28-inch Village Pizza Challenge w/ Da Garbage Disposal in Tennessee!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very excited today. i am back in the great state of
Tennessee! We have lots of people here! [Cheering] Which is much appreciated! But, my friend Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark, go ahead and introduce yourself. (Brandon) Hey everyone, my name is Da Garbage Disposal. I haven’t done as many challenges as him but I got like 280. You are at 801 or something?
[Randy] 801 today if we do win, yeah I just got a couple days ago in New Orleans, number 800! All the links to his
social media are down in the description! We are here at Village Pizza in Linden,
Tennessee which is pretty much around the halfway point between Memphis and
Nashville, but we’re hoping to become the second team to defeat their 28-inch,
about 11 pound “Village Elder” Pizza Challenge! Hence the name, Village Elder, at Village Pizza. We’ve got one hour to finish. We had to have three toppings on
here, but we got a little bit cocky, and we went with five to have some more extra
healthy vegetables, but the meat was actually decided by this guy, what was it?
[Brandon] Italian sausage
[Randy] Yes Italian sausage and then he loves black olives, but we also got
mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. We’ve got one hour to finish. If we fail it’s
going to be 40 dollars, but if we win, we’ll get our meals free, we will each
get $50 gift certificates to use later or gift cards, and then we will get sweet
t-shirts to add to our collections. We’re hoping to become the second team up on the wall of fame! You ready? Lets get this challenge started! Alright! Big thanks to this guy for driving over from Memphis where you staying last
night to do this challenge with me, I’m going for overall win number 801. We are
trying to beat the previous record which is just under the one hour mark. I think
seven teams have failed. One team has won. Let’s make this one look easy, even
though it’s not. There is a lot, there’s like 12 cups of cheese on here and then
all the vegetables and three pounds of dough but time to shut up and eat! Ready?
1, 2, 3…Boom! Alright and then we also I forgot. We’ve got to finish our 32 ounce
drinks! I got a diet soda and then he got squirt, no Sun Drop, so let’s do it! (crowd cheering) This five cheese blend on here is
amazing, along with all the healthy vegetables! Speeding through this, trying to keep up
with this guy! Oh we do! I forgot, we have to finish the soda! Oh that’s cold, I should have not gotten ice! I would have totally forgotten about that, we’re not to beat 7 minutes. [Brandon] Want me to drink yours?
[Randy] No! [Brandon] I don’t get brain freeze, you’ve got to have a brain to freeze.
[Randy] I have two degrees! (laughing) We beat the old one which was right over
59 minutes, right shy of the one hour, but the new record is 7 minutes and 17 seconds! (clapping) Always great to have this man as a teammate. It was a great pick doing the Italian sausage. I was thinking chicken but yeah a great
pick on that! We are each going to get sweet t-shirts. Brandon and I have these to add to our collection! Thank you guys all for cheering and all your support!
Thanks again to everyone here at Village Pizza in Lindon, Tennessee which is halfway between Nashville and Memphis. Thank you guys for watching, it was overall win number 801!

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