100 comments on “$3.50 Soup Vs. $29 Soup • Taiwan”

  1. Rifqi 2509 says:

    you never see a restourant that serve a chicken noodle soup ? in indonesia we eat that kind of food everyday :3

  2. KontauriC07 says:

    The first one. I can afford 😭 wish they're available here

  3. Lois Lee says:

    Can you guys please go to Korea and try their cuisine

  4. Katelyn & Erin Liao says:

    If you're from Taiwan, this is daily life

  5. Ohana Fam says:


  6. Bre Powell says:

    You guys need to try bird nest soups i

  7. Angel Einstein says:

    I met steven one time at a club while doing security.super nice guy i asked for a pic and he didnt hesitate.

  8. Malik Rahman says:

    I laughed when Steven was spouting nonsense about the smart version of him and Inga was just like "he doesn't know what he's talking about" 😆

  9. M Sadler says:

    Taiwan is very hot

  10. Aerozam says:

    plz see that guy at 5:21

  11. Ayan sammu says:

    This is my dream job, getting paid to travel n eat lol

  12. SZ says:

    anyone know the name of the background music starting at 14:02 ?

  13. Kristina 5sos says:

    when andrew smiles because of food, so wholesome.

  14. A Duck says:

    In my country, you can get canned soup bruh

  15. Maxim Dimitrov says:

    Do salt bae

  16. Rudraaksh Bhatyal says:

    There should be a "Top 10 Adam reactions" video

  17. Jadon Ooi says:

    0:30 anyone caught the Minecraft experience sound in the BG???
    BG – Background
    Best is to listen in headphones or earphones.

  18. moon book says:

    At 6:59 omg.

  19. Khan Khai says:

    Everything seems to be unexpected to everything they eat

  20. 13midian says:

    I love that these guys share their food with their support crew.

  21. Bianka Da Silva says:

    Same, body pillows are my thing!

  22. sarah says:

    look at stevens face when he said "wow old hot pot"

  23. Asveen Ramchurn says:

    I have 3 Sakura body pillow and had them for 12 years

  24. crazy man says:

    Advanced soup

  25. Night Fall says:

    I have a suggestion for two food/drink videos. I saw mostly all "Worth It" and I find myself watching all of them again… My Suggestions are; Go To Mexico for another Burrito or Taco Episode and/or UK for a Hot Chocolate or A Dessert Episode?

  26. Jane Doe says:

    Steven forgot how to speak mandarin 🤣

  27. Violet Huang says:

    Bro go to China noodles can be less than $2 and legit so goodddd

  28. pi no says:


  29. Logan B says:

    b e e f t a x i

  30. I like Turtles says:


  31. Savannah Davis says:

    b e e f t a x i

  32. winston acoustic studio says:

    6:48 竟然没有人注意到吗,台湾省

  33. Judy T says:

    Can you guys subscribe to my Channel 😩 please 🥺

  34. Kleiser Carillo II says:

    The moment where Inga accidentally drops the beef and looks embarrassed actually is cute

  35. Jason says:

    Steven: Taiwans very ho-
    Lady: yes

    Lol wtf was that edit buzzfeed

  36. Alejandro Lopez says:

    😍😍😍Annie 😍😍😍

  37. Choon Keong Lim says:

    I am from Singapore but my grandparents came from an hui.

  38. wei wei says:

    wow place 2 owner literally said taiwan省 (province) as if we we're a part of china

    don't care how good their food is but i'm not going there anymore

  39. Antonio Garcia says:

    5:39 minecraft villagers when they eat

  40. Benedick Cumbersnatch says:

    I loved this so much, but I really wish y'all had tried savory dou jiang!

  41. Simon Pijnenburg says:

    What watch is Andrew wearing?

  42. Jape says:

    No one:
    Minecraft villagers: 5:40

  43. Vendetta XZ says:

    Minecraft villagers be like 5:40

  44. Berserk Berserk says:

    boba fe(c)t

  45. Thought Damage says:

    5:13 Would gladly "stoup" to that level… Thank You

  46. songu1000 says:

    Can we all appreciate how pretty and beautiful the last chef is?

  47. Gia Phúc Trương says:

    6:33, one of the most precious – Inga <3

  48. Real Jit says:

    I held back from watching all these “Worth It” videos so when it’s Christmas break and I get bored I can just binge watch these videos

  49. Kimkim Kim says:

    Now i want a foodtrip buddy

  50. Jansen Joestar says:

    This series is just torture cause it makes me hungry in the middle of the night

  51. Sween says:

    “It’s like buttering already buttered bread”

    How are Andrew’s analogies always so spot on

  52. Gwynaeth Atwood-Pettit says:

    How could hot soup be called refreshing.

