– [Jeremy] Guys just chillin’? – We’re just chatting. We’re just chatting. – [Jeremy] What do you think
sushi’s gonna taste like? – I don’t know, I’m kind of nervous. (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] That is a goodbye hug. (playful music) – (baby laughing) – [Jeremy] You’re a goose. – (baby cooing) – [Jeremy] Yeah, what’s that? – (baby babbling) – [Jeremy] This morning
we came to hang out with the Ballingers
where they’re staying at. Then we’re going to try some food that our family has never had. We’re pretty excited. (jazz music) Oh! Oh! Nice! (guitar music) – So what we’re doing is we are going with the Ballingers to a sushi restaurant. I’ve never had sushi. My kids have never had sushi. Jeremy has had sushi, but
we’re excited to try it. – Poll question, do you like sushi? – [Jeremy] So, Isaac, how
are you feeling about sushi? – I’m really, really, really excited. – [Jeremy] What do you think
sushi’s gonna taste like? – I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous. – I think it’s gonna be like
a rice and fish mixture. – I’m not having it. I’m having an avocado roll. – [Jeremy] I’m not having it answer. – I like rice.
– Not feeling up to it? – Yay!
– Gonna have some rice? – In our family, we
love to try new things. I just told the kids in the
car they can try whatever they want and if they’re not
interested, that’s okay too. Who knows, we might really love this. It’s fun to have them
here with the Ballingers who do love sushi. – Yeah, they’re gonna get
some serious peer pressure. Even if they don’t get parent pressure, they are gonna get some
real peer pressure. (Oriental music) – So apparently these are kid chopsticks or new people chopsticks. – They’re kid chopsticks converters. – These are so easy. This is the best device I’ve ever seen. – Isn’t it amazing?
– Yes! – These are kids. – I put it down here and
then I put one that way and then one that way. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. (laughing) – [Kendra] Now you can
use them like chopsticks. Can you say thank you? – Thank you. – [Kendra] Did you just
wake up from a nap? – She’s ready to eat some sushi. – I’m really excited to try this and I’m a little bit scared. I think I’m just gonna not
tell myself what it is. Just don’t think about it, eat it, and then I’ll experience it. I’m gonna try it. Miso Soup. What do you think? Thumbs up. It’s got broth and seaweed and tofu in it. – At first I thought the tofu was chicken. I thought it was gonna be crunchy and I was like (biting) and
it went straight through. I was like what? – [Kendra] Mmm, tofu! – [Jeremy] You like Miso Soup? – [Kendra] Using the
chopsticks to eat edamame. – Mwah! (oriental music) – [Server] The Rainbow,
Caterpillar, Special Eel, Pizza, Gluten Free, Veggie
or the regular tuna roll. – [Jeremy] There’s your
avocado roll, Caleb. – [Kendra] Alright, Caleb,
pick up one of these with your chopsticks. Good job, put it on your plate. – [Jeremy] You can just eat it. – [Kendra] Oh, you can
just eat it Dad said. – [Jeremy] Yeah, just eat it. – So I just put the
whole thing in my mouth? – [Jeremy] Yeah, just pop it in. You like it? – [Kendra] Which one are
you gonna try first Lisey? – [Mom Ballinger] This is
the eel roll, which I– – I love sushi! – [Jeremy] Awesome! (relaxing music) That was a little bite. The Ballingers have a
tradition that they do a sushi dance when they eat sushi. So we thought we would join
them for the sushi dance. (upbeat music) ♪ Dancing ♪ We are sad. We’re gonna have to say
goodbye to the Ballingers. Of course we’ll leave a link
to their channel as well to check them out. We love the Ballingers. (children yelling) It’s time to say goodbye. Oh, there we go. – Bye. – [Jeremy] That is a goodbye hug. (upbeat music) Well the kids did have a hard time saying goodby to the Ballingers, but we’re back at our
