Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 [ 40 CT Shrimp Cocktail ] Another [ 40 CT Shrimp Cocktail ] and a [ 20 CT Shrimp Cocktail ] Since so many of you liked my last Shrimp Cocktail video, I decided to take it up a notch. Today, I’ll be timing myself eating 100 Shrimp Cocktails! The sound of 100 Shrimp Tails.. Going with water here, Sprite would make it too hard to finish all of these lovely Shrimps! LET’S EAT!!! First bite is all yours 😀 Thanks for watching!!

100 comments on “100 SHRIMP COCKTAILS IN 8 MINUTES”

  1. Tisay Beringuel says:

    He should use gloves

  2. Boy Infinite says:

    Do they taste as good as they sound? You really got me craving shrimp now…

  3. 伊藤愛鈴 says:


  4. Ela Fiamalua says:

    Does anyone throat dry up when you eat shrimp

  5. B K says:

    Does your family agree with you doing American muckbangs?

  6. Aaron Salazar says:

    I cant eat shrimp because i have allergies 😭😭😭

  7. Album introduceu pleaseu says:

    how many shrimps do you have to eat? before you make your skin turn pink💗
    eat too much and you'll get, shrimps are pretty rich💎

  8. Iraqy Gamer_YT says:

    صدق تحجي

  9. ユニコーンガール says:


  10. Erik Rodrigues says:

    Alguem do Brasil aii??

  11. Rose Aldana says:

    Stop!! why u shaking the water its not juice (no hate) :V


    9 minites

  13. pikachu xd says:


  14. g0lden - m00n says:

    I’m allergic to shrimp, why am I watching this??

  15. Shanelle's LifeStyle says:

    New sub, I like how he gets str8 too it no extra stuff

  16. Victor Valladares says:

    You sound like the ticket eating machine from Chuck E. Cheese’s

  17. Janiqua Jackson says:

    Shrimp shrimp shrimp!!!!!!

  18. DoE DoOdLEs says:

    Sometimes I wonder how he stays skinny

  19. ツ ツ8 BiTiZiNhO says:

    "9:00"minutes ! I love you zach

  20. Shanice Scavella says:

    Actually 9 minutes and 43 seconds

  21. Riley McCallister says:

    0:38 the sound. You never want to hear

  22. Riley McCallister says:

    Zack: eats 100 shrimp in 7 minutes and 59 seconds

    Matt stonie: challange accepted

  23. Jayden Robinson says:

    How does Zach not gain weight


  24. Emma Wetta says:

    No sprite? Impossible

  25. Sumayah and avia Moncur says:

    Well.i can eat faster than you zach .😉

  26. Grace Philipp says:

    This bring back so many memories. Personally I LOVE shrimp so when I was five my family and I went to the beach and we got a bowl full of shrimp and me and my grandpa ate it all together. I really miss him 😓😅

  27. Famous JustBecause says:

    why does this have 5 mill views 🙂

  28. 개미뚠뚠팬 says:

    혹시외국에사시나요? 안면외국인?

  29. GET YEET BY PEPPA says:

    Person: make asmr with million sub or A iphone XR 25 of them
    Me: amsr with millions sub i can buy more

  30. Itz DJ says:

    Okay ill stop

  31. Omar Butler Butler says:

    This man fat

  32. XãXã _smp says:

    0:36 that looks wrong. Plus the sound i-

  33. Sonson Dah says:

    Zach: takes 4 or 5 shrimps together in one bite

    Me: can barely take one and eat it

  34. RT 06 LIMO says:

    i'm Indonesia

  35. Lulu says:

    bro how did he not puke

  36. Sonson Dah says:

    Zach pours water

    Fans: oh no no no no no where is the sprite this is illegal

  37. sxnshine_h0ur says:

    he's literally a flamimgo lmao.

  38. Aminata gamer says:


  39. Mario De Almeida says:

    bye bye colhesterol

  40. Shaqila Games says:

    Zach:first bite is yours

    Zach:eat it
    Me:sad boii

  41. eillen eillen says:

    روبيان ممستوي اكل غير صحي يسبب امراض الجهاز الهظمي والسرطانات اعوذ بالله

  42. spiderduckpig says:

    Basically you walk into Red Lobster on a stormy Wednesday evening. You sit down with your wife and two kids. The waiter comes by to take your order as you hungrily ask for the endless shrimp.

