🥞 Pancakes | HAMSTER KITCHEN 🥞

Hamster Pancakes Paraan ng pagluluto Paraan ng pagluluto
1 kutsarita harina Paraan ng pagluluto
1 kutsarita harina
1/4 kutsarita ng gatas Paraan ng pagluluto
1 kutsarita harina
1/4 kutsarita ng gatas
3/4 kutsarita ng tubig Paraan ng pagluluto
1 kutsarita harina
1/4 kutsarita ng gatas
3/4 kutsarita ng tubig
Gulay langis Paraan ng pagluluto
1 kutsarita harina
1/4 kutsarita ng gatas
3/4 kutsarita ng tubig
Gulay langis
(Tingnan ang paglalarawan para sa karagdagang impormasyon) Idagdag ang harina, gatas at tubig-sama Paghaluin hanggang sa makuha mo ang isang batter tulad consistency Pagkalat ng isang maliit na langis sa isang kawali at init ito up I-flip ang pancakes kaya sila magluto sa magkabilang panig Gupitin ng isang maliit na kuwadrado ng banana upang magmukhang butter Maaari kang magdagdag ng isang drop ng honey, ngunit lamang kung ikaw ipaalam ito tumigas bago serving (Sticky pagkain ay maaaring makakuha ng suplado sa kanilang pisngi pouches) Dapat ay may isa pa! Salamat sa panonood! 😊 (mensahe mula sa subtitle kontribyutor) magandang araw 😊

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  1. VanillaHamHam says:

    ⚠ Small parts can be a hazard, it is not recommended that you use miniature tableware to feed your hamster, Vanilla is a professional. Never leave unattended.
    ⚠ These are special, one-off treats to complement a healthy, balanced diet. Feeding in excess can put your pet's health at risk.The treats in the video are large for entertainment purposes. Vanilla will only eat a small portion and put the rest in his cheeks to stash in his nest where I will remove it. Portions should be extra small for pets who don't stash.
    ⚠ I do my best to make sure the ingredients are hamster-safe, but please be a responsible owner, do your research, and check that each individual ingredient is safe for your pet before feeding.

    Enjoy more tiny hamster food in the Hamster Kitchen mini cooking series : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfUnJVIsqIzrk1EZnx_R8Ob5hwCO8YFkb

  2. Oh Never Mind, Just me - Crista says:


  3. Happiness cafe says:

    Heart melting

  4. Alejandra Medrano says:

    Me : i'm going to sleep now
    Also me at 3:00a.m

  5. Marcel Gaete says:

    Diablos nooo no puedo mas del amor que ternura mas hermoosa me recuerda a mi Sr. gordo lui 😍😍😍😍

  6. moeSaramah /: says:

    When I watched this vid my Feelings has changed from the song

  7. Violeta :v says:

    Akakajja khe verga

    PD: Esta bonito el hamster

  8. Boss 4001 says:

    Ma che minchia sto guardando

  9. Isabel calderon says:

    Que noni

  10. Andrés Salvador says:

    I LOVE hámsters ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Karthik Penumetch says:

    thats a lotta butter


    Türk Varmı

  13. PxS Gang says:

    Its amazing

  14. xiaorishu says:

    Omg, so cute T.T

  15. Fabi el loco rojo says:


  16. Mauricio Quiroa says:

    Seré el único en Español? Qué veo esto nomas por curiosidad saludos !!Great video!!!

  17. The Cookie says:

    Este es el comentario en español que estabas buscando xd 🤪✨

  18. Abbeys Animals says:

    My hamster loved these pancakes! 🐹🥞

  19. Jin wish says:

    What is Seokjin doing here ?
    (Non seokjinnies won't understand)

  20. Tuğçe A. says:

    yanina bi su falan verseydiniz bogazindan zor gecti❌😡

  21. Ale hyung says:

    Me: ok, I'm going to study, I'm going to bathe and I'll exercise
    Also me: Hamster pancakes

  22. Mitchellgamer2009 says:

    I’m gonna go and make my hamster pancakes tomorrow 🥞

  23. Enrique peña Ninto says:

    Delicious, I like it

  24. Solamente de Garciia says:


  25. Unstopablegirl 1 says:

    No tengo idea de cómo llegué aquí 😂😂😂

  26. xRavenJx says:

    How to I have everything except for bananas? Time to go shOOOOping

  27. 뿌요링 says:

    근데 이사람 한국인이에요?

  28. ღNamiღ says:

    YouTube recommended this to me, but I loved it because it sounds like the games I played that long ago cooking, awww🥺❤️

    YouTube me recomendó esto, me recuerda cuando jugaba juegos esos de cocina y tenia esos efectos de sonido, ay 🥺 ❤️, es muy lindo tu hamster 😊💖

  29. forlove looking says:

    waw nce

  30. Yelin aung says:

    where do you get a hamster house. please tell me i have two hamsters.

  31. Star Stuff says:

    this is one of the most wholesome things ive seen on youtube.

  32. ne gan says:

    Ahhh cocina para un hamster yo queria saber como cocinar un hamster

  33. Larissa Loidk says:

    Where can i buy this kitchen?