place and we are expecting some special visitors in just a moment. Guys just chillin’? – We’re just chatting. We’re just chatting. – [Jeremy] Say, Elise, what
were your thoughts of sushi. – I liked it! But it hasn’t been like my total favorite. – [Jeremy] You guys. – Are they here? – [Jeremy] Come here. – [All] Grandma! – Who gave you that shirt. I really like it. – You like that shirt, huh? – [Jeremy] It’s Bubba and Maga! – Hey toothless! – [Grandma] I think you grew taller! – Naenae was inside,
hearing all the excitement. She was like let me come! Ah, say hello. – Grandma! – Hi honey, how are you? How are you doing? I missed you. I haven’t seen you since Thanksgiving! – I know! – Have you been growing taller? – Yeah. – Did you notice that
I wore my JHouse shirt? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Did you show
Grandma your teeth? – Yeah. (kids background chattering) – Where’s the bathroom? – We’re finding hide outs. – Dad, watch, look how much better it is. – [Jeremy] Did Papa
come and fix the toilet? – It’s a leverage problem. – Yeah, it was a little hard to push. Papa’s doing some basketball instructions for Isaac and Caleb. – Okay, you got to center it up on the point of this ball. That’s the person’s shoulder. Then you pivot off of this foot. Then I drop it into you and you score. – [Jeremy] Pick and roll. – Pick and roll. Run and stand. – [Jeremy] And then you break away. – Remember how you pivot. You pivot on that foot. And go and I toss it to you and you– – [Jeremy] Boom. – You got it! – All the magic ends on this block– Did I wish to go to the
ball, said Cinderella? I did wish to go– – So Jeremy and I are
on a quick little date, which means we’re really
just running an errand. We’re going to Trader Joe’s together, but it feels magically delicious. – Cause it’s just us and Naenae. You guys know how much I love sunsets. There’s not a lot of fog today so you can like see the ocean better than we’ve been able to see
it since we’ve been here. The sun is setting into the ocean. It’s awesome! (piano music) – The sun is going into the water. – The sun’s going down in the water. – [Jeremy] Crazy, huh? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] It’s just what it looks like. It isn’t actually going into the ocean. It’s just the Earth is rotating around it. (piano music) – That was amazing. – [Jeremy] The sun set. Caleb what are you
helping me with right now? – I’m helping you with the
video that’s coming up tomorrow. You should watch it, it’s super funny. – [Jeremy] (laughing) Yep,
so Caleb’s helping me edit. (piano music) – Open the tank valve all the way. – They have a propane fireplace
and we’re gonna try it. – [Kendra] With the igniter button, push– – [Jeremy] There we go. Alright, fire! – (laughing) (upbeat music) – So I think this is my
new favorite place to work watching the sunset, working on a video. – [Kendra] Nice, you’ve even got company. – [Jeremy] What’s for dinner? – I don’t know what to call this. It’s chicken and peppers and beans. – [Jeremy] I think it’s fajitas. – We’re gonna put it on top of rice and inside of tortillas. Ooh, my favorite thing from Trader Joe’s. Handmade flour tortillas. They’re so good. – [Jeremy] They are good. – [Grandma] And avocado,
and tomatoes, and– – [Kendra] Yes, that’s the
present that says everything. – [Jeremy] Want some chips. – [Kendra] Alright, here’s dinner. (guitar music) Family dinner. – [Jeremy] We started the fireplace. – It’s going pretty high. – [Jeremy] Is it warm? – Can we get it a little bit bigger? – [Jeremy] Well, that’s pretty big. Don’t get too close. – There was a wild rush for the wharf and when Jack turned
Crazeworthy was no longer standing beside him. – [Laura] Goodnight, Jhouse out. – [Isaac] Hi Ballingers! – I lost my tooth! – What’s a koala? – [Jeremy] I just thought
I’d go for a roll. – It’s a panda! – [Kendra] What is going on? (jazz music)

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