🍜 A Week in Tokyo as A Vegan Pt.1 (Capsule Hotels, Vegan Food, & Lattes)

Hey everyone~ Welcome to my channel In this video I will show you what I did and ate for a week in Tokyo as a vegan Hope you like it~ I took a 3-hour flight from Taipei to Narita with China Airlines So I forgot to request vegan meal in advance and somehow the crewmembers were able to put together this delicious vegan plate last minute just for me so imma give it 5-star cuz I was touched by their service~ Since my arrival time was late I decided to spend the night at this capsule hotel called nine hours Male and females are separated The first thing you’ll see is lockers for your luggages & belongings Shoes are not allowed beyond this point They provide slippers in the hygiene kit The capsules look clean and futuristic Each capsule has a power socket, adjustable lighting, and alarm clock I thought the space was comfortable for me personally I could stretch~ The hygiene kit includes a pajama, two towels, and a toothbrush The shared bathrooms here are spacious They have everything you need and the whole place is sparkling clean~ I do recommend spending a night here~ The next morning I stopped by Starbucks at Terminal 2 I fell in love with the matcha green tumbler and bought it with soy matcha latte The soymilk Starbucks Japan used is so creamy and rich~ The best! on the way to my hotel in Tokyo, I saw this cute cafe selling soy latte They even have vegan shortbread The latte was lovely~ Nadeshiko Hotel is a female-only capsule hotel in Shibuya The room has six capsules, six lockers… a shared toilet, and plenty of room for luggage The capsule is way more spacious than the previous one This adorable welcome gift bag had all these useful items and I love this yukata pajama You can eat & chill at their tatami lounge And the best part about this place for me is the big public bathroom called “SENTO” I really enjoyed the warm baths and the pink mural If you are a solo female traveler who is looking for traditional Japanese experience in the city definitely check out Nadeshiko Hotel It was clean, cozy, and complete! I highly recommend it Afterward, I headed out to have my top 5 favorite food in Tokyo for lunch If you watched my previous Tokyo vlogs, you’d know I’m obsessed with Trueberry’s Spirulina Matcha Parfait It’s the perfect healthy breakfast or dessert~ Then I walked to my favorite coffee shop – Streamer Coffee Company to enjoy a cup of almond milk latte I love a strong, rich, and smooth latte~ For dinner, I checked out this burrito place called HIDEOUT They offer several vegan options I got the sweet and vinegar mushroom burrito and it was sooo tasty~~~ I would have given it 5-star if the portion was American standard I’m a fatass~ The next day I tried out another new place for lunch Located on the 2F of Laforet Harajuku, Chipoon is a small vegan-friendly ramen bar I ordered the vegan spicy ramen & yuba burger In case you don’t know, Yuba is tofu skin The yuba glazed with thick sweet soy sauce was fantastic Look at that! The ramen however didn’t taste as good as it looked The noodles had great texture but the broth just tasted like oil with no flavor and it wasn’t even spicy If you are an ARMY, right across Laforet is the LINE FRIENDS Harajuku Flagship Store Look at these Halloween specials Cuteness overload~ These adorable sparkly candy cases are only sold in Japan Sadly I couldn’t buy it because the candies inside are not vegan Also these BT21 cookies I wish they were vegan More BT21 goods on the 2F – including plushies, makeup, skincare products, and gadgets The top floor has all the apparels and it is also a mini exhibition On my way back to Shibuya, I passed by this cafe inside WeWork building They serve almond milk latte~ I get excited every time I see plant based latte I’m so glad to see so many cafes with non-dairy milk options in Tokyo~ Baskin Robbins! I was surprised to find out from the Tokyo Vegan Facebook Group that a couple of the seasonal flavors here are vegan-friendly~ I had the Midnight Apple and it was so good It tasted like first love Later I went to try this Instagramable blue parfait from Flunky Parlor Most of their desserts are vegan just watch out for honey I was disappointed after the first bite It had a sour coconut aftertaste… maybe the ice cream might be better..? This was my third time in Tokyo and I gotta say it keeps getting more and more vegan-friendly each time I visit That’s a good thing~ Not many places are open for breakfast So I just buy snacks from convenience stores I always get natto rolls and inari sushi I had the matcha latte from Starbucks almost every morning as well Have you heard of VR Cycling? I was intrigued when I saw the ads so I signed up for a 40-minute trial class which costs ¥3,300… quite expensive We had to wear these special cycling shoes Check out this water fountain This was the coolest water fountain I’ve ever seen We’re not allowed to film inside the studio but it’s basically a group indoor cycling worked out with trippy roads I really loved it and the visuals kept me going HARD If you love cycling, give this a try Afterward I met up with HACHI~~ She was the main reason I flew to Tokyo this time… to attend her wedding!!! So we went to have lunch at this place called Green Grill it sounded vegan-friendly but it’s really not… The only thing I could eat was the salad bar but none of the dressings were vegan-friendly Eating salad without dressing is not fun The worst is you could only get one round for such price I guess it’s a good restaurant if you’re not vegan, cuz Hachi liked it After lunch, we went to this vegan ice cream place called Coconut Glen’s Everything is coconut milk-based even the coffee We shared this 5-scoop ice cream bowl and all of them were amazing If you love coconut, you must come here So yummy~ Hachi approved Then we checked out Tiffany & Co. for a bit Have you seen a Tiffany vending machine? Only in Japan I loved how we could enter it freely with no pressure from the shopkeepers There is a cafe selling snacks and dessert on the top floor Nothing vegan though…hopefully in the future? I eat the same things every morning These ones are from a supermarket They taste fresher than the ones from convenience store After breakfast, I want to check out Starbucks Reserve Roastery It’s the 5th Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the world and it is nearly 3,000 square meters They have unique and innovative menus here but I played safe and ordered a soy latte Look at this soy milk wooden card How fancy~ It was really good I wish every Starbucks in the world use the same Japanese soy milk Later, I met up with Hachi’s childhood friends to have lunch together I took them to Elle Cafe I ordered the kale wrap with high expectation The sweet potato fries was great but the kale wrap itself was so bland and boring So not worth the price… I liked their coconut yogurt a lot, so I thought the food here would be as good but I was wrong We hungout for a bit and went to KiddyLand I was so happy to see BT21 and BTS here Then we all checked in at Mustard Hotel, where I met Hachi’s lover in flesh for the first time Mr. Mayuzumi (introducing us to her man)
Sin-chan Ro-chan Mia-chan Sutefani Andoreya The 5 of us shared is dormitory style room with 6 beds It was so cozy and the bed was super comfy This was probably the most comfy bed out of all the hostels I stayed at I fell asleep so easily We said goodbye to The Single Hachi because tomorrow when we see her, she would be in her wedding dress In the evening, I went out to have dinner at Para Taco I’m a fan of Terrace House on Netflix and this location was featured on the show I looked it up and found out it was vegan-friendly Everything looks so good~ I’m so coming back here next time I ordered the vegetable tacos with 4 different tortillas BBQ tempeh, carrots, soy meat, and eggplant My favorites were the BBQ and soy meat It was the most delicate tacos I’ve ever eaten The desserts are vegan as well Then I checked out this newly open hipster-looking hillside community and saw almond milk latte at this cafe Almond milk everywhere~ Lastly, I ended the night with the best and the only vegan taiyaki I know – Taiyaki HIIRAGI near Ebisu Station Definitely definitely must try So yeah that’s it for my first week in Tokyo~ I hope you find it helpful Next video will be about Hachi’s big day So stay tuned! Please support me by giving this video thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe you haven’t See ya~

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