핫한 신입여캠 집에 라면 먹으러 왔는데…분위기가..

* After Doing Pilates * Yoohwa : Wanna eat something ? NS : Where is your home ? Is it close from here ? Yoohwa : Near here. NS : Then, Just make me a ramen.
Don’t need to spend money. Yoohwa : Is it ok having cup-ramen? There is nothing to eat in my house. You… you have no manners to guest, really. Yoohwa : How dare you said “manners” ? NS : I should use a wish voucher right now.
At this place… kkkkkkkkkk Yoohwa : Wow~ Thank you for your donations 🙂 NS : Play the song of NS ! ( Reaction Dance to the Song of NS ) Let’s dance together !
Yoohwa : Ok ! NS : Streamer should not feel shame on streaming. Yoohwa : But you felt it when you stretched your legs. NS : You should dance taking off your coat ! Yoohwa : Hey !! It’s totally embarrassing… NS : Stop !! Stop !! You don’t have to. NS : Stop !! Stop !! You don’t have to.
Yoohwa : Not embarrassing !! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk * NS X EunYooHwa *
Dance Together to the Song of NS ( Sense of Shame : 0% ) Flashy Moves kkkkk ( Sense of Shame : MAX ) kkkkkkkk Cut !! * Buying Housewarming Gifts ! *
NS : If you mind, It is ok not to go your home. There’s nothing I want to eat in particular. Yoohwa : I don’t mind, but I don’t have a pot. NS : … Follow me ! ( On the move To Buy a Pot ) To be honest, It was so hard to do pilates for me ! Yoohwa : Because pilates includes various movements such as exercise of muscle. NS : But because I was moving, I got more upbeat now. I am the type of person
who is a main character in Crank. Crank…?? You haven’t seen that movie ? Yoohwa : Is it an old movie ? NS : Yes. Really interesting. It’s a bit racy. Wanna see it together ? Yoohwa : I love erotic stuff. NS : She’s a little weird ! She said walk for 10 minutes ! Yoohwa : You said “That’s ok” when I asked !! NS : I couldn’t help saying that in that situation ! I naturally said “That’s ok” when you said “Is it ok?” Yoohwa : There is a saying
‘ When you want to hear a positive answer, Ask with positive sentence.’ NS : Do you know the meaning
of interrogative sentence? Yoohwa : Yes ! interrogative sentence… is the sentence
that includes interrogative words. NS : Then, use interrogative sentences
to ask something. Yoohwa : Why do you try to judge me and test me continuously ? NS : … That’s what I think. I don’t know me either… Yoohwa : Why do you try to judge me ? This sentence is interrogative sentence, right ? NS : Do you have plates and chopsticks in your home ? Yoohwa : I have chopsticks ! But only mine. NS : Ok… Ah ! Is it your first time to live alone ? Yoohwa : No. I’ve already lived alone. But I moved here, I didn’t bring many things to here. NS : Why ?
Yoohwa : Too heavy ! NS : You dumped them all
because your memories were in them. How long have you lived alone ?
Yoohwa : A year ! NS : Then, I can get it… There were a lot of memories
with your boy friend in them… * Arrived at Daiso * ( Paper cup +1 ) ( Plunger +1 ) ( Pot +1 ) ( Bowl +2 ) ( Ladle +1 ) ( Spoon and chopsticks +1 ) Let’s go out ~
Seeing them, I wanna pick all up. That’s the charm point of Daiso ! * Admit… * ( On the move to Yoohwa’s Home ) Yoohwa : By the way,
