3 Buzzