2x Spicy Nuclear Ramen Noodles Challenge ( Do Not Try)

If you new my name is Roy, please go subscribe turn that bell on today, I’m doing a spicy noodle challenge Yes Okay, but in first five minutes, I cannot drink no water no milk. No eating bread. Whatever you do To cool down your tongue from burning it. I cannot do that So I’m finna to go set it up and I’ll be right back when it’s all set up. Another thing guys. I ain’t mentioned Um, I got a previous video of me trying the mad dog 357 revenge on wings you can go check that out and see my revenge and I couldn’t really take that because it’s it was like this sort of like This like 8,000 Scoville IRA don’t know Like 1 million scovilles and it was hot and it kept burning it just kept burning I’ll talk about Every part of my mouth was just burning it’s like no milk couldn’t stop it If it did stop it just moved it to another place and it just kept burning But I hope these noodles isn’t the same. I hope it ain’t really hope All right guys I’m putting the stuff in Maybe don’t get much why not burn it. Ah, let’s go Ha Baha blast mom ain’t raise no fool and propel so it can propel that heat for my tongue. Oh Why I’m doing this, um this channel really um, consist of pranks Challenges every one of you wants lately. I have it. Nobody really challenged me in basketball. Oh no, I But I’m going to my hometown soon. I challenge my brother them The best And tell me what more you want to see I Prince challenges 1 vs 1 challenge everyone. Just let me know Ok I Am I Can’t make my thumb 5 Minute Like you making it touch my lip Its hot Bring your man there’s not this time Little more bite Yeah if you have it If you have a Haven’t subscribe already, please. Go subscribe turn the bell on Cause more video coming more pranks coming more challenges please. Share, please Share to friend Reach out to a friend Soon I get the 500 subscriber I’m doing a big giveaway let you more details in next videos Add some Mitch. I need to know more detail Next videos Wow, follow me on so much find me on social media But follow me on social media I’m trying to build on it’s all gonna get better for me a guy

3 comments on “2x Spicy Nuclear Ramen Noodles Challenge ( Do Not Try)”

  1. chris lott says:

    Good job finishing bud!

  2. Tick Dawg says:

    Just looking at you making me laugh bruh but you got my support 4sho

  3. Kell Jones says:

    I'm here now cuzo n I watched all y'all videos

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