10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

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  2. Jens Ackou says:

    And in Belgium you're allowed to drink but if you're younger only under supervision of an adult.
    From 18 you can pretty much drink whatever you want. Not that allot of bartenders around here ask for your age tho 🙂 …

  3. I Tried But Failed says:

    When I was in roppongi, I scared a few salary men in the restroom due to my sleeve. It was hilarious. I was in the urinal, they came in saw my arm and immediately bowed and left…I laughed so hard

  4. Alia Lübben says:

    every person working in service and watching this video cringing at the same time (not saying anything against the video. The video is good. But it's kind of a mean thing to say that you're so happy you're not expected to tip…)

  5. Unedited Gamer says:

    43mbps …. sorry but that's not super fast not disrespect meant but that's rather slow I generally consider 20mbps ok for internet but most dorms here pretty much offer 1000mbps and you can get it relatively cheap at home for under $70 I would call 200mbps fast and 500+ as super fast. Once everyone gets online 43mbps is absolutely nothing 4 people alone can easily use the full bandwidth of the capsule motel.

  6. J K says:

    really cool

  7. thsudy says:

    I usually get stopped because i look lost. so they always ask me if i'm ok

  8. Obvious Troll says:

    That last one wasnt a tip. Its common sense regardless of anywhere you go!

  9. jasmine speedwellflowers says:

    can someone tell me about pay as you go sims in Japan?i have one and I was wondering if it would work there ? ive never travelled before !

  10. Alika Kee says:

    @oslobrewingco ØL!!! Great Norwegian brew

  11. pldashpl says:

    In my country You have to be over 18 to buy alcohol, and if you don't look over 18 you have to show your id

  12. True Love says:

    i really want to carry cash in my pockets all the time … fuck creditcards!

  13. Richardson Dackam says:

    Oh man, just wanted to drop some THUMB UP for all the incredible work and time you took making this video!! Wow it definitely look like it took a LOT of time and I want you to know that its very much appreciated.

  14. Victor Zhukov says:

    Thank you. Very helpful.

  15. Dion Sgherza says:

    How much did the oysters cost you each there?

  16. Condemnedya says:


    looks suspicious ?_?

    guess i cant be Black in Japan XD

  17. IGGS 🇬🇭 says:

    Them hands tho

  18. Antley Chu says:

    i was stopped by police when entering akihabara train station just because i had my hoodie up. Apparently im not allow to have my hoodie up in door? thats stupid im still in a public space

  19. J. Gyama Yaka says:

    Wow.. I think I'm Japanese

  20. Andrea Ryan says:

    Vet informative. How do you know if hotels charge per person? I’ve looked at a lot online and never noticed that. Do websites like hotels.com post that?

  21. Alecasaurus Rex says:

    I been to bath houses in Hokkaido with tattoo's with no problems.

  22. SocioComm says:

    So I've heard that white folks can get away with violating social stigmas to a certain extent in Japan. Beings how the likelihood of Mr. Johnny American being Yakuza is very very low, I think those of us with tattoos might still be able to get into an Onsen regardless…unless we look real sketchy. Idk tho, given that I've never done that. If there are any white folks with tatts here who have, I'm curious to know you experience.

  23. Glenda Peterson says:

    In my lunatic state, the legal drinking age is 21. The catch is EVERYONE has to prove their age, including gray-haired old folks. Did I mention I'm from the dumbest state in the US?

  24. AlexiaRay says:

    In fact i always carry 10 to 20k in my pockets

  25. sickenedemotion says:

    meanwhile in America…

  26. AK gaming59 says:

    I want to go to Japan

    So I can do everything he told me not to 😂😂🤣

  27. Pioneerz says:

    Meanwhile in Denmark we have no legal drinking age, and you're allowed to buy lighter alcohols at the age of 15 and strong alcohol at the age of 18 :I

  28. StaringanimE1 says:

    💜💙 you shouldn't encourage abuse of power, if you can then stand by your rights

  29. Robert Smith says:

    if you go to Japan- expect to pay more than you think- just like anywhere else- also, be careful of some of the restaurants – health Issues and hazards

  30. Ezzy N says:

    Can we hangout when I go to Japan? 🙂

  31. The Dominator says:

    In Australia all the kids would take advantage of simply pressing a button for booze

  32. Comeplague says:

    Oslo brewing:O ØL!