Is it your first time to stream 240 hours ? NS : Shut up ! Yoohwa : Why do you say so ? NS : I.. I don’t want to hear that word. ‘240 hours’… Yoohwa : Keep talking… Is it your firs time ? How do you feel? NS : I said shut up. kkkkkkkkkkkkk * Arrived at Yoohwa’s Home * * Let’s see home of Yoohwa * Search… Started ! You said ok, right ? Nowhere you want to hide, right ? Yoohwa : … Just stay out of trouble. NS : What ? I have to check the bedding at least. Yoohwa : What kind of checks ? Check If you need to. ( A very Thorough Inspection kkk ) NS : Two pillows ? That’s ok… but located too alongside. By the way, so neat and tidy ! I hope you make more money and buy a nice mattress. Yoohwa : You probably buy it for me. Because you took lots of donations. NS : Your… your mindset… kkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Yoohwa : I didn’t ask to buy. Just I said “Probably”. Yoohwa : Oh, Do you wanna introduce my house ? But nothing to introduce… It’s so messy and actually… NS : Just browsing. You don’t know? Feeling like “I Live Alone.”… ( Looking around Dressing room ) Yoohwa : That was a gift for being on a photo shoot. NS : Very neat and clean… You are quite fastidious. NS : What is this room?
Yoohwa : Bathroom NS : Open it ! Yoohwa : Do I have to…?
NS : It is the main event ! ( Also clean… ) Yoohwa : I’ve used it
because I am sensitive to the smell. NS : Don’t you often shower here ?
Yoohwa : Not very often… but NS : Even no fur here… Yoohwa : Don’t look at it !! kkkkkkkkkkkk * Making Ramen * NS : What a broad back !! look like Ma Dong Suk. Yoohwa : Come and compare with yours. Yoohwa : I think mine is nicer !
NS : Ok. You got a broader back. Yoohwa : Who cares about winning it. NS : I thought pilates would be easy… I just imagined we did several couple poses. But it was so hard… I should have paid lesson fee for a service. Actually I got the other blueprint. But It could cause confusions to do as I pleased. Yoohwa : What was your plan ? NS : My plan ? I didn’t have specific plans because It was my first time. NOT Your First time… NS : Shit… Bleeding… ( Cut the finger with the scissors… ) Yoohwa : Bleeding !? Put them down and take some rest ! NS : You bitch !! I just had a prank to see reactions ! Usually, girls were surprised and checked the wound.
But you… Yoohwa : I was surprised !! kkkkkkkkkk * Finally Ramen & Chill * These days, I’ve not extremely controlled my diet. NS : I heard that you participate in Maxim contest. Can you eat this ? Yoohwa : Arms and legs… It doesn’t matter to get some fat. It looks good If my belly is not popping out. And the belly will get flat skipping meals for a day. NS : You.. you keep up conversation well… NS : I have a bigger build than her. Obviously ! Yoohwa : I think same as me. NS : You… Your things are popping out… So you look bigger than me ! Is it the necklace that I gave to you ? Yoohwa : Yes ! I’ve not wore it at other times but… NS : Ah~ You saw I came wearing it. NS : Why ?
Yoohwa : Viewer said we’re military colleagues. NS : What? Ah~ Serial Number Chain kkkk ( Calm… ) Yoohwa : I am born to be shy, actually. But, starting streaming, I’ve met lots of people
and streamed together. So now, I don’t feel awkward to meet someone
on streaming. NS : You feel awkward to meet someone ? Yoohwa : I am very conscious of someone. NS : Are you a snob ? Yoohwa : A snob ? ( … ) You extremely lean to one side. You are biased ! NS : … It is just a question ! NS : I’m full now.
Yoohwa : I’ve enjoyed. NS : Please give me socks… It was totally ripped due to pilates ! What the hole it is !! Yoohwa : I bought it in convenient store… The hole is not made. It’s just the way it is. * If you want to give some feedback,
Send E-mail to [email protected] *

