Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com!
Extra-extra very very excited tonight I’m going for overall wins number 499
and I have to win because number 500 is gonna be tomorrow I’ve been promoting it,
but I am in Saint Mary’s of Sydney New South Wales which is st. Mary’s a little
bit west of Sydney I am at Big G’s Pizzeria I’m taking on Big G’s 24-inch
Monster Pizza Challenge now this thing is a monster it’s 24 inches diameter
it’s about 2 and a half kilos total they said you’ve got to have four toppings
one has to be a meat to be healthy and what with grilled chicken and then for
the other three I run with vegetables I got a whole bunch of jalapenos
I’ve got red and green peppers and then I went with onions but I’ve got one hour
to finish this thing, 13 people have tried only one person has been able to
win if I lose it’s going to be 60 Australian dollars but if I win I’ll get
the meal free and I will get the 100 dollar jackpot so let’s get this
challenge started! All right now the jackpot grows as
people lose but my friend Issac Martin (Sir-Eats-A-Lot) I’ve done a challenge with
him in New York City but he was the last person to finish this thing in his
record time was 51 minutes so I’m gonna try to smash that but because nobody
else has tried it the record for the jackpot he’s only at $100 but along with
this pizza within the hour I have to finish a whole 1.25 liter Bing of soda
which I left with Pepsi Max no calories I’m going to start with some water but
then I’ll switch the soda after that but got my timer here, napkins this pizza
looks awesome! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Some of the middle which looks
awesome! All right 4 minutes and 25 seconds in
I’m crushing this thing because it’s so good I forgot that they had two options
of sauce red sauce or because I went with chicken I got barbecue sauce and it
is frickin awesome! This is the best pizza I’ve had in along time but it goes really well with there were a hundred percent mozzarella
cheese but oh let’s get this thing down and just kill it awesome pizza! 9 minutes and 52 seconds 10 awesome
pizza! Just over 13 and a half minutes in this
is where I’m glad I got the soda to get all this crust down! 18 minutes and 50 seconds in almost
there is couple bites left. couple pieces Thank goodness most of that barbecue
sauce gone, awesome in the middle, but not so much now all right soda was getting car warm so
finish that and get the win! 25 minutes in 39 seconds so it’s the
official new record for Big G’s Monster 24-inch Pizza Challenge hear in St.
Mary’s of Sydney New South Wales on Australia. Awesome awesome challenge and yeah I made sure to finish the soda I’m like
that dumb mu and Jameson town a couple weeks back or a couple of days back but
I’m going to get this sixty Australian dollar meal for free I will get one
hundred Australian dollars cash I’ll be on their Wall of Fame as the second
person to finish and the new record holder so good to join my friend Issac
upon the wall of fame like I said he did it in 51 minutes but I’ve even with him
before I’m sure he was probably going at a medium pace on that one but thank you
to Big G’s here in St. Mary’s thank you guys all for staying to watch and
thank you guys for watching – it was awesome pizza both every bit of that was
very happy to be done with the crust, the barbecue sauce along with the
mozzarella cheese about 1 kilo crust and then those toppings on there were great!
right thank you guys for watching!


  1. Randy Santel says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching my attempt to get overall win #499!! We had so much fun in New South Wales, and there is one more NSW video remaining to post on Wednesday. I will be going for BIG win #500!! Thanks for watching and subscribing to our channel!! This pizza was so delicious and I wish I had taken more time to savor the flavor and enjoy it!!

  2. Pee pee Gang says:

    That looks like the best pizza ever! So pretty and delicious looking, only thing I’ll change is some bacon and bbq drizzle on the pizza to make it a bbq chicken and bacon pizza!

  3. Six Beer Math says:

    Hahaha. "You need to have a soda with this challenge"
    Randy: "aw, geeze, dang, ok, I guess I'll have to"

  4. brijesh trehan says:

    Great win!
    Pizza looked so yummy…😋

  5. Pee pee Gang says:

    Bbq chicken, bacon, with ham, pepperoni, green peppers, jalapeños, grilled mushrooms, and olives is what I get every time I eat pizza. It’s so delicious how all the toppings come together along with the cheese and sauce

  6. Darrell Roeters says:

    Did you ever get checked by a doctor.

  7. Jason says:

    That looks great!

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