$150 Bed Vs. $159,000 Bed

(knocking) – [Steven] Zach? – [Zach] Come in. – [Steven] Whoa! Zach! Wha– is that– what the–?! – Doing an episode of Worth It! – This is a PG show!
– Move your hand. We’re doing Worth It! – I’m excited, it’s beds,
– No! Cover! – No, this is how I
sleep. How do you sleep? Okay, we’re doing an episode of Worth It. Worth It Bed Edition, we’re gonna get– You ready to go to bed
with me, Steven Lim? It’s gonna be great. – Put some clothing on! – We’re here in Miami to try three beds at three drastically
different price points to find out which bed is the most worth it at it’s given price point. – Worth It! – Did I nail it?
– Nice. – You know what I realized, is that you’re normally on this side,
– (gasps) – in an intro. Do you wanna switch? – Oh m– you grabbed my butt.
– No, I’m just getting you out of the way. – Zach! You’re a good friend of mine.
– Uh huh. – I know that you have trouble sleeping. – Yeah, I do. I was diagnosed over the summer with something called
Ankylosing Spondylitis. Basically it makes bone grow
where there shouldn’t be bone. If left untreated it would turn me into just one giant bone-man.
– Oh my gosh. – Symptoms get worse in times
when you’re inactive, right? So when are you most inactive? When you’re sleeping. – Starting here in Miami because, we’re checking out, it’s not just a bed. It is a hammock. – Steven, I just told
you that I don’t sleep through the night, and
your solution is a hammock? (funky music) – My name is Ryan Avila,
I’m the marketing director for La Siesta Hammocks, and
we’re here in Miami today to take a look at some hammocks. – Is a hammock a bed? – It is, there are millions
of people around the world that sleep in hammocks every night. We can trace them to
Central American culture and also the West Indies. – Tell us about La Siesta. – [Ryan] To start with, this
is a Columbian-style hammock. They’re all beautiful and hand-made. Our hammocks have more of these cords, it really improves the
weight distribution. The thing about hammocks is
they create zero tension points. You simply can’t get that with a flat bed or a flat lying surface. – Tossing and turning
is a thing of the past. Hammocks.
– Yup. – There are a lot of ways to set it up. There’s, of course, tree ropes,
you can just find two trees. We also make wall mounts,
and we also make stands. There’s also, what we
call, our smart hook. You can literally adjust
the height in seconds. They retail for one-fifty. – One-fifty probably has to be the cheapest bed on the market. – Do you sleep in hammocks? – At the very least, like two
to three nights every week. – What kind of pajamas you rock? – Native. – See that’s what I was telling him. – I like how you answered that. Native. – I would say “nakey”. – [Steven] Let’s go try some hammocks. – Most people’s natural inclination, when they see a hammock is
gonna be to lay length-wise. – [Zach] Do not tell me that is wrong! – It is very wrong! – My whole life is a lie!
– Whoa! – So you’re creating all
these tension points, and you’re not making
use of all this fabric. So the actual way that you should lay in a hammock is diagonally. And you’ll see that, now,
my back is essentially laying almost completely flat, and you’ll see my head is
slightly elevated here. – That is very counter-intuitive to how you would think that you would get in. – So this diagonal pose, is that how, historically, people have used hammocks? – Yes. Yeah, yeah. – History. (laughs)
– That’s how you’re not supposed to do it. – So I wanna be taut. Am I taut? Do I look taut? – A lot of times, when
people toss and turn in the night, it’s because your weight is collecting in these certain points and it’s kinda making you uncomfortable. A hammock keeps you in place more too, so you find yourself moving less. – (sighs) Ooh that is nice. Yeah. Steven, can you rock me? Wow! Look at me. Zachy Kornfeld being rocked
by Steven Lim in Miami. I’m not feeling any pressure points along my back.
– Really?! – I am stunned by how comfortable I am. I’d say that this is
easily more comfortable than my real bed at home. And I bought like, some
bull-(bleep) expensive pillow, and I put a pad on top of my mattress. This is more comfortable. Yeah, nailed it. – Oh! I can start to feel– okay. Alright, I got this. I feel it. It’s working. It’s working! Oh. Ey. – ♪ Rock-a-bye Steven. ♪
– Oh my gosh. – Tell me I wanna rock your body right. – Rock my beddy– b– bed– body. – [Zach] (laughs) – It’s too hard.
– What’s happening?! This is a game-changer. I can easily adjust the
pressure-points anywhere by like, pushing fabric
here, or pushing here. You don’t need someone
to cuddle you, Zach. I’m already being cuddled by a hammock. – Wow. Okay, I just didn’t
know you felt that way. – Alright, Zach, you ready? – Uh-uh. – We’re leaving Miami. – Nope.
– Get out! (laughs) – Nope. Steven, no! – Give me the camera.
– Steven, no! – We’re going to New York!
– Steven, no! (upbeat music) New York City!
– Bed Fact! – Oh, what?
– What? Oh, okay
– Which one do you want? – You know what–
– Maybe we should say we’re in New York, now. New York City!
