– We’re gonna make candy sushi. (kids cheering) ♫ So I will lay aside everything ♫ We should easily be certain ♫ I will trust my fears into his care ♫ To finally be free Who knows what one of
Tayden’s favorite foods is. (laughs) – Sushi. – Sushi. – Sushi, huh. So I wanted to teach you guys
some cool stuff about sushi that maybe you didn’t know. Who here’s tried sushi? – [Kid] I love sushi. – [Kid] I hate it. – But guess what guys, I think everyone’s gonna like my sushi. Huh, Tayden? Don’t tell. What kind? There’s lots of kinds. When it’s raw and you cut it open. Hundred pound tuna. – (Man with French Accent]
Twenty minutes later. – Tayden told me that some of you guys don’t like real sushi. – [Kid] I hate sushi. – So today, we’re gonna make candy sushi. (kids cheering) – I’m gonna jump. – So you wanna take your rice crispy, cut it up, then you’re
gonna add your fish. Now you’re gonna take your fruit roll up and you wanna cut your fruit roll up seaweed into strips. So that each on of you your rice, fish, and then wrap your seaweed around. And then guess what? In Japan, they usually
eat with chopsticks. Or when you go to the sushi restaurant, but the traditional way to
eat this is with your hands. So you can eat this with your hands and your little sushi roll is all ready. Here William, eat your sushi. – [Man] Have a bite, buddy. Tell me what you think. Is that yummy? – Mhm. (man laughs) (kids talking) – [Man] You like that? Smile. Three, two, one, cheese. I think this was a genius idea, Christina. – Duh. – [Man] You made this up all by yourself. – Sushi and candy together? Duh. – [Man] Okay, close your eyes Nikoi. Your eyes are peeking, I can tell. (Nikoi laughs) Here’s your candy sushi, open your eyes. Now open it. – That does not look like it. – [Man] Take a bite and tell
me if it tastes like it. – [Christina] It’s got fish,
and rice, and seaweed in it. – [Man] Take a bite and tell
me if it tastes delicious. – I don’t know if I can eat it. – [Man] Try it. – [Christina] Maybe your
tooth will come out, huh. – [Man] Okay, give me a– (car honks) (Christina laughs) It didn’t take long to register, did it? It’s a rice crispy treat, a Swedish fish, and a fruit roll up. (William mumbles) What do you think? – [William] I want more of those. – [Man] What’s this for? – (laughs) Soccer. – [Man] What about soccer? – If I scored a goal I get $10. – [Man] If you what? – If I scored a goal, then I get $10. – [Man] If you scored a goal you would get ten big smackeroos. Okay, well, here you go. So, does daddy keep his promises? – Mhm. – [Man] Look at me. Do I keep my promises? Okay miss wiggly tooth. Is it still wiggly? Which one is it? Point to it. Let’s see you wiggle it. Oh my heck, it is wiggling. And now the tooth fairy
better keep her promise, huh. Or his, her, his, promise, huh? Yeah. Wiggly tooth. What’s up guys, we’re at
Nikoi’s gymnastics recital. You excited for your sister? – Yeah. – She’s worked super hard, hasn’t she? She has. She does like 6,000 cartwheels a day. – Yeah, definitely. (Josh laughs) – [Josh] Buddy, say, go sissy. – Go sissy. – [Josh] Nikoi. Tayden. – What? – [Josh] Can you do that? – [Woman] And switch, up and over. – [Josh] Hi, mom. Welcome. – Thanks. – [Woman] And begin. And under your bodies. And same thing. So just make sure that you check all our social media platforms. (bright music) Turn, go. Step. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, over. (clapping and cheering) (high pitched sped up sounds) (cheering) (clapping and cheering) – [Josh] Go, Nikoi. – [Woman] Ones, twos. Ones roll, twos roll. (cheering) Awesome, ladies. Let’s give them another
hand, they did great. (cheering) – [Josh] Good job, big girl. You did so good. – Good job, sister. – [Josh] Everybody give her a hug. Aw, lots of love. Oh, he squeezes so tight. You did so amazing. Good job. Give her loves, William. Yay (laughing). Good job, sissy. Hey, you did awesome. Good job, pretty girl. Well, maybe this baby number four is gonna be a little
gymnast like her big sister. – You know, or a soccer
player like her` big sister or a baseball player. – Or, athlete. – Or a football player like Tayden. – I know, but specifically gymnast, that’s why the baby’s doing so many cartwheels in your belly. – I know, it does. It kicks a lot. You wanna put it on, William. – Nikoi, you think the baby’s
gonna be a gymnast like you? You think so? That’s so cute. – I’m glad I didn’t have my– – [Josh] Come here, I
wanna see your makeup. Look how pretty. Did mommy do your makeup or did you? – Mom. – [Christina] Well, she
picked out what she wanted. – [Josh] Do you have lipstick on? Okay, give me a big smooch then. Thank you. – Good job, sissy. – Thanks for watching. – So Nikoi did so good at gymnastics, we decided to come celebrate and get a treat at Seven Eleven. What’d you guys get? – I got a peach lemonade Slurpee. – [Josh] Did it give you a brain freeze? – No. – [Josh] And Nikoi, what’d you get? – A Popsicle. – [Josh] You got a Jolly Rancher bomb pop. And then William, what’d you get? A little duee Slurpee? – Just watermelon – [Josh] And what’d the baby get? – Well I already ate a watermelon so I couldn’t get
anything, I was too full. – Brain freeze. (William laughs) ♫ He’s been where I am before ♫ He will make all of
my weaknesses stronger ♫ And with his stripes I’ll
be healed from these bears ♫ Hoping by his side I’ll stand ♫ I will run to the one who
has graven my life in his hand

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