🇯🇵Good and Cheap Restaurant’s Squid Ink Pasta [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure] at Saizeriya in Japan #226

My teeth is gonna be black Hey guys, Welcome to Rion’s TV
I am Rion “Seeeno Gaooo”! Alright, so I am at “Ebisu-Cho” station
near Shin-imamiya You see the tower over there
that’s “Tsutenkaku” So in this video, I wanna introduce my favorite Good and Cheap restaurant called “Saizeriya” Their food is really good and cheap, and also There is my favorite food,
It’s Black Squid Ink Pasta Yeah, I know, it sound wired right? but it taste so good, so firstly
let me explain how to get to the restaurant! Let’s go back to the station This is Osaka metro Saisuji line
Ebisu-cho station exit After get out from the exit
you just need to keep straight When you see the exit No.5 just follow the direction, it’s the closest exit from the station You can find it easily When you see the “Tsutenkaku” left-side
You are on the right track Then just turn right, and go straight Don’t cross the street Good and Cheap restaurant is just over there If you keep straight, you will get to DenDen town Where you can find many Anime and electric stuffs If you wanna know more about DenDen town, please check my other video Alright, so here we go, this is good and cheap restaurant called “Saizeriya” Anyway my favorite food is just over there
So, let’s go inside! Let’s go! It’s the second floor of 7-11 Yes, this is the squid ink pasta They have many kinds of Pasta too, But for me this squid ink pasta is the best here
Speaking of “Saizeriya” You can find the menu in front So you can always check if they have the food that you wanna eat before you enter the restaurant So I came to one of my favorite restaurant called “Saizeriya” They have really good and cheap food here Let’s order it, I am starving
well, speaking of their menu They have really good and cheap Italian style food Well, I don’t think that’s real Italian food, But, I’d say Japanese Italian food
There are so many other family restaurant But “Saizeriya” ‘s price is different
well, today the food I wanna introduce is a bit special
Look at this It’s squid ink pasta, in Japanese
“Ika no sumiiri Supagettii” It looks weird, but taste really good so Let me order this, this is how you order in Family restaurant in Japan, so whenever you decide to order you have to press this button then just you can order it!
So let’s push it see, it is really simple right?
There are Japanese name, plus English translation as well so even you don’t understand Japanese
Don’t worry about it I used to love black ink pasta
but after I became an adult I stop eating it
because after eat the black pasta, my teeth will be black But today, I am totally ready for it!
It taste pretty good, so I am so excited to eat Here we go, yes,
this is squid ink pasta it looks pretty good, isn’t it? The price is only 499 JPY and I also order a glass of red wine a cup of wine is only 100 JPY So all together, price is only 599 JPY
can you believe it? This is the cheapest wine we can have in the family restaurants, well for me, this red wine is good enough if you are good with Okay wine then this is the really good place to enjoy your wine and pasta So speaking of this place, there are spoon, folk, and knife originally However, if you ask for it,
you can get chopsticks well so if you are comfortable with chopsticks then you can just ask to the waiter or waitress they are gonna give it to you smells so good,
Alright so let’s eat Itadakimsu! So this is how the squid ink pasta looks like there are pasta and squid ring and legs Oishi! Look at this, it is totally black I am pretty sure, you are not familiar with black ink spaghettis, but trust me it is really good and you can have red wine too can you believe this?
you can enjoy the pasta with wine with only 600 JPY if you don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry about it, there is drink fountain in the restaurant just you need to add 100 JPY more to the set menu this squid ink pasta, it became famous because of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure which is really popular Anime in Japan
it has a bit different look from other foods, but taste really good As you can imagine, after you ate this pasta, your teeth will be super black so maybe, it’s not really a good idea to eat this pasta before you meet someone Speaking of the wine you can also choose white wine with same price
yes only 100 JPY It’s so good, I’m loving it I eat pasta like Ramen noodle right? in Japan it is kind of popular that eating pasta with chopsticks in the house, many times I’ve eaten Pasta with chopsticks, and then Looks like Ramen noodles
but who cares many Japanese eat pasta with chopsticks at home But we believe eating pasta with folk and knife is formal than using chopsticks, so usually we don’t eat chopsticks to eat pasta in public place When I was working in Tokyo, I used to had many business lunch with clients but of course, I’ve never asked for the chopsticks to eat pasta so does it sound weird, or it’s normal?
how do you guys think? In this video, I use chopsticks because I wanted to introduce something that usually Japanese people don’t show much,
since I am a local Japanese YouTuber OMG, this is so good the last time I introduced my cheapest luxury at IKEA That place have great view,
but this place is kind of different kind of cheapest luxury And speaking of this restuarnt,
they have really good and cheap lunch special here please check that video as well
so let’s take off so that was so good, and price was only 599 JPY which I think it’s pretty cheap
So speaking of Saizeriya this place is kind of hard to visit, but there are so many Saizeriya in other places
and especially there is Saizeriya in the universal city walk as well
so after universal studios, and you wanna save money, you can try this Saizeriya the restaurant place in the universal city walk it’s kind of hard to find
but I introduced it in this video So this video pretty much that’s it There are many other good and cheap restaurants and Osaka and Tokyo travel video on my channel,
so pelasse subscribe to my channel and please check other videos,
and please check my instagram and twitter as well Alright, so see you in the next video
Arigato for watching my videos byebye!

