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Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs. I am Brenda, and I am Chiara! And today, we are trying a GIANT MAKI ROLL! Okay, we’re now here at Maneko Japanese Restaurant. and Brenda, what’s your favourite kind of roll? My monthly payroll. Okay, but jokes aside right, my favourite kind of roll is when my maki is drowned in sauce. I love like mentaiko and cheese. Then we’re in the right place because they have this giant maki roll you know how giant is giant? How? Like… this big? It’s not, no that’s a burrito… Now this is like super big, super long, sounds wrong, but… Let’s take a look at it. Oh my god. Huge right? Wow, okay, first look at the giant maki roll right, I can say that they got their food trends on point. Firstly, they drenched the entire thing in nacho cheese, then you can tell from the burnt parts that they torched it and they sprinkled it with a lot of tobiko, sesame seeds and spring onions. Inside there is soft-shell crab, chicken katsu, tamago, cucumber, pickles, crab stick and four layers of rice. It’s the size of my palm eh! MAKI CHEERS! I am still only… AH, AH, my hand cramp… Oh my god cramp! I am still hitting just rice, I haven’t hit the middle yet. I think the star of this giant maki roll is the cheese, because it coats the entire thick layer of rice, it’s like a fusion, some people might not like it, but if you really love cheese you will love this one. The pickles and the cucumber are really crunchy, the soft shell crab and the chicken katsu really soaks up all the sauce. It’s quite cool, it’s like a very new concept, XXL dishes are always a hit, especially to youngsters like us. It’s fun to eat, you can eat with your friends, It will fit about comfortable 4 to 5 people, so you can always come with your friends and family and eat together. I think it will be a very fun experience, especially for kids, because of the cheese. They will have so much fun dipping their fingers into the cheese, like us. Stop! We still got so many other dishes! This is the truffle yakiniku steak don with foie gras. The piece that I got is from the corner, so the meat is cooked well done, but I am surprised that it is really soft and tender. My piece is from the middle and it’s like medium It’s super soft, super tender and I like that the meat is on the sweeter side. For the texture, I would actually give it a 10/10. It’s really soft and tender even though it looks well cooked. Flavour-wise, I can’t really taste the truffle. I think if you tell me this is a regular beef don, I would give this like a 10/10. But then, if you tell me this is a truffle beef don, I don’t really taste the truffle that much so maybe like a 7/10? Let’s try the foie gras. You might think that it’s a bit too rich in flavour at first but then the sweet sauce really comes in and like give it a good cut. It’s a bit like crème brûlée because the top is torched, it’s like crispy and it’s caramelised then when you reach the centre, it’s soft and milky. I think people who like a mixture of savoury and sweet will like this a lot because the beef is like savoury, the sauce is sweet and the foie gras is sweet, creamy so it all comes together and they complement each other very well. Let’s try this salmon mentaiyaki udon, so it comes with a nice slab of salmon with thickly drizzled mentaiko, that’s flame torched and then a bit of mentaiko udon. Let’s try the star of the show first, which is this pink slab of salmon with mentaiko sauce on top. I am drooling as I say this Same, same! I love this mentaiko usually when I go to restaurants that serve mentaiko right, there are two extreme ends. On one end, the mentaiko can be really heavy, creamy, until like a bit jelak. On the other hand, it can be a bit bland where you can only taste the mayonnaise. But for this one, I feel that it’s really nicely smacked in the middle. Ya, the mentaiko is definitely on point with the flavours but the fish is a bit too overdone for me. It feels like it’s fried instead of pan-fried. Maybe we were too happy with the mentaiko sauce on the salmon, because I can’t really taste the mentaiko in the noodles. So, it’s just like a very nice plain base. Okay, I think texture-wise, I prefer noodles that are chewier but for those of you who like softer noodles then maybe you will like this. Okay, let’s try something really light. It’s the salmon 3 variants, it comes with salmon sashimi, salmon belly sashimi and what they call it salmon caviar, but I think it’s just ikura. Brenda, what’s your favourite sashimi? One, two, three… Both: Salmon! I knew it when I saw you with your short hair I knew we were sisters. I love it when they score the top part of the salmon because it kind of increases the surface area and then it melts in your mouth even faster. Okay, it ticks all the right boxes of a salmon sashimi, It’s thick, it’s fresh, it’s creamy, no faults for this for me. Ok, let’s try the normal salmon sashimi. Wow, it’s a thick slice. It’s really thick eh. How many “C”s would you give it? I give it like 5 “C”s. THIC-C-C-C-C You can never go wrong with salmon sashimi, but I will still head back for the salmon belly instead, fattier, meltier and flavourier? So, let’s move on to the salmon caviar. Surprisingly, the cucumber cup is pretty deep Pretty value for money, you can try salmon 3 ways at just $18.90. Ok, why don’t we move on to the next dish tamago with truffle. Tamago Cheers! This one the truffle smell is really strong. It kicked me in the nose. Interesting flavours, because usually you will associate truffle with something European or Western, like fries, pasta, tamago and truffle is actually not bad like the tamago is sweet and then the truffle is savoury It’s a nice combination, I can totally eat it with plain rice. I really like how the tamago really absorbs all the truffle taste it’s like a sponge, soaks up all the truffle flavour and it’s really fluffly. I only got one word and that’s OOF because I am damn full, I can’t eat anymore food but the giant maki roll was an eye-opener like first time you see something so big and so yellow and so drenched ya it was quite interesting, quite fun also. The prices can be a bit pricey for some so come down for their lunch specials also the prices start from $10.90 nett. They serve the truffle yakiniku don and the salmon mentaiyaki with rice in lunch portions. And their lunch dishes also include cold tofu, a fruit and miso soup. Out of this whole table of dishes, which is one that you recommend? Definitely this one the truffle yakiniku don. There is a very nice combination of tastes and textures, and also the foie gras on top makes everything much more atas. Oh that’s true. Actually, I was more impressed with the sides like the salmon platter and then the tamago with truffle. Surprisingly good and it’s an unexpected combination of flavours. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook vlogs. If you like this video, you can catch all our other videos over there. and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! SAYONARA!

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    Omg the Maki roll makes me hungry!!

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    What I hate about Singapore is that all good food are in CBD area and because I’m a kid I can’t go there
    And what happened to the video just now?

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    Hehe I'm the 4th like and 5th viewer

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    tbh price and look wise, the maki doesnt look that appetising

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    Rice to filling portion of the maki is sooo off.

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    The hosts had rly good chemistry sia but was Chiara high or smth she was damn funny in this vid 😁 but for real tho who else was scared when they ran across the road without looking at 0:28

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    How is Salmon creamy LOL

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    Yo Chiara how you use your chopsticks sia 2:04

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    lol so much carbo eh? 3 layers of rice

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    does not look good.. at least they were honest with the ratings… 6:39

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    its just all rice.. no big deal

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    HAHAH idk but chiara jus matches well with any host as a talent! Huge fan of her vlogs 🙂

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    lmao. the filling of a normal maki, the rice of a asian family of 5

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    I like the maki with blowtorched cheese 😋

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    Is not worth $49.90, the ingredients to the ratio of rice is like 1:4.

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    Damn they stingy with the ingredients in that maki roll

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    $49.90 for a lot of rice ??!!

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