  33. zycane says:

    Crime prevention, sounds neat, as long it's as simple as that, would also explain how low the crime rate often is in Japan.
    When you see an obvious suspicious person, one would deem it a logical thing to question them, if they are quite uncooperative or even extremely defensive, even the better reason to question them.
    A thief in a shop, will often, if not always get hyper defensive, when you ask to see their bags, if they refuse and start shaming you, it's normally a dead give away they got something in that bag, they do not wish to open up and show contents of.

  34. Trip Rad says:

    Japanese law has the right to refuse police questions and baggage inspection.. But reality can't refuse it. If you don't want to answer to police, refuse and call the embassy for help and complain.I hope the Japanese police should make it the standard in North America or Western Europe.

  35. Hanim Hassan says:

    Thank you. We are an older couple and will travel thru Japan in Nov and Dec, 2019. We are terrified about the train stations and the challenge about money (cash vs cards), but we are very excited. Thank you for demystifying Japan.

  36. Jo Eb says:

    So what‘s the difference between Japanes and US police? I don‘t know.

  37. Afro Powa says:

    Oh shoot, I see a black man 0:57 get hype!

  38. kimbogreen69 says:

    You are wrong about room charges. When you rent a room for 1 person they are charging you for half a room. Not charging you double when you add another person. Add a chikd for a small fee. Bet they don't do that in the US. And anywhere out of the city and tourist areaz rooms are pretty cheap.

  39. Paul Yuen says:

    The US should learn from Japan's no-tip culture. I once ate at a ramen restaurant in L.A. run by Japanese, I thought no tip was required yet the lady chased me out of the shop for tip, how embarrassing.

  40. Nikola Vidic says:

    1:06 I was like Dammmnnn, my dude is ballin😂💵💵💵

  41. Jennifer 6strings says:


  42. ARE Sta. Maria Lim, Jr. says:

    tank you for the information ,,,

  43. Apollondb says:

    Didn't understand the police thing. Its quite normal in the EU, that the police can stop you, ask for your ID and take you into custody even if you haven't committed a crime. It's just these stupid US laws, which bound the police and stop them doing their work.

  44. Todd Atkins says:

    I was stopped by police when a friend of mine was putting up his English teaching flyers in Yokohama. A plain clothes officer pushed him and then pulled his badge. He started asking questions kind of forcefully. My friend spoke fluent Japanese so there was no communication issue. When my friend told him he was fighting professionally in Japan the officer changed his approach quickly and let us leave soon after. We just had to take all the flyers down.

  45. myx younus says:

    Any Muslim restaurants in Japan

  46. NaniEatsandTravels says:

    Love Paola’s videos 😍 Helped me when I went to Japan last year! 🙌

  47. Artist Villanueva says:

    You should only tip hookers

  48. Clean Rip says:


  49. Frost_Burn* says:

    In germany you can buy beer st the age of 16 and Liquor at the age of 18. But if you life or visit shops at villages (not in towns) they will sell you hard alcohol if you look like somone who's old enough. Village kids usally start dinking at the age of 14 to 15 on partys

  50. Kelly Norman says:

    Let's see number one Japanese women are tight it takes a big fat dick to loosen them up

  51. Room19 Unknown says:


  52. Helen TANG says:

    Where can I buy ic card at Shibuya station?

  53. bascoaful says:

    Hahaha that shirt

  54. Bernardo Jordan says:

    2 minutes in and man flexes on us by saying he carries 10-20 dollars in his pocket.

  55. Victor Unbea says:

    Japan: You can drink at 20 years old!
    Most of Europe: Hold my beer I can legally drink starting at 18 years old.

  56. passthetunaporfavor says:

    I just love coming across piles of cigarette butts where idiots dump their ash trays.

  57. Julian B says:

    So if I book a hotel room for 1, but then I bring a girl in for the night I'll get yelled at by the lobby man and have to pay for a second room practically?

  58. Carlo Salientes says:

    I don't really understand why hotel room rates in Japan are quoted per person.

  59. Soldier _76 says:

    It’s been 5 nights in a row where I dreamt that my family and I moved to Japan. Aside from the culture of this country, I also admire its cuisine as I wish to pursue a culinary career. I really want to come here!

  60. Michael Simoneau says:

    yeah WTF is this shit paying more for 1 room if you are 2 people…..

  61. ichiroku says:

    1:15 attractive girl holding….crocs??

  62. Buda Sardi says:

    The cash and police thing is somewhat the same here.

  63. SkyWolfAlpha says:

    aaand now you're on my list of Japan vloggers I subscribe to. <3

  64. Victor Hyde says:

    The drinking age in Sweden is a bit odd. You can't buy alcoholic beverages above 3,5% in regular stores, you have to buy them from "Systembolaget." Which is a government owned business that only sells alcoholic beverages. They have a monopoly on alcohol.
    In these stores you have to be 20 years old.
    But in regular bars and restaurants, the drinking age is 18.
    Please don't ask me why, it's as confusing to me as it is to you xD
    In countries like Denmark, however, the drinking age across the board is 16.

  65. Soph says:

    It’s so bad that there is even a need for a women’s only section on the train

  66. in mi kay says:

    Watch out this dangerous country! Fukushima Radioactive contaminated country! And why they dont use credit card? They are saving cash for the next big earthquick. Be aware of these factors when u visit Japan. No 2020 Olympic please!!!!

  67. TotalCult says:

    I was stopped by the police the instant i stepped out of the airport, they asked to see my passport…. perfectly fine, except my partner had taken it along with her to sort out travel arrangements from the airport. Tense couple of minutes followed as I tried to explain why I didn't have it and had no way of calling her to hurry back. Great start to the holiday.

  68. Jason D says:

    I was wondering how is the law in japan with vaping/e-cigarettes?

  69. JonLupen says:

    My Wife and I are on Google Fi and we had fantastic coverage everywhere in Japan, except way out in the countryside where no one gets coverage. We only used data, so extra charge. As soon as wheels hit the tarmac in Haneda Airport, I pulled out my phone, and it had picked up that I was in other country and started automatically reconfiguring. Before we reached the gate, I already had service.

  70. rodd sander says:

    " i may have 10k to 20k dollars in my pockets" 😱😱

  71. Vedant Chate says:

    I was hanging out with my Japanese friend in Tokyo and we were having a walk in Odaiba. I followed your advice and stood near the roadside and started eating sandwich and he was like why are u standing like that? are u tired??…….me: well its considered rude to eat while walking right?………… him: uh really?? i hv never heard about this………… me: well it is, i watched it in a youtube video………him: uh maybe. prolly only older ppl pay attention to this, we youngsters dont care!……… and we gobbled up 5 sandwiches on our way to tokyo teleport station

  72. Shiyaroku Basil says:

    In my country people are allowed to drink from the age of 16.

  73. Shiyaroku Basil says:

    So #8 is basically the same as Italy.

  74. StarCannibal says:

    The legal drinking age is 18 here 😀

  75. TOKYO AKIRA says:


  76. Marty McFly says:

    "it is what it is" WHAT IS IT??? What in the hell does this phrase even mean? Why do people say this? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!?