  34. Thais Lima says:

    Que estranho kkk hilário

  35. I’m stupid For REAL says:

    Rest In Peace vanilla 😞😔✝️

  36. My Crazy World says:

    Io go una cricetina penso che let piaceranno questi pankake grazie

  37. Gabriela Ramirez says:


  38. elsa says:

    When u put the image of your hamster with the steps for the recipes it looks like a rpg game from 2000-2010

  39. rexi says:

    me going to the kitchen to make pancakes at 3am….

  40. Carlosamarobloxsii :v says:

    Eso es tan tierono :3

  41. Carlosamarobloxsii :v says:

    That’s is really cute!!!

  42. Fortnite gamer says:

    1985: Hamster eating pancakes
    2019: We will have hamcakes

  43. de madera! gameplays says:

    That so cute

  44. desconocido u says:

    I miss you vanilla ;(

  45. Cielo Guerra llauce says:

    No se como acabe viendo este video
    Pero le valió verga los cubiertos jajaja
    Que lindo 🤗🥰😋

  46. はや하얏 says:

    How cute it is 😽💕💘

  47. Aniita :v says:

    Como mierda llegue acá jsjs lpm, que tierno

  48. Dode fun says:

    I love this

  49. Antonio Iparraguirre says:

    Wtf? How I done here?

  50. Liz Quijano says:

    Why am I watching this?

  51. Liz Quijano says:

    Why YouTube? Why?

  52. KarenIvonne1205 Chico Rojas says:

    Plox alguien que hable español🤣

  53. 김다 야나 says:


  54. Sapphire Hayley says:

    Cuteness overload 😍🐹

  55. Da Bac0n says:

    She was the best hamster in the whole multiverse

  56. Michel Salazar says:

    Porque YouTube me recomendó a un "hamster" cocinando? xD

  57. Pepto Bismol says:

    He’s one of the most adorable things i’ve ever seen

  58. Darya Play says:

    Вау!У тебя очень круто получилось!!!)))

  59. danktower says:

    Why would you waste your time for this? Your hamster won't even remember of this dish nor differentiate it from the other ones.

  60. Emma Neyer says:


  61. hmm k says:

    Can hamsters even digest milk ?

  62. MaJo Cat says:


  63. Kim Tae_Taehyung says:

    So adorable :'3

  64. pouchithetic bú says:

    Awwww, so cute!

  65. Jeska Nesia says:

    No les hace daño la leche? No lo sé no me da confianza

  66. stephanie De Borbón says:

    Muero de ternura ☺️♥️♥️♥️

  67. naily stars says:

    بيخبي الأكل في كتفو مش في تمو عههههه

  68. Chloe Holt says:


    If my hamster had this it would be gone in 5 seconds

  69. Tarzan Chita says:

    De sólo escuchar la música le dí like y me suscribí! XD

  70. Cheesecake 256 says:

    why do i find this interesting?

  71. Sofia Soto says:

    0:12 yo cuando como 😂😂😂

  72. DailyPanda says:

    I wanted a hamster today and here goes my "helpful" yt recommendations (i think they are watching what i search up)

  73. VerónicaYT says:

    its sooo cute … i love you youtube <3

  74. Yaros :V says:

    Me encanto:3 quiero un hamster 😻

  75. anushri singh says:

    Hamsters are the cutest.. I have one

  76. JennSs says:

    So cuteee

  77. Talia Isbell says:


  78. imelda López says:

    Can this be for gerbils as well

  79. królowa ta jedyna says:


  80. tσni avillσ says:


  81. Victor hugo Bulnes rivero says:

    hola caster

  82. Vicky Boluda :v says:

    Ahhhh que kawaii >w<

  83. Steve McClellan says:

    Please I've made a burrito for my mouse 🐭🐁🐀🌯🥙

  84. Movie Production HD says:

    I just tried this with my two dwarf hamsters and they love it! 🙂

  85. Pancakes says:

    This hamster is eating me alive and i dont like it >:(

  86. w I says:

    I'm ded know so cute and all he wanted was more!!!!!

  87. oyun zamanı says:

    Ay ne kadar tatlı

  88. Music lover says:

    Aww so kiwwa 😄

  89. sofi lps :3 says:

    WoW you get very bacon pancake ministers seem like a lie it was great give me a heart please

  90. sofi lps :3 says:

    How cute

  91. sofi lps :3 says:

    How cute is your hamster

  92. SWEETIE IM SHOOK says:

    Me: Youtuber has posted recently

  93. give me the tea sis says:

    i never realized i needed this video until now

  94. Daniela CL says:

    Que acabo de ver xD

  95. asksjspw chuketa says:

    Como llegué aquí no lo sabemos :'v

  96. Jarold Coros says:

    Someone wants more…

  97. Madison Hardy says:

    Aw so cute

  98. Madison Hardy says:

    All the people who put a thumbs down is cold

  99. ꧁JAVI꧂ says:

    That pancakes are so small for a hamster, I will do it a little bit bigger.

  100. Vibeke Gustavsen Hovland says:

    Do not use miniature tableware to feed your hamster, Vanilla is a professional. Agreed.

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