    15 minutes later everybody is served. Your wife and kids ordered the endless shrimp as well. As the night morphs into inky blackness outside you all talk and laugh and eat. You eat plate after plate after plate of shrimp. After a couple hours, you and your family are stuffed. You motion to the waiter to bring the bill and look down at your plate, letting out a small chuckle. It looks like you haven't even eaten a single bit of shrimp- a curious thing since you have been gorging yourself on shrimp constantly for the better part of two hours. But before you can puzzle over this small oddity any longer, the waiter bustles over to your table and hands you the bill.

    As you reach over to grab the check your hand closes instead around a squishy pile of shrimp. There is no check being held out to you, just another plate of shrimp. A loud thunderclap booms outside as you look up at the waiter to ask why he brought you more shrimp instead of the check, when you are suddenly alarmed to find not the waiter, but a giant, human-sized shrimp in server attire staring blankly down at you. You spin around in your seat to see if your wife can see the shrimp waiter and are immediately frightened out of your wits. Your wife is no longer seated there next to you- only another human-sized shrimp wearing your wife's dress and hoop earrings.

    Numb with horror, you quickly glance across the table at your two children. They are both shrimps. You let out a yell as another thunderclap echoes across the sky and it begins to rain. You distantly register the start of the torrential downfall outside, which sounds like large hail, as you spare a sweeping glance across the restaurant. There are no humans present. There are only shrimps seated at booths, shrimps seated at tables, and even a small group of shrimps at the bar. They are all eating large platefuls of shrimp and leering at you menacingly.

    Your heart begins to pound in your chest like a war drum. You stumble backwards, half falling over your chair in your haste to get up. You sprint for the door and run outside into the dark stormy night. As you dash through the parking lot towards your car you feel something like a giant hot raindrop hit your face and bounce off towards the ground. Looking down you see a shrimp lying on the ground. You look out across the parking lot and see puddles of shrimp collecting in the cracks in the pavement and across the roofs of the closest cars. Another warm object strikes your head. It's literally raining shrimp.

    You find your car and fumble, hands shaking uncontrollably, with your keys. Finally unlocking the car you slip inside and engage the door locks. The human-sized shrimp from the restaurant are now congregating outside the front doors, staring across the parking lot at you. Their pale orange-pink bodies eerily backlit from the light streaming out from the open doors behind them.

    You try to cram the key into the ignition, but it folds against the ignition plate and squishes in your hand. You look down. There are no car keys, only several mangled shrimp on a keyring in your trembling hand. You punch the steering wheel in frustration accidentally setting off the car alarm.

    The shrimps outside the restaurant hear the noise and hungrily start to advance across the parking lot towards you. You try in vain to cram the shrimp key into the ignition but you know it is pointless.

    The shrimp slowly approach the car and surround it, rocking it back and forth, pressing their slimy bodies against the frame. You hear the fiberglass doors groan under the pressure as one of the rear windows shatters, spraying the backseat of the car with fragments of glass.

    You know there is no hope left. There is no escape. White-faced and shaking, you reach across the console and open the glovebox. Crammed under the insurance papers and a pile of napkins is the Glock 19 you always bring with you when you leave the house. You pull the gun from its holster and pause for a fraction of a second that holds an eternity. With tears streaming down your face, you put the gun to the roof of your mouth. Trying not to imagine what it feels like to die, only forcing yourself to think of your wife and kids you close your eyes. Then you pull the trigger.

    A singular shrimp comes zooming out of the barrel into your mouth. In your darkest hour, death itself refuses to end you. For death is not the end. There can only be shrimp – and they are endless.

  43. GachaPotato88 8 says:

    20 minutes later🚽💩or🤢🤮

  44. GachaPotato88 8 says:

    How many shrimps do u have to eat? Before your skin turns pink? Eat too much and you'll get sick….
    This is how many Shrimps will make you pink

  45. デスサーティーン says:


  46. Ilyaas Iqbal says:

    Matt stonier would do that in about 2 mins

  47. imbackk twinkie says:

    Where do I buy this

  48. Rose Madeline says:

    Wouldn’t wanna invite him to a family party he’ll eat up all the food with his skinny ass

  49. Patricia Castellano García says:

    Everytime he gets a shrimp he shows it lol

  50. TWENTY SHOTS says:

    Are they cooked ? Plz tell me they are

  51. dynastae WP says:

