한우육회 소고기 스테이크초밥 리얼사운드먹방 / Raw Beef Steak Sushi Mukbang Eating Show 牛肉 生肉 寿司 ซูชิ Thịt bò

Preparing rice for sushi! So fresh beef! TADAH~ Look at this vivid red color! Hi everyone, Today’s menu is this one!! Raw beef sushi and steak sushi! Fresh beef sushi! Yes, I will gonna eat beef sushi! I bought the fresh beef in the traditional market! my favorite butcher! So I made some sushi by using fresh beef Here is the Korean pear(we usually eat with raw beef) Radish sprouts Sliced onions, Pickled gingers and here are sesame oil and soy sauce yes..! that’s all (a lot…) These pieces which are on the lettuce for steak sushi Except those, I will gonna eat as raw beef sushi with sesame oil(salt included) and soy sauce! Let’s gonna eat~ Looks so fresh and beautiful… It’s really fresh so it melts in my mouth quickly Wow.. It’s really good.. It has a different taste when you eat with pickled gingers! So exciting! The color is so beautiful.. Yeah.. It’s good with sesame oil! So happy… (which one will be better?) The taste and texture is perfect… This is the last piece for raw beef sushi.. Everything is perfect if the beef is really fresh.. TADAH! Time to eat steak sushi! (serious mode) The smell increases my appetite I’m so touching.. I was not supposed to grill it too much! So nice!!!! So delicious…(Frowning)! Yam!! with some sliced pears together~ Strongly recommend some sliced pears! After I grill it, it’s really tender! I love the soy sauce rather than sesame oil It goes without saying Wow.. I ate so quickly since it was so good.. (I ate more pieces after the shooting) What a shame.. Today’s drink is Lemon balm water! So, folks! I ate the two different types of beef sushi today which are made by fresh Korean beef I could make tender steak sushi conveniently and deliciously Raw beef sushi was also nice! it was so chewy and tasty I’m so happy I could eat this sushi in my home if I have fresh beef! I don’t need to go restaurant for it! Some sliced pears enhances the flavor of sushi! So if you eat this type of sushi in the home, I strongly recommend have some sliced pears together People usually eat beef sushi with teriyaki sauce But it has a quite strong taste for me So I prefer soy and sesame oil sauce for feeling the beef taste which is originally has It’s no surprise the fresh meat makes any great taste of dishes Anyway, I enjoyed today’s meal so much!! Guys, Like and subscribe my channel please! Superb! See you~

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  1. 푸메Fume says:

    * 따뜻한 응원 감사드려요!
    안녕하세요 여러분, 오늘은 집앞에서 육사시미용 횟감을 사와서 육사시미 초밥이랑 스테이크초밥(05:51 ~ 와규초밥, 정통식은 아니지만 타다끼라고도 칭했어요) 먹어보았어요! 마지막쯤 업로드문제인지 화질이 흔들리네요 ㅜ 소음이 있는 부분은 소리를 줄이거나 편집하였습니다. 턱에 묻은 참기름은 나중에서야 깨달았어요.. 많이 부족한 모습이지만 양해를 부탁드려요. 오늘먹은 초밥! 역시 신선한 고기라서 그런지 살살 녹더라구요 ㅠㅠ 촬영하고나서 더 먹고싶어서 더 만들어 먹었네요 헤헤.. 날씨가 더 더워지기전에 후다닥 먹어버렸습니다! 육회나 육사시미에서만 먹던 배랑 같이 먹으니 더욱 맛있었구요! 육사시미초밥은 쫄깃한 식감이라면 스테이크초밥은 불향이 가득하고 식감이 더 부드러워졌어요! 나가서 먹으면 비싼데 집에서 먹으니 마음껏 더 많이 먹었어요! 한 번 도전해보시는 것 추천드릴게요! 댓글 언제나 감사드립니다 🙂

    Thanks for watching my video! I will update ENG subtitles soon! Hope your understanding ❤
    視聴いただきありがとうございます。早めに日本語字幕を追加するようにします!多くのご了承をお願いいたします 🙏

  2. Erick DaRosa says:

    Me encanto jj …soy tu fan voy a tratar d comer tu sushi f carne cruda jj…saludos d argentina

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    이분 메뉴가 뻔하지 않아서 좋네요 요즘 먹방 유튜버들 메뉴들이 다 그나물에 그밥이던데 이분 뜨실듯

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    Your a cannibal..hehe..

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    I had no clue that you could eat that

  9. 최james says:

    와 진짜 맛있게 먹는데 예쁘시다…!

  10. Q says:

    식인종 녀~ ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. 나영밈밈 says:

    먹을 때 왜 눈 뒤집어지시는거에요ㅠㅠ?

  12. SweetLab Spark says:

    Best food ever..really amazing!❤

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  14. JARL says:

    Beautiful girl with delicious food. Can't stop watching. Hehe

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    볼때 마다 화질이 s클래스 !화면속으로 퐁당 빠지고 싶네요 ㅋㅋ

  20. 홍쉐프 says:

    푸름님 10만가즈아 항상 응원합니다~~

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    레몬밤워터 홈페이지는 다 품절이던데용..

  24. 첫입 says:

    첫입 0:58

  25. Joy Thapa says:

    Are those meat uncooked ?????
    But they look good

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  27. Elizabeth Sten says:

    Is it ok to eat raw beef.?? I thought its bad for digestion.

  28. Hồng Linh Chu says:

    Yêu chị❤❤❤❤❤
    Em sẽ ủng hộ chị nhiều ≧﹏≦

  29. 온화 유튜브 좋아요 구독 꾹 says:

    6:21 아 미디엄레어 행복

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  31. Khanh Nguyen says:

    Việt Nam điểm danh đi

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  33. Darth Vader says:

    I like the way you hold the sticks in your hand😏

  34. Kaung Sixx says:

    I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Алина Артеева says:

    Нельзя жрать сырое мясо

  36. soma dutta says:

    Nice video I am indian
    My channel (soma dutta)
    Please subscribe like comment and share my dear love u so much
    God bless you

  37. อาหารน่ากิน อร่อยยมว้ากกก says:


  38. Moon Sam says:

    하이고 ~ 푸메님 난 투나인줄 알았네 워메님 됬뿟네 ….. 드시지 말지

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  40. Mega Sari says:

    Dk nyambung

  41. Nguyen Pil says:

    con quy an cai gi cung noi hanh phuc

  42. 귀요미 says:

    진심 먹으면서 웃는거 억지가 아니고 진짜 행복해보여서 너무 좋아요 ㅠㅠ

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    Thanh quy

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  49. Yen Belt says:

    Ewww!! raw beef??? Yuck !!! It's not good for your stomache
    It can give you worms

  50. Амина Харова says:

    Сырое мясо едят

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    Chị ăn ngon quá

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    ياكلون لحم ني😳😳

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    Gudu mutah mbk ngawasi kowe mangaaannnnnn

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    이건 진짜 대박이네요 .. 육사시미 너무먹고싶네요

  56. بيت الرياضة says:

    هل أجد عربى هنا

  57. 리차드파커 says:

    육회 초밥을 이렇게 맛있게 드시는분은
    난생 처음 봅니다.

  58. 김석현 says:

    복희랑 푸메가 진짜 요새 남자먹방애들 보다 맛있게 먹는다

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  60. Wirlley Soares says:

    É por uma alimentação dessas que os japonês vivem mais

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  62. Hương Nhi Nguyễn says:

    Người Việt Nam thứ 6

  63. Оля Рыбина says:

    Я не поняла, мясо что сырое?

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