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  1. Rion Ishida says:

    Arigato for watching my video😆!! How do you like Good and Cheap Squid Ink Pasta, maybe you wanna try when you come to Japan😁?
    If you wanna know more Good and Cheap Restaurant in Japan, please check my play list (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqLs7pt10s5yonFqYCyj2z7yPgzpB9Rm9 )!
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    Arigatooooo😆! Have a Great Week😁😉!

  2. Rion Ishida says:

    Sorry Jonathan Lim, I couldn't read your comment during the premier because I was so excited the SuperChat😂, 
    No, they don't have strong squid flavor, more like butter flavor and tasty😆!
    Again thank you so much for the SuperChat,,,, Arigaoooooooo😆😆😆👍

  3. Sakura Ébène says:

    Have you been a hamster or a squirrel in another life? it's so impressive when you're eating 😂😂😆 anyway, never been so early, thanks for the video ☺️

  4. Iskandar Omar says:

    Rion the lion, squid ink pasta looks so delicous and I think squid ink is so dangerous to eat but in Japan they made it as a pasta😰.I will try it soon and enjoy your great weekend😊👍

  5. Lilac Weng says:

    Better enjoy it at home.Hahaha!!!
    Good night Rion!!

  6. jane AF says:

    Wow that's really cheap!

  7. Jackson Pon says:

    Pls keep this cheap and good food coming!!!
    I like how u present this in your local way, having spaghetti in "chopsticks style".
    Do you have the postal code to search on Google maps?

  8. Dimitri Audel says:

    In south of France we also eat pasta and squid with squid ink. I think it's popular in Italy too. i will try this restaurant at the end of november of this year …I'll visit Tokyo, Matsumoto, Kyoto et Osaka for the momijis. I hope to eat uni too!!

  9. blu reader says:

    Thanks for showing how to get there and how to order. I would have been sitting there waiting and an employee would have to take pity on me. I'm going to try that place when I go this year.

  10. John Kim says:

    You live really good on a budget

  11. John G says:

    Rion, I have heard it said that even the cheap chain restaurants in Japan are better than most US restaurants. Is this true in your experience? Could you talk sometime about how the chain restaurants source their food and if Japan allows genetically modified foods (GMOs)?

  12. Rohn Sparkman says:

    it looks really good i am in trying new things cool video my brother

  13. Wirawan Robertson says:

    I see a JoJo reference, I press like…

  14. MagicMan 42 says:

    Definitely want to try the Squid ink pasta.. And for such a good price you can't go wrong.

  15. milragos36 says:

    hi Rion we are back in the Philippines now, my wife feel in love with your beautiful city Osaka, and we are planning to go back again this December, hope to be able to try the squid ink pasta then .

  16. Waa Mwaa says:

    Awesome video Rion! My plan is to travel to Osaka, and eat cheap!

  17. Panda Roochi says:

    Hi Rion…just finished my three week holiday in Japan….we tried this restaurant chain based on your previous recommendation….we really enjoyed the pizza and the clam spaghetti…really cheap and agree that it tastes great.

  18. 9snero says:

    I would love to visit a lot of the restaurants you show in your videos, but it's a bit intimidating since my Japanese is so bad, especially I want to try local dishes at an izakaya but ordering seems hard! Maybe one day can you do a video where you show one of your favorite izakaya, how to order, and your favorite dishes?

  19. Tiffany Eva Kan says:

    ok rion, this restaurant on my food trip iternary 😋😋😋 cant wait till April this year!

  20. js sim says:

    Make a video at super tamade. Is this supermarket tax free for foreigner.

  21. Straight Up Eats says:

    Great video, Rion! I'm lovin' it! I've never had squid ink pasta before, but I have had squid ink curry! It was totally black and had a unique taste. I'd say it didn't taste like curry at all! But this squid ink pasta looks pretty tasty! There is a Saizeriya not too far from my home, so one day, I'll swing by and give it a try!

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