Yes, it’s finally getting a little cold outside! Now /this/ is the autumn I signed up for. [It] looks like Rob’s got some rakin’ to do. *whispers* Jesus! Things are /crazy/ out here right now. God-dang wind blew my hair everywhere! Yes! The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! Actually I- I don’t really know if you’ve been waiting for this moment, but there were a lot of comments on our last video, asking where the Pin-splosion was. Well, here it is! So let’s get started shall we? Okay, we made it. Store #1, the craft store. *whispers* [They have] Christmas stuff already. *whispery gag sound* *whispers* There’s a lot of balls here… Craft foam?? Craft foam..? *whispers* Why can I never find anything in here? *whispers* There it is. [You] think they have any burning flesh fragrance oil? Finger-sized candles, check. Well.. should have got candles here… Store #3, the grocery store. Success! Alrighty, I think we may have enough stuff to do an adequate Pin-splosion video now. Oh, yeah, I probably should tell you what we’re gonna be making. First off: Pizza Skulls Yeah. Second: Finger Candles Then we have the classic Spooky Spell Books, Bone Sugar Cubes, Spiderweb Art Oh! This is like getting five DIY projects for the price of one! We, here at ThreadBanger, really value your time. No, we don’t. Time is meaningless!! Let’s get home and start making some stuff! Alright, here we go. We’re doing pizza skulls first, because pizza, duh! Unfortunately, there is /no way/ to get this pan that is being used in this video, /unless/ you want to pay /150 f***in’ dollars/ for it, /and/ get it after Halloween. No, we’re not doin’ either of those things. Because I was able to get /this/ pan, And you know what this pan means? Giant f***ing Pizza Skull. Yeah. When in doubt, you just make it giant. That’s what you do here on YouTube, right? First, I’m just gonna chop up some veggies, and then we have to roll out some dough. As you can see here, I bought pre-made dough, because we’re doing five projects in this video, and ain’t nobody got time for making their own dough. So get over it. Yeah, this is lookin’ pretty good I think. Now I’m just gonna spray a little bit of this in the pan, and then just lay the dough right on top of there. Hey! You need to stay where I put you dough. Yes. This is what we want, I think. Now, we just have to fill it with all the pizza things. This is the stuff [that] I like on my pizza, if you don’t like the stuff, put different stuff in there. It’s not f***in’ rocket science, it’s pizza, which I could argue is more valuable than rocket science. Yeah, I said it. Okay, now I’m just foldin’ the dough over and pinching it together, and this is pretty f***in’ exciting you guys! Now, I just have to pop it into the oven. I’m not really sure how long this is supposed to cook for, maybe like 20 minutes…? Yeah. And, after a little bit, the dough seems to be rising a bit more than I thought it would, so, probably should take this out of here… I’m also a little worried that can see juice bubbling in there as well.. But that’s okay. It’s still gonna be awesome. Alright, It’s lookin’ pretty done from this side, so we’re callin’ it. Here we go…! And yes! This looks like a f***in’ skull! It is leaking a little bit from one side, But I think that just adds to the effect, right? When you’re ready to serve it, you just need to do a quick lobotomy, and you’re well on your way to Pizza Town. [The] best goddamn town there is! I do think this needed to cook a little longer, but it’s still /delicious/. It might be a little messy for a party, but let’s be honest, you don’t have any friends, So you’re gonna be sittin’ at home /alone/ taking this to the dome with no f***s given.
{True, true…} Project number one.. Success! Now that we’re all fueled up, We can take on a little more involved of a project like DIY Spell Books. /This/ is a Pinterest legend and something I’ve been wanting to try it for /many/ years We’ll be using our dollar store composition book, and creepy plastic doodads. But, first, I’m mocking up the words I want to use for the front covers in Photoshop using the Harry Potter font I downloaded off the Internet. [We] just gotta print that out, cut them out and then glue them to the craft foam we got. I’m a little too impatient to let them dry all the way, so I’m just gonna cut out the letters the best I can, and, yeah, they look pretty dang good! I also cut out some little circles to use in the corners as faux bolts, which are gonna look pretty cool. Yeah, okay. Now we just have to glue all the stuff to the front of the journal. First, I put the letters and bolts and then I cut the wings off this little plastic bat. Sorry, bat. And then glue those down, then I glued the skeleton down, and things are looking pretty f***in’ fancy already. Next, I mix some glue and water together and painted that on to the entire front cover. Then I place some black tissue paper down on top and use the brush to get in all the cracks and crevices. Sorry, little buddy. It did rip a little in some places, but don’t worry, we’ll fix that in the paint step. But we do have to wait for this to dry first. Okay. This mofo is dry, so time to add some black paint. And, holy crap, this makes it look so much better! Look at this beautiful masterpiece! Now, look at it in the light of the morning Sun. Project number two.. Success. This next project looks super easy: Abandoned Spiderweb Art [I’m] livin’ out all my Pinterest dreams. All you need is a dark piece of paper and an abandoned spiderweb, check and check. Sturdy, right..? Yeah. Safety first. Corinne: Aw, now I can’t see it anymore. Rob: Oh, the Sun went away.. R: I think you’re too far away from it. C: Rob, you just mad me ruin it. *Rob chuckles* R: I didn’t make you do anything. C: Yes, you did!
