10 kitchen tricks and hacks
1: Chip Bag Hot Sealing Knife So you just had some chips and you don’t
want any more, now you have to close up but you can’t seem to find a clothing pin to
close up your chip bag but you do find your blow torch. So you take a knife and just start heating
it up with your blow torch, start heating up the back of the knife with the blow torch,
that’s the part you’re going to use. Once it’s hot enough then you just flatten
your chip packet and stroke the back of the knife across it. As you can see it’s a bit too hot so it’s
cutting through the start of the packet, but in that case you just keep stroking it across
until it doesn’t cut through completely but just seals it. There we go and now as you can see it’s
sealed the chip packet now it’s a bit soft there because the first cuts were really hot,
so you just tear that off. And as you can see the chip packet is sealed,
no chips can fall out and the air kind of stays inside locked away. Now whenever you want it just open it like
you would a new chip bag just like that and then take out as many chips as you require,
like for example the entire bag right now. Okay, great way to seal a chip bag – done! 2: DIY Zip Lock Bag
Alright, zip lock bags, they’re great. You can open them up take some food out, in
this case pistachios and eat it, once you’re done you can seal it back up and store it
for later. But they are kind of expensive. Well not really, but let’s assume they are
and you can’t afford them. Just cut the top of a plastic bottle like
this, then you take a normal plastic bag and fill it up with whatever you want. In this case I’m just going to fill it up
with pistachios just like the last one. Once it’s filled up you just take the corners
and just put them together like this, take the plastic thing that you cut off and take
the lid off and pop it through the center like this. And then just curl it over the edges like
that and then seal it up with the top, and there we go we’ve got a re-sealable plastic
bag. Sort of like a zip lock bag. You can open it up and take some food out,
in this case a couple pistachios, eat them and then close it back up again for later. 3: Taking Pringles Out
I think we all enjoy eating Pringles, the only problem is with my big paw like hands
I can’t seem to get into the packet to get the Pringles out and this can be annoying. Now there must be a better way – and there
is. All you have to do is just take a sheet of
paper, fold it length wise like this, then fold it one more time. And now you place it into the chip packet
on the top side and push it all the way down to the bottom. Now you turn it around and pull it out. There you go, now you can access your Pringles
and even many people can access the Pringles at the same time now. Enjoy! 4: Apple Lemon Experiment
Alright, so here’s a beautiful apple. Now the thing about apples is they oxidize
pretty quickly so I thought I’d give this a little test. I saw a little experiment online where lemon
juice seems to help against oxidation and the apple looking bad. I thought let’s give it a little try and
see how effective it is. Here I’ve got two slices of apple and I’m
going to cover with lemon juice the one on the right, I’m going to leave the one on
the left with no lemon juice. I’m just going to rub it in a little bit
so it can react with it and I’m just going to place these both into a white tray so we
can see the results a little easier I guess. Okay now I’m just going to leave them and
see what happens. So this is it after four hours, as you can
see the one without lemon juice is oxidized quite a lot, the one on the right with lemon
juice still looks good after nine hours. I’d even eat that after 20 hours still. The one on the left does not look good without
the lemon juice. Now it’s quite remarkable how effective
lemon juice is at keeping an apple looking great and edible. It’s amazing. 5: Bottle Opening Hack
Alright I know this looks like a Coca-Cola ad but I assure it’s not. I’m not sponsored by them even though I
kind of wish I was. Okay let’s say you can’t find your bottle
opener because it disappeared for some reason. Don’t worry you can open a bottle with nearly
anything. Take this spoon for example, you can just
put it here and pop, that simple. This works by just putting your hand around
it and using it as a lever where you can easily apply pressure on one end and just pop it
open. Now you can even use a side of a table, you
just put it against the edge and just press down and it just pops the lid off. There we go. Now going back to the lever, you can use nearly
anything. Take this lighter for example, all you have
to do is just get the right angle and it pops it off just like that, and if you’re feeling
really strong you can just flick it off like that. Okay that may have been a joke but you get
the point. 6: Wine Grapes Trick
There’s nothing like a cold glass of wine on a hot summer day but the problem with cold
wine is you usually keep it cold by adding some ice cubes, like this and these tend to
melt and water down your delicious wine which can be a real shame just like this here. Now there must be a better way to have your
cold wine, and there is. Just pour your delicious glass of wine and
then just add some frozen grapes which you keep in a Ziploc bag in the freezer and these
will keep your drink nice and refreshingly cold but not water it down. Now if you don’t like wine you can do the
same with fruit and fizzy drinks. 7: Tea Rubber Band Trick
Alright so we’ve all done this, we’ve added a teabag to a tea mug and then we add
hot water and damn, it all falls in, now you have to go through the arduous task of fishing
it out and this can just be annoying and frustrating. There must be a better way to do this. Well there is, just put your teabag in and
take a rubber band and just put it around like this, and then you don’t have to worry
about your teabag falling in. You can just fill it as vigorously as you
want and there’s no chance that it will all fall in. There we go, problem solved. 8: Chip Bowl Hack
So you want to take some chips and dirty a bowl for a party, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Just open your chip packet like you would
normally and then go to the bottom of it and just start curling in on itself just like
this and as you do the chips will raise up out of the top and there we go we’ve just
made a chip bowl out of the chip packet and you easily just pick the chips out of the
top and this is a great way to present your chips in a party. 9: Spaghetti Pringles
Okay so I just used spaghetti and opened the package a little bit rough, as you can see
it’s got a pretty deep gash here and now this clamp doesn’t really work, it doesn’t
fit right and this tub just is not long enough and this tub just is not going to do. But this Pringle package might just do. Just drop your spaghettis into it and this
is a great way to recycle your used Pringle packages, and you can just store your spaghetti
for whenever you need it. Perfect fit! 10: Chip Party Hack
Here’s a great idea for serving chips and dip. Take a glass bowl and add a glass in the center
then fill the outside with chips just like this, and once you’ve done that then you
want to fill in the center glass with some dip just like this, and once you’re done
you’ll have a one stop station where people can just take chips and dip them into the
dip and there we go. I’m sure your guests at your party will
enjoy this very much. END

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