– Bed Fact! (laughs)
– (bleep) you! – There was a study done in 2005 that said if you don’t make your bed, your bed becomes less
attractive to dust mites, which actually makes it cleaner. – Wha– shut up! – No, I’m not kidding.
– Wow! Wow! Okay, that’s huge, ’cause I
definitely hate making my bed. – So we’re heading over to
a place called Eight Sleep. They track a lot of data while you sleep. I’m pretty excited. They’re
a technology company. You ready? – Yeah, let’s do it! (laughs) (keyboard music) – Welcome to Eight
Sleep, my name is Matteo, I’m the CEO of the company. We started in 2015, we created
this incredible technology that tracks heart rate, respiratory rate. Through this information,
obviously, we know anything about your sleep. So sleep stages, and sleep
quality, tossing turns. – I don’t understand how you’re
able to measure this stuff. – I’m picturing like, Cerebro from X-Men. Like a giant helmet that I
put on that reads my brain. – So there sensors
embedded in the mattress, and they work like a stethoscope. So it’s like if you were
sleeping on the stethoscope with your doctor listening
to you the whole night. This technology has been used in hospital and health care for a very long time. We were just the first ones
to bring it to a mattress. Each side of the bed can be
set at a different temperature. You can control it through your app. – Wait, I can be out at the
“clurb” and then type in that I want my bed toasty
– Yep. for me when I come home. This is like the Jetsons! – And our alarm is smart.
Let’s say you set your alarm to thirty minutes window before, we pick the moment of
lightest sleep to wake you up. It looks like a mattress,
it’s just the 2.0 version. – So we’re in our PJs,
you’re finally in your– – So this is really your PJs?
A sweater and board shorts? – Yeah, look, I get cold. – You get cold? See I overheat in bed. This is actually perfect for us. – We have here Eight Sleep app. Here we go. Okay.
– Let’s check it out. Wow, look at this. So
you get a sleep score every single night. How many hours you slept,
what percentage of deep sleep. – It tells you like, a timeline. This is me right here. – You woke up and then took
20 minutes to get out of bed. – That’s warming them up here. – Wow, the bed cares. – Can we turn the lights off? – Wait, it connected to the light? – What?! – For me, it’d be really
interesting to know how many times I toss and turn
in the middle of the night, because it’s something
I’m not really aware of. It seems like this can
help a lot of people with a lot of things. The real thing with invisible illnesses is that no one can see your symptoms, I have no way to physically measure them. So this app, I think
actually would have been really valuable along the process, because it would’ve known
that there was a problem before I was ready to accept it. You wanna slip under those blankets? – Ground rules! One, stay on your side.
– What? – Two, stay on your side.
– No. Okay, let’s go.
– No, come on, Steven! Steven! – [Steven] Oh, this is comfortable. – Wow, this is surprising. – I was thinking, you know
like he was describing it as stethoscopes all over the bed? – I was expecting it to be like, lumpy. – Yeah, there’s nothing there. – How hot is your side? May I? Could you move over?
– It’s nice and toasty. – I wanna feel it. – My buns are toasting up right now. – Wow, it’s really warm over here. – Can I feel your side? Oh, wow, sorta chilly there. I’m turning my side all
the way up on hotness level so that you will stay away.
– Stay away? The little levels of customization really make me feel like this is my bed, and I really appreciate that. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure bed. – Let’s take a nap. Okay, what’d I say about
staying to your side? – Alright. – [Matteo] The real
dream of the company is “What if we improve
sleep where you will need only six hours of sleep to feel as rested as if you slept eight hours. (alarm rings)
– No! – Oh wow, I actually fell asleep. (groans)
– That was pleasant. – (sighs) – Hi, Steven. – Tell me your thoughts. – The mattress was great. I think when I start to fall
asleep I get, like, anxious. It’s just like an impending doom. – That you’re gonna be in pain soon? – Yeah. I didn’t notice
any real discomfort. I don’t wanna get up, so that’s a thing. – I have a Allen mattress at home. – Mhm. – The comfort level of
this mattress to that, I don’t see any significant difference. But it already costs the
same as my mattress at home. So why did I not just get–
– All the features? Yeah. – I gotta say the function
that I love the most from this bed is the warmer. – One, being able to heat
your bed– beautiful. Being able to control the
temperature of your bed by the side that you’re on?
– Yes. – That’s gonna save a
lot of relationships. – Back in L.A! – This has been great, ’cause you know, you wake up and then we
just go back to sleep. That’s a dream. – Bed Fact! In Europe, until the late Middle Ages, people actually would commonly eat their meals in their beds. – I get the luxury of eating in bed. But the feeling of a crumb
against your body? Ick. – Now. – Time to get expensive. – It’s a Swedish company. – Ooh, sounds fancy. Like Ikea. – They hand make every bed.