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    남매 케미ㅋㅋ

  2. g g says:

    7:57 꼭ㅈ…

    남순 말한거;;

  3. s hepher says:

    애가 입은 거칠어도 정이 많은 친구입니다 해치지 않아요~

  4. J y says:

    남유화 존버 ㅋ

  5. gjmda twmjpg says:

    라면 조오치

  6. 다온 says:

    유화님 볼수록 귀엽구 이쁘당 오빤 완전 츤드레 스타일이야ㅋㅋ

  7. 진창현 says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 남매에서 연인되면 꿀잼이겟누 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. 박재순 says:

    이삐네 우와..목소리도 좋구

  9. 소린 says:

    임현주 닮았네 ㅋㅋ

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    어떤여자라도.. 달달.. 부러워 ㅠㅠ

  12. nayoung j says:

    은유화님은 귀엽고 예쁘고 섹시한면까지 다 가졌네호감가는 이상형이다 레알

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    남순이에 대해 잘 모르면 말투에 속상하고 오해할수 있는데 유화는 그걸 다 유하게 받아주네 그래서 유화인가? 헤헿

  16. 조가영 says:

    합방한 여자중 젤 이쁜듯

  17. 시니캬갸 says:

    상렬이형은 이런 포지션이 맞지
    엄한 우결 한답시고 뚜들겨 맞지마시고 귀여운 여동생들 소개 많이해주셈

  18. 그랑블루 says:

    유화 웃는게 너무 귀엽네 ㅎㅎㅎ

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    둘이 너무 잘어울리는데.. 유화도 매력 있네 ㅋㅋ

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    아니근데 진심 덩치가 비슷해 형…
    더 문제는 유화님이 크다는 느낌보다
    형이 작아보인다는거야…

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    목걸이 커플이야?

  24. 긴긴밤 says:

    자취 하는 여자 부럽다
    깔끔 하게 해 놓고 사는구나

  25. 나봄 says:

    유화님이랑도 케미가 좋은거 같아 둘이 은근 재밌엉ㅋㅋ

  26. 꽃대봉 says:

    상려리가 개좋은이유
    얼굴값을 안함
    메이저남캠처럼 무슨척무슨척안함
    방송에만 미쳐 있음
    지남은 하나다

  27. 마동석 says:

    그류그류 보기 좋아

  28. 가기로 했으면 뒤를보지 말것 says:

    0:59 형솔직히말해 안부끄럽잖아,,

  29. 옴닉qkrdudwo says:

    양말에 빵꾸난거 너무 웃겨ㅋ

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    미워할수 없는 츤대레 남순~~

  31. 오레오 says:

    은유화님 시리즈 조회수가 어마어마 하네요ㄷㄷㄷ

  32. bh c says:

    인동 좀 가보자!!!

  33. 정지훈 says:

    남순 은유화 자주 보고싶다

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    남순로겐은 빛베리가 레전드인데

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    유화랑 티키타카 좋다

  37. 진욱쌤TV says:

    형님은 한살 더 드셔도 잘생겼네요 …

  38. 하나린 says:

    둘 캐미 좋네

  39. 정은경 says:

    툴툴거리지만 친절한 남순님 모습이 다 담겨 있네요.ㅎㅎ 유화님도 너무 예뻐요!

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    제일 예쁜거 같은데 본 여캠 분들중에

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    츤츤 대명사 박남순 ㅋㅋㅋ

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    남순로겐 중독성은 진짜 인정 ㅎㅎㅎ

  44. 콜라 says:

    뭐라뭐라 말하면서 결국 챙겨줄거 다 챙겨중 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    유화 몸매는 볼수록 ㅎㄷㄷ 하네

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    진짜 라면만 먹고 후딱 빠지는 박남순 그대란 놈은 ㅎㅎ

  49. 세타필 says:

    또한명의 착한 여동생을 만든 느낌이네 ㅎㅎㅎ

  50. 하인준 says:

    남순이 뭔가 집안의 큰언니 느낌 ㅋㅋ 몸이 저러니 더 그래보인다 ㅋ

  51. 김아인 says:

    남순로겐 좀 자주 춰줘. ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  52. 미도 says:

    남순로겐 남순이는 지겹다고 하는데 남순로겐만큼 중독성 쩌는거 없다!