  53. Pranam says:

    Andrew and Steven being villagers 5:40

  54. Inferno Diamond says:

    Andrew:Speaking of salty liquids

  55. Kelly kimball iversen says:

    Just come live in Taiwan

  56. kriso1997 says:

    -taiwan is so hot

  57. Das Luluk says:

    "Taiwan is very ho-" "YES"

  58. thileepan ilangovan says:

    * andrew groans in satisfaction * pretty much sums up the whole show

  59. Max Reilly says:

    Yo that beef really cooked in like 5 seconds of being in that broth… Thats cool as hell

  60. Rafal Bechert says:

    Inka is the bae

  61. Kelvin Ling says:


  62. Exploring Jon says:

    Akron for the win

  63. Mackenzie Ruble says:

    Is cereal a type of soup??
    -thoughts while high

  64. Migfred Castillo says:

    I love the fish head lady!!!

  65. fairydust says:

    Did something different: watched worth it without snacks!

  66. Haris Ali says:

    Beef in the taxi beef out the taxi 😂

  67. Nour Pagès says:

    i don't think i've ever been this hungry this is torture

  68. Sonny Estufa Shieh says:

    Waaaaiiit. You not telling me @buzzfeed that y'all went to Taichung and had boba but didn't have it at 春水堂?!It's legit the store that created boba. TenRen is weak

  69. aaryaa says:

    5:39 minecraft villager conversation

  70. quinonopoli says:

    i love that andrew doesnt know the lebron reference

  71. Afiifa Jeylani says:

    Comparing LeBron James to the last soup is by far the funniest part lmao

  72. Delong Tsway says:

    I'm ethnically Chinese and dislike hotpot. Your bowl usually becomes a soupy mess of sauce and water by the end of the meal it's just really gross.

  73. Aung San says:

    Boba please

  74. Jenni Rayflo says:

    If this was the only content that was produced on BuzzFeed I might actually subscribe

  75. Gaylord Slapyousilly says:

    From what I read from Boba facts, the original Boba Tea owner was overshadowed as his store's creation was considered a lab rat test and didn't expected to be so popular, people stole the idea and made it better and nicer.

  76. butterfly rw says:

    13:32 is my kind of meat

  77. Pop Corn says:

    I wish they did Ukranian food sometime so Andrew would be as excited as Steven explaining everything…

  78. Manosmita Mishra says:

    I wonder how the camera mans control themselves from eating those tasty food…

  79. Benedick Cumbersnatch says:


  80. sacura605 says:

    Why are the restaurant names and locations not available for me to go find them when i travel to taiwan? Uhhgg

  81. Matti Chibi says:

    wow inga is one hell of a QT

  82. theonly1jayt says:

    Eating regular chicken soup out the pack like a peasant while i watch this

  83. californyeah says:

    Ahhh Inga, Inga, Inga…
    Inga is So Sweet, Lovely, Beautiful, Gentle…i lack of vocabulary to describe the amourous awe i'm in, but if i was 20 years younger, i'd cross the Atlantic, would find BuzzFeed, and against all odds, would court her until she agrees to at least one date with me..!

  84. ohheyniki says:

    I am THE PICKIEST eater because of all my allergies but all of the things y’all eat looks so good that I would almost risk a trip to the ER to try it.

  85. Better With Rum says:

    You guys need to explore Brazil and Argentina

  86. Better With Rum says:

    Any time I travel I check out Worth-It for where I'm going to eat

  87. 64standardtrickyness says:

    OMG did that guy say you get free refills on $3.50 soup???

  88. Aidan Mahoney says:

    You should do $20 cocaine vs $1000 cocaine

  89. Cale Singleton says:

    Steven speaks in foreign language Lol way to go CC

  90. Gipglorp Alien Friend says:

    This is cool. My family makes a truffle turkey soup and it’s so good!

  91. Vir Yap says:

    Please do a Philippines episodeeee 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇵🇭

  92. Hemanshu Chamate says:

    inga needs more footage!

  93. Melissa Smith says:

    I love when they try other food and drinks within the episode!!

  94. Emma Jones says:

    no one:

    steven: hot pot is a thanksgiving tradition in the Lim family

  95. Kriste Isopahkala says:

    You can see how that 6.2% beer hit our boys in the first place. 😀
    I love stronger beers. 6.2% isn't really that high, but it already definitely can surprise you, if you are used to the light stuff.

  96. Jenn Gio says:

    @worthit! Please share the names of the restaurants that we can find on Google and visit! ♥️

  97. Cindy lou Betris says:

    literally the only reason why i want to hit the lotto.

  98. Sophia Kim says:

    I wish Andrew learn how to use chopsticks

  99. Der Xiong says:

    Boba Fact!
    Boba Fett: huh?

  100. hector valverde says:

    “Taiwan is very ho-“

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