  77. Yuzaki says:

    I bring with me 10.000 or 20.000$ everyday

    I'm dead

  78. Dayan Waasala says:

    Now your journey to any country or any place is very easy and relax. Because of.. >>>

  79. Ken narville says:

    I like Japan in itself, not its locals. I met on the internet several arrrogants Japanese who wasted my time . among them, a girl named miyamura, she claimed that I was a cool person and that Indonesian people are too, but she was a liar. she advised me to go to her country but I learned nothing of good , between exorbitant prices, fukushima radiation, and the general lack of openness that the Japanese have with the outside world. I wanted answers from someone else, but this little idiot got mixed up. it is because of her that I hate the Japanese. No comparison with other people around the world please.

  80. Shido Setsuna says:

    You have to be 20 to drink in Japan? In my country you're allowed to drink at the age of 16 although with some limitations and are allowed to drink anything at the age of 18

  81. Jenny Shull says:

    1Credit Cards a fast easy way to go into debt.
    2. Some people make fun of people who complain. Don’t respect their boundaries. Usually leads to more harassment that some people find funny.
    3. Have pay then leave where i live, but the technology is too advanced for the computers employees use for their job.
    4.do they have a way to rid clothes of cigarette smoke smell?
    I have worked with people, in a restaurant kitchen, who smoke and when they came back in there was a waft of cigarette smoke smell. No protection from second hand smell.
    5. When wearing glasses and a face mask how does one prevent their glasses from fogging up? I use to wear glasses and when I wore a face mask I had to remove my glasses or adjust the mask to prevent fogging up my glasses. I also can’t breath well through my nose or mouth which made wearing the mask even less pleasant. If u sneeze or cough in the mask even worse. By face mask I mean the blue Hospital mask with the metal strip on the nose or the ones used when painting a room, or the flimsy thin blue hospital mask.

    To ever made the plastic Halloween masks with no air holes and eyes u can barley see out of. How was that a good idea?

  82. leda Xias says:

    One should listen to the police in any country XD.

  83. matchheads says:

    Cool video about the Southern Capital! Are you on BitChute?

  84. Nameless NPC says:

    Only made it a few minutes into the video, but from what I've been told, you can look like you're 8 years old and still be allowed to buy alcohol. The moral is just that "oh, they know they're underage, so of course they're not going to drink it" and they assume they're getting it for their parents or something.

  85. Jay Hoshino says:


  86. silver says:

    In Denmark its technically legal to give a 5 year old a beer.

  87. Neppo says:

    01:05 Just a random guy passing by with a Kermit the Frog picture on his T-shirt.

  88. Peach Glow Reyah says:

    i can't wit to go in 7eleven shop i love that shop

  89. Reuben Stern says:

    Japan is obviously more mature, if they don't feel the need to interrogate people buying alcohol. From what I've heard, they are quite sensible with their drink. Jamaica does not have a drinking culture. You can go to a night club and the bar is empty all night. Jamaica is the extreme end of the spectrum…. or it was in 2005

  90. Jeff somersby says:

    When I was a kid every that sold soft drinks sold this 2% beer as well and we used to buy a few cans when we were probably ten or eleven, of course being light beer it didn't really get you drunk but 2 cans for a kid usually gave a bit of a glow …it's banned now…I spose to many kids were going to school with a light beer or 2. Drinking here is 18 and no tipping I think tipping is the most ridiculous insulting thing about the states…PAY a living wage and CHARGE the right price. It's Ridiculous.

  91. aRVees Blog says:

    Very informative, thank you for sharing this not talked about travel tips to Japan

  92. John Kean says:

    How much does it cost: YOU to live there; can foreigners get visas easily, any idea how much? How much is a 2 bed apt? If l buy one can l get a visa more easily?🤔

  93. John Kean says:

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  96. John Kean says:



  97. John Kean says:

    n T i O p K p Y o O n

  98. 그냥할래요 says:

    I was once a foreigner in US and I was stopped by police for no reason and asked to show my ID to him, which made me think the US authority doesnt respect enough freedom and right of its people. And this vid made me skeptical of Japan too

  99. K G says:

    Dude your smile has power! I love your channel.

  100. Saba Jehan says:

    Thank you. Very informative for upcoming Japanese tour

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