  53. 조조 says:

    은근 꼼꼼하게 잘 챙긴다니까 ㅋㅋㅋ 오다 주웠다 이런 느낌 ㅋㅋ

  54. 주효 says:

    240시간 진짜 얼마 안남았는데 유튜브 친구들 아프리카 생방 와서 응원 많이해줘!

  55. 폰아이 says:

    미워할 수 없는 남순만의 츤츤매력 ㅎㅎㅎ

  56. 환상 says:

    유튜브 물소들 모아보자구 9대1 비누길만걷자

  57. ᄒᄀ_ says:

    남순이 볼따구에 머 넣은거 같은데…나만 그런가

  58. 여윤재영 says:

    은유화님 남순이 케미 ㄷㄷ

  59. _ KAKOO says:

    ㄹㅇ 오동사이 잘어울림 ㅋㅋㅋ

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  61. Lake says:

    은유화 이쁘다

  62. snow sseol says:

    춤출때 진짜 보는 내가 개창피해서 배게 찢어버렸는데 솜 개많이 나와서 2시간동안 치웠다고;

  63. 빡선생황 says:

    이름 실명임? 이름특이하게 지었내 21세기에 태어난 사람들은 개성있게 짓는게 유행인가보내..

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  65. ʏᴊ s says:

    유화 진짜 귀엽게 생겼네

  66. 오우 says:

    화장실에서 많이 활용한다고 한 향 저거 뭔지 알수 있을까요?

  67. 만월 says:

    유화 성격괜찮네 서글서글하니

  68. 무현노 says:

    이여자 누구노 왜캐이쁘노

  69. Leon리온 says:

    유화 내이상형ㅜㅠ

  70. Andy Kim says:


  71. 쉬바 says:

    은유화님 너무이쁜듯 성형1도안한것같은 자연미인 다른여캠들처럼 인위적으로 이뻐진게 아닌것같아서 더이뻐보인다ㅠㅠ

  72. 신폴 says:

    길에서 진짜부끄럽겠다

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  74. 최재원 says:

    여캠 합방말고 컨텐츠로 하심 더 좋을듯요
    이젠 좀 식상할 것같아요

  75. 십일월 says:

    남상렬 여기서 또 어장관리하네. 유화야 알고 있지?

  76. Gowt says:

    Please sub the past uploads TT

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  79. 강민호 says:

    냄비 새거사면 세척 깨끗하게 해야하는데…

  80. 혿가네 says:

    세연이 결과도 유튭으로 잘 편집해주세연 ~

  81. Pluto Kim says:

    라면 맛났것네 남슌이

  82. 정종언 says:

    저기 방이동 먹자골목인디ㅋㅋㄱㄲ

  83. L JH says:

    역시 케세보다 남순이지

  84. 잡종 says:

    얘는 뭐 전부다 여자 컨텐츠냐

  85. 후유후유 says:


  86. 우선안녕 says:

    여자 딱남순이가 좋아하는 스타일이네

  87. 선따봉후감상 says:


  88. 조사님최 says:

    리액션 혜자 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  89. 승팔이도 says:

    0:12 이런 싸없새

  90. 남생 says:

    양말 빵구 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  91. 이ᄋ르미ᄋ says:

    은유화진짜베이글녀다 얼굴은 귀엽고 몸매는섹시하고 굿굿 다음방송기대할게연

  92. 김성필 says:

    남순쓰레기 너나잘하세요

  93. 병신보면우는개구리 says:

    라면말고 다른걸먹으러 갔는데…?

  94. 박승환 says:

    자알 재미지게 봤네요

  95. mera JIN says:

    존나 못생겻다

  96. ᄋᄋ says:

    유화 남자들이 미치는 몸매네ㄷㄷ

  97. rabbit 12 says:


  98. 핏불 says:

    냄수니형 반응볼려고 손가락에 피난다했을때
    유화님 놀란 표정과 함께 카메라 한번 스윽 보시고 피 나? 이러시는거 졸귀잼ㅍㅋㅋㅋㅍ

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