10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Los Angeles | The Ultimate Guide

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This is Steve from rock star eater and in today’s episode I’m gonna be discussing something that I really am passionate about because I’m a very big sushi fan I’m gonna be talking about the 10 best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles Maybe some of you guys don’t know that Los Angeles is quite possibly the greatest place in the world to eat sushi Outside of Japan, you know Some people I’ve even told me that they came to Los Angeles from Japan and even like the sushi here better than in Japan itself well I don’t really know about that but I can say that Los Angeles indeed has some really awesome sushi and in the last 10 years There have been restaurants opening up just left and right that serves World-class sushi, really at its best now whether you are from Los Angeles or you’re traveling to Los Angeles Maybe you want to eat sushi in the city, but you don’t worry exactly know where to go to That’s why I’m gonna help you out in this video I could have easily included 20 on this list because there’s just so many great sushi restaurants in this city But I decided to narrow down to 10 so that if you try any of these 10, you will be in very good hands So let’s not waste any more time than let’s go ahead and get started with number 10 Nozawa bar. This restaurant is owned by the famous sushi chef, Nozawa Who’s most known for his sugar fish sushi restaurants However, this isn’t a sugar fish restaurant. But a standalone high-end sushi bar operated by his good friend. Mr Fujita it’s a little bar hidden in a back room behind a sugar fish restaurant in Beverly Hills It’s 20 course omakase meal is very similar to the tradition established by Nozawa himself And it is indeed to die for $175 a person is a bit steep But you’ll get some of the best traditional sushi around so don’t miss this place if you are in the area of Beverly Hills number 9 Mori sushi This is a traditional sushi restaurant in the Sawtelle neighborhood known for its consistency in taste over the years Carrying some of the best edo style sushi in the town it is melt-in-your-mouth nigiri sushi at a reasonable price and ends with a nice bowl of green tea ice cream made from scratch as with many omakase Restaurants your sushi here served one piece at a time So that you can savor each bite that comes from the best selections of the day number eight sushi zo Another one of the most acclaimed sushi restaurants to have come around in the last decade which now has two locations in Los Angeles It is a edo style minimalist sushi at it’s very best again, fresh melt-in-your-mouth sushi with its body temperature rice Which makes the sushi just so divine when it goes into your mouth? Yes. It’s expensive It’s about $200 a person, but you get what you pay for quality number 7 shin sushi This is one of the greatest new sushi restaurants in the San Fernando Valley in the city of Encino Shin sushi is really what traditional elegant and upscale sushi is all about you almost feel like you’re Transported to an upscale sushi restaurant in Tokyo or any parts of Japan for that matter again. It’s a minimalist Artistic and simply tasty sushi at a reasonable omakase price this restaurant is somewhere you need to absolutely go if you are on Ventura Boulevard near the Encino area and want fabulous fabulous sushi number six Shunji another one of the many sushi restaurants in Sawtelle. That is top-notch Its traditional sushi and if you get omakase You will get some of the artsy’s presentations of food, very similar to the Kai Seki style of Japanese cuisine It’s seasonal menu is not to be missed along with its warm hospitality And of course, it’s great food another pretty expensive restaurant. But then again the food simply delivers number five Sushi Ginza Onodera. There’s a reason why this restaurant has two Michelin stars It’s a magical sushi experience like no other Upscale clean and traditional environment with fish that is imported from the famous toyosu fish market in Japan they even import their rice from Japan soap in this red vinegar to give The sushi a very signature taste its artsy Edo style sushi at its very best I guess you can tell with this description you might want to save up your money if you want to eat here number four Go’s Mart. This is one of the most interesting sushi restaurants. You can find anywhere It’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a pretty quiet neighborhood in Woodland Hills from the outside You would never guess that it’s a sushi restaurant Even from the inside by looking at the shabby appearance, which looks more like a mom-and-pop grocery store It doesn’t really look like it would serve any impressive food But this place has some of the most mind-blowing sushi in all Los Angeles like Ginza Onodera go’s mart gets their fish from the Tokyo market every day and everything here is Outstanding and the gold flakes that they put on their fish Especially their Toro is something that you need to see to believe give this place a shot if you are in Woodland Hills number 3 Sushi iki might possibly be the greatest sushi restaurant in the San Fernando Valley and on Ventura Boulevard This restaurant is known for its extravagant menu where depending on how much you’re willing to spend You will eat like a king here generous cuts of fish melt in your mouth and even serve this awesome $800 king crab by chef Eddie who is also a pretty awesome chef It’s just a fun place to be overall and it’s the new rave of the town number 2 Q sushi possibly the greatest sushi restaurant in downtown Los Angeles This modern and minimalistic sushi restaurant serves some of the highest quality Edo style fish from a sushi chef Who has a reputation in Tokyo’s Roppongi district before coming to LA to open Q sushi It’s 22 courses for $200 But it’s pure sushi at its finest in the urban city of Los Angeles and did we mention that Elijah Wood came here on A Buzzfeed episode? And finally number 1 Urasawa this is the grand darling of all sushi restaurants. That’s not only the best in Beverly Hills, but possibly all of Los Angeles This is probably the closest you’ll ever get to the taste and the experience that you found in. Jiro Dreams of Sushi Documentary, it’s a Michelin star restaurant with fish imported from Toyosu fish market in Tokyo The fish is traditional Edos style and simply mind-blowing with an amazing kaiseki-like course dinner Which includes their Kobe beef sashimi foie gras sashimi and some delectable black sesame ice cream I would say that this is the best meal I’ve ever had in Los Angeles Well there you have it with ten of the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles Now keep in mind once again that there are many great sushi restaurants in the city but if you go to these ten specifically then I Guarantee you you will leave this place happy even if you have to shell out quite a bit of money in order to eat here It’s all about the quality and if you come here you will get the quality well I hope that helps you with finding some of the best sushi restaurants to find in the great city of Los Angeles If you’ve enjoyed this video or found it to be helpful Then please do give me a thumbs up comment below if you have any suggestions Possibly to share any other great sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. 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    Dude your hella underrated you need more attention, your quality is way better then others, keep going dude you will get 100,000 subscribers one day! 🙂

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    What is your favorite sushi spot in Los Angeles? 🙂

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    katsuya group restaurants on Ventura Blvd.

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