R: *chuckling* No, I didn’t, you ruined it. C: Oh… D”’: R: *dead-pan* Look at that, huh? What a project. R: There it is-
C: Shh!! *Rob chuckles a bit more* R: This is why our neighbors think we’re crazy. *Corinne whining* C: I didn’t get it! R: What about the one over here? R: Yeah, I found another one, you can kinda see it. C: Oh yeah, okay.. okay! Yeah, so, this project’s really easy, all ya need is a dark piece of paper and a spiderweb, check and check again. Don’t make me mess it up this time! C: Alright. R: Here we go, catchin’ a spider web. R: Huh.. C: What the hell! *Rob chuckles* R: ‘kay.. C: Thanks for your help, Rob. Look at my beautiful… Halloween Artwork. Yeeeaaaaaah. Got some bugs over here, it’s very nice. That was a fuckin’ piece of sh*t, lyin’ ass.. [You] lied to me Internet! Okay, so… Project number three..? Not quite a success. Up next, Bloody Finger Candles.
{…Got a bandaid?} This should be pretty easy to /finger/ out. First of all these candles are a little too long, so I gotta cut them down a little bit. See what I’m doing here? This is how you /expertly/ cut a candle. Okay. Now I’m melting some beeswax in the microwave, and then pouring it into this La Croix can. Rob drinks this sh*t by the way, not me. The reason I’m using this can is because I thought I’d be able to get the full coverage on the length of candle that I have, while not using as much wax. [I’m] not gonna wax poetic about it anymore, but that was my reasoning. Unfortunately, I let it cool down entirely too much on my first several attempts. Yeah, /several/ attempts. But after a while, and a few remeltings, I finally /fingered/ it out. I also had originally planned to do each finger in a different skin tone, but that didn’t work out, and they all ended up looking kinda orange-y. so I’m just gonna pretend that these are all from one person, who also happens to be a giantOompa Loompa. All hail the Oompa Loompa in chief!
{GOT ‘IM} Okay. Voice-Over C: After they harden completely, you’re ready to add the details. *In-shot C yells as candles fall* V-O C: Whoops. Yeah, I should probably shave off the bottoms a little bit. (I-S C: Jeez! …..Did you do that?) They’re a little too chubby to fit in the candelabra. [They] need to go on that high-protein low-carb diet. Yes. That’s the ticket. Now, we just have to shave off a little fingernail space, and, yeah, that was probably too much, But that’s okay, cuz we’re paintin’ this sh*t anyways. But, first, little finger lines.
{They’re called wrinkles.} Yes.. and then some paint. And, f*** yeah, this is awesome! Tooootally creepy, *Dracula impersonation{?}* But do they melt blood? let’s find out shall we? Yes, this is how you light a candle.
{Just gonna say, they look like middle fingers to me…} And now we wait. and wait, and f***in’ wait, what the hell! Alright, It’s been like 10 minutes, and I haven’t seen one drippy drop of blood yet. I’m starting to think that I might have done this wrong, like maybe the beeswax burns a little differently than other wax…? I don’t know. Apparently, my ears were filled with wax while I was trying to research how to do this project. I don’t know, but I do know that I’m just gonna wait it out a little longer ‘cuz I have faith in this! There’s a couple that really seem like they’re on the verge of dripping blood, any minute now. Oh, it’s so goddamn close! Just drip you f***in’ piece of shit! Alright.. *laughing out the frustration* It’s okay, regrouping. Wait a minute! As I was putting them out, the pressure of my breath was able to move some of the wax down and now it looks like it was dripping blood. Okay, I’m gonna consider this a win. See that right there? That is red wax drippin’ down the side of the f***in’ candle. Project #4… Success.. -ish. For our fifth and final project, we’re trying Skull Sugar Cubes! And I actually got this mold last year, off of Etsy, but ran out of time to try it. So, guess what? The time is nigh! We just have to *singing* ~pour some sugar in a bowl~ Yeah. And then we add a very little bit of water. You want it to be moist, but crumbly. Moist. *whispering* Moist… And then, you just press it into your mold. I think the key here is to /really/ press it in there with a lot of pressure. *singing again* ~Under preh-sha!~ I also have this mold, that I found at the craft store, that I’m gonna test out. Now, we just have to let these harden for a good while.. Alrighty. And the moment of truth is upon us! Oh! We already have a broken bone here. That’s not a good sign… And.. yeah, this just turns to fuckin’ mush. I let these sit for quite some time. At least 10 hours, and yeah, I don’t know..!!! *groan* None of them are working! And even if they were to stay together, They don’t really look like skulls, so, it doesn’t really matter. [These are] definitely not as good as this picture here. But you know what? That’s okay, because I don’t like sugar in my tea anyway. so I still consider this a success. Hey, X mark, You get outta here! No one need your opinion! Jeeez. I think it was a success, no one needs sugar in their tea! Whoo! We did it! Time to celebrate! /This/ is my idea of a good time: sittin’ around sipping tea with your bestie, while thinking of people to hex, over a candlelit dinner. [I’m] living my best life right now. Oh goodness. Yeah, this Pin-splosion felt /really good/. I Pin-sploded all over your computer screen. Yeah. Harry Potter Halloween continues next week. Don’t forget to subscribe, like up this video, and I’ll see /you/ later. {Major Caption Edits by Rainbrowz}

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