– Huh? – And the beds weigh,
what, like half a ton? – What? But the true metal of a bed can only be tested with a partner. – Have you been waiting
this entire episode to cuddle with me? – Yeah. – For science! – For science. – We will do it. (peaceful music) – My name is Carl, and I’m the director for Hastens beds in Beverly Hills. – Tell us a little bit about
the background of the company. – [Carl] So we started as
Saddlers 165 years ago. – [Zach] Making saddles? – [Carl] Exactly. – I guess if you can make
riding a horse comfortable, you gotta keep– you
can make anything good. (laughter) – And then we turned
into making mattresses. So this is the old way
of doing mattresses. All our beds, they range from ten thousand all the way up to a hundred
and fifty-nine thousand. We make the most exclusive
beds in the world, and today we’re gonna try the
world’s most exclusive bed, the Vividus. – Sounds like a handsome horse. – It means “full of life” in Latin. But there is horse hair in the mattress. – [Steven] What? – This is a cut through of
what’s inside the mattress. This is horse hair. Horse hair regulates
the body temperatures. In Sweden, where it’s really
cold, this keeps you warm. But in California, where it’s very warm, this keeps you cool at night. The preconceived notion for Americans is that a firm bed gives
you the most support. And this is not correct. The Swedes are here to help you. Hastens are known for
this weightless feeling. Like sleeping on a cloud. Our unique spring system will allow your shoulders and your hips
to sink into the mattress so you still get supported
in your lower back, keeping your spine aligned. – I honestly didn’t know
until this moment that someone describing the
most comfortable sleep is like, my perfect kink. – How does this bed
withstand the jumping test? – It’s made for jumping in. When you buy this mattress
here in California, we come out every four months
for this first 25 years, to flip, massage, and jump in your bed. – What?
– So we put on these– – Get outta here. – And we jump the (bleep) outta that bed. – [Zach] You have the
best job in the world! – [Steven] Oh my god! What sets the Vividus apart? – The difference is the amount of springs and the layers of horse hair. The more material, the more support. Every single stitch is made by hand. This Vividus takes 300 man-hours to do. And there’s only eight people in the world who are allowed to do it. Get you guys two PJs
and we jump in the bed. – You have PJs? – Of course! – [Steven] Woah! – This one’s for you.
– Okay. I’m now Keith. – And this–
– (laughs) This is perfect for me. Thank you. – Now you’re baby Keith. – (laughs) We’re coming into the store friends. But we’re leaving as snuggle partners. – No, no! For science. (laid back music) – We’re here, we look great, I feel great. Let’s get into bed together. – This is crazy. – You ready? – [Steven] No. – [Zach] Let’s just do it. – [Steven] (sighs) Okay. Oh! Tender! (moans) – [Zach] It’s almost as if like, oh yeah, I’ve been here all my life. – [Steven] It feels right, like this is how it’s supposed to be. – Steven, did you notice our hands are just ever-so-slightly touching? Oh my goodness!
– Yeah. – Wah! Oh my god! Steven, give it a bounce
test. Can you feel it? ‘Cause I’m having a party. – I can feel it, but it’s like a gentle, like sea boat rocking. – Okay, I’m gonna sneak
out of bed to go pee. Okay? – Okay.
– So we’re sleeping. – Yeah. You still there? – Yep. – Oh! (laughs) – [Zach Voiceover] My feet
are comfortable right now! My feet are like, “Thank
you! Thank you! Thank you!” – [Steven Voiceover] It’s the
thousands of pressure points that the bed is pushing back up on. – It’s kissing my body. Just a hundred little
– Yes! – Horse-hair kisses
– Yes! – All over the place. – It’s crazy, it should always be your home, your safe place. It’s your happy place. – I feel safe now. I feel happy. – Is it ’cause of me, or the bed? – Y’know, who knows? Every night I reconnect with
my body in a negative way. I become aware of where I’m
sore, where I’m hurting. – Mhm.
I feel like this bed is inviting me to focus on what feels good about my body. Right now, it’s not “Where do I hurt?” it’s, “Wow, where do I feel great?” – Didn’t you tell me to cuddle you, Zach? Turn around. I got you, Zach.
– Mhm. – I got you. – This is nice. – Well, Zach, we’ve come
to the end of the episode. You know what that means? – Bed Fact! – Worth It Winner time! Which bed is the most worth it to you at it’s given price point? – Just three equally
delicious sleep experiences. – [Steven] Mm. – [Zach] The Hastens, man. All my life I just thought
Swedish people were beautiful. But now, it turns out, they
just sleep better than us. They’re well rested.
– Exa– Yeah. – [Zach] But I’m gonna have
to give it to Eight Sleep. – [Steven] Woah. – You know, first of all, what a cool application of technology. Eight Sleep is the one
that I can genuinely imagine it positively impacting my life. – My Worth It Winner? The hammocks at La Siesta. There’s so much value, and if there’s an apocalypse,
– (laughs) I don’t wanna be sleeping
on a technology bed, or on a horse-hair bed. Like, tie me up a hammock
and let’s get to sleep. That’s a wrap on Worth
It, see you next week! Bye!
– I won’t be here! – Oh. No, you’ll be watching. (upbeat music) – Let me show you how I cuddle. I personally am just a
big fan of like, the leg. – Oh! (laughs) I feel swaddled up like a baby.

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