts I also sprinkled peppers on top of this This is Kimchi and this is soy sauce with wasabi Later, I’ll also make and eat stir-fried rice with the chopped seafood Ok then, I’ll enjoy the meal! So excited Thanks to you guys, now I notice when something’s on my face (when it’s not too late) Wow… it’s amazing Picking up.. Since the octopus and abalone have a very sweet taste, the sauce is also sweet! I’ll try the octopus this time! So heavy… Awesome This is the most tender octopus I’ve ever had.. Complete success.. (After shooting, my single color sweat shirt turned into a polka dot one) I’ll cut these legs at once Overwhelmed.. The sauce for today’s dish is the best among all the braised dishes I’ve ever had so far.. (This abalone caught my eyes) (I got a bad feeling… Is something on my face?) Such a long leg! Now I’ll make fried rice with the octopus, except for its head (It takes forever.. I’ll make just enough and bring it here) Octopus and abalone fried rice! All I did was put rice, but since the sauce was delicious, it tastes really great.. More… The joy of a harvest I’ll eat this with kimchi This kimchi is from Haenam and is perfect with rice Refreshing! It was a great fried rice that I’d never get sick of The drink is Lime-flavored sparkling water! Ok so! Today I tried braised fresh abalone and octopus! The octopus and abalone was so tender and really good! The tender and chewy texture of the octopus and abalone and crunchy water parsley and bean (Wow..) Since the sauce was so good, the stir-fried rice was also really good! So, as always I enjoyed the meal! (Bye) Hugs help me sleep The biggest treat! (Don’t touch!)

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    언니 영상보고 제 심장이 문어지고 완전히 전복당했어요…ㅠ ㅠ ♡

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    U like like 1

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    Im a Vietnamese.
    When I read Your Vietnamese subtitle.
    I think it was wrong.
    So if you can, don't create Vietnamese subtitle or ask someone who knows Vietnamese to check for you. Plz.
    Thanks for read my comment.
    And I love Korean foods.❤️❤️❤️
    Thanks for make videos for us.😊

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  11. Albert Sarkisianormi says:

    It’s mouth watering food 🥘

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    Just noticed in every thumbnail it looks like you're glaring at your food 😂 is it your signature or what???

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    And… if you eat red food that's mean when you go to the toilet :v

    Is your poop red color too?

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    senang sma chanel ini ada bahasa indonesia nya jga

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    เป็นไทย มันคนล่ะเรื่องเลยค่ะไม่เข้าใจอะไรเลย งงในงง

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    My food porn.

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    Por favor puedes agregar subtítulos en español

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    U gonna eat the dog too?

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    gjf ……………wkfajrsmsekd

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    Cómo es que comen y comen y no se ponen como una vaca de gorda? 🤔

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    Se ve delicioso!!!.. como le hace para comer tanto y no engordar??yo tomo agua y pumm me engordo jaja

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