    * allergy joined the chat *

  52. Parallel Snipezz says:

    Zach eats 100 shrimps in 8 minutes

    African that haven't ate for 3 days left the game

  53. XoxoNy Playz says:

    I just noticed more people has the coldest water bottle

  54. misty richardson says:

    Shrimp: uno reverse card

    Zach: am I joke to you

  55. Crystal Chiquito says:

    Me at a family party planning to leave right after I finish

  56. Clan Shibe says:


  57. Mahmoud Ali says:

    كم واحد عربي

  58. Sarthak Kapur says:

    This is the first time I am seeing him without sprite.

  59. adelio 1134 says:

    Eat 1000000000000000000 fish

  60. Ethan Shaw says:

    I hate these videos, but those shrimp look good af not gonna lie

  61. Stephanie __ says:

    Five minutes in just now realizing the timer wasn’t actually moving with the time 🤦🏽‍♀️

  62. 神宮寺法麿 says:


  63. Professor McGonagall Minerva says:

    I know how he has the stomach for eating all this. DONT EAT BREAKFAST LUNCH. BUT. DO ASMR FOR DINNER

    basically starve yourself the whole day

  64. Flor Hernadez says:

    I like shrimp 🍤 but I don’t like the sause

  65. schlaznger says:

    This is disgusting.

  66. Roblox Girl Pro Gameing says:

    I love this so much 🤤

  67. Caroline Harmonosky says:

    Can you ever talk lol

  68. GirlPowerXx Love says:

    how many shrimps do you have to eat…. before your skin turns pink! 😆🙈

  69. RUSSIA VODKA says:

    Next we need 100 GALLONS OF VODKA

  70. Callon Nor says:

    This is 9 minutes not 8 minutes!,did you miswrite it or something?

  71. 선미봄 says:

    이 분은 한국인 이신가요..? 영상이 전부 영어니까 외국인인가? 아시는분??

  72. ThatGirlGiGi says:

    Matt Stonie has left the chat

  73. chalk clay says:

    Where did he put them

  74. Prastuty Singh says:

    I love how he finished his shrimps in exactly 8 minutes

  75. Bukan Siapa-siapa says:

    will your skin turn into pink?

  76. jimin or out says:

    He wiped out a village of shrimps🙈

  77. Nurul Ashikin Md Yusuf says:


  78. MST_ Kev says:

    I love shrimps

  79. Sloppy Pancakes says:

    Tik tok meme: How many shrimps do u have to eat until u make ur skin turn pink? Eat to much and you'll get sick, shrimps a pretty rich!
    Me looks at this vid: bruh

  80. June JR says:

    Can we get an F for this man for struggle over 8 minutes chewing while try not to open his mouth

  81. Malak Elmenasy says:

    I Love 🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤

  82. Sarah Happy says:


  83. BrodyXSquad YouTube TV says:

    Matt stonier dat you?

  84. Farhan Rizvi says:

    Have a Good Day💜

  85. Liam Porter says:

    Going with sprite here, almond milk would make it too hard to finish my meal

  86. Paula Torrealba says:

    My favorito foof is the Shrimp, I love it❤️❤️😋😋

  87. MettaRia Bella says:

    👦this is zach like to
    🚹this is choi give them age
    Andthen became zach choi

  88. Ella and Ruby says:

    diddle dee dum
    diddle dee dee
    the actual video starts
    at 1:03

  89. Lordx says:

    Why do I feel like he wasnt naturally trying to finish it in 8 mins like he just replayed the footage and was like shit 8 mins

  90. ゆみ says:


  91. Y Yok says:


  92. عبدو بامبو says:

    الفيديو وحش

  93. Hijrah Hati Hijrah Minda says:

    tak lama gout la kau bro….kau paham dak ni…

  94. Jimin Park says:

    Я бы лучше с майонезом ела такие вещи , кетчуп больше подходит для мяса ,нежели для морепродуктов.

  95. Jimin Park says:

    И как в вас только вылезает столько еды ?

  96. Jimin Park says:

    Перестаньте так сильно давиться ! У вас аж руки трясутся. Еда должна нормально попасть в кишечник ,а не тромбированой ,непережеваной кашей .

  97. حسوني الساعدي says:

    عراقي مر من هنا

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