3 BACK-TO-SCHOOL DORM ROOM HACKS FOR RAMEN | Kylie Jenner | Asian Salad | Mac n Cheese | Edgy Veg

– Gotta ’em all, Pokemon! Hey guys, welcome to another
episode of Back 2 School Vegan, if you have not watched the
breakfast and lunch episodes, you should definitely check those out, the playlist is right up here, and I’m going to leave the links down in the description box. You definitely don’t want
to miss those videos, because there are some awesome, awesome meal ideas in there for you. But today I wanted to focus on you guys that are living in a dorm room. (up beat music) Our first Ramen Hack is
a ramen mac and cheese, most people, most students
can just go and buy some KD, whip that up, call it a day,
we can’t do that, we’re vegan, we can’t have that weird
cheesy, powdery stuff. The first thing we are going
to do is cook our ramen. The way that I cooked ramen
when I was in a dorm room was just put it in a bowl, add the ramen, add hot water from my kettle, and let it sit for two minutes, that’s it, that’s it, and then you have ramen. And while you’re waiting
for those two minutes for the ramen to cook, you
can make your cheese sauce. Put some almond milk in a
mug, add some corn starch, if you don’t have corn starch, or you don’t wanna buy starch, or you don’t like corn starch, if you have an issue with corn
starch, just leave it out. So we’re just mixing
together our almond milk. I’m gonna add some cheese, so I like to start with
about a quarter cup of veggie cheese, whatever vegan cheese you like the best, or cheese substitute, add that to the mug, and then we’re going to
cook that in the microwave for 30 seconds at a
time until it’s melted. So gonna take this out, gonna mix it up, and then we’re going to put it back for another 30 seconds, and do that until you
have melted cheese sauce. It’ll take, depending on the microwave, it should take between
one and two minutes. Now that you have the cheese sauce, all you have to do is combine
your two minute noodles with your two minute cheese
sauce, mix them together, add a little sprinkle of salt, I find veggie, like vegan veggie cheese, some of it just isn’t salty enough, so add a little bit of salt, or take that flavor packet and
just like use it as a salt, and just mix it together, and there you have delicious
vegan mac and cheese in your dorm room. While everyone else is eating KD, you’re eating this deliciousness. Win! Two thumbs up. (up beat music) Ramen Hack number two is
going to sound a bit weird, but trust me on this one, it’s delicious, I made it
for James, he loved it. It’s an Asian ramen salad, super easy to make, super delicious. All you have to do is buy one
of those pre-made salad mixes, put that salad into a bowl,
and mix up a quick dressing. Garlic powder, soy sauce,
apple cider vinegar, or whatever vinegar you have,
olive oil, sesame seed oil, and then just add salt
and pepper, and soy sauce, and just put it in a Mason
jar, and just shake it up. And that should be
enough for one dressing, or make like, a little bit more, and then you’ll have more dressing and you can make the salad maybe like, the next three days
for lunch or something. Now we’re gonna take our
dressing and our salad and just mix them together. Now that our salad is dressed, ready to go for a big night on the town, maybe go sing some karaoke, we’re gonna add some ramen, because you want some crunchiness. So I like ramen on top of the
salad because it’s almost like crunchy like those chow mein bits on top. So we’re just crumbling the ramen on top, tossing it really quickly, and there you have it,
delicious ramen salad. (up beat music) Hack number three is what I
like to call Hack number three, AKA, cultural appropriation
by Kylie Jenner. My Asian friends have been
doing this since as long as I’ve had Asian friends, but since Kylie Jenner,
like Snapchatted about it, apparently it’s now cool. Now, the Kylie Jenner/Asians
have been doing this for like, twenty years version, is to add some sort of butter,
garlic powder, and an egg. We’re vegan, we don’t eat eggs, so I’m going to use
nutritional yeast instead. And we’re gonna sprinkle it
with some nutritional yeast, and definitely get it all over
the place like I just did, I’m human, don’t get mad
at me, I make mistakes. And just mix that together, we’re going to add a little bit
of the ramen packet as well, you can add a little bit
of the vegetable seasoning, and it’ll kind of be like a salt. Now you can just mix this up
and eat it just like that. I like to add some, just
green onions on top, and some cut up seaweed. This is just like those seaweed, like snack things that you can buy in
the individual packets, and they’re like a dollar. And that’s how you make Kylie Jenenr/ Asian people have been
doing this forever ramen. (up beat music) So there you guys have it, three hacks to make
your ramen less common. I’m definitely making
your lives better, right? If you like this video and you
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lock bag, and the day of, when you want some food, assuming that you have a
microwave in your dorm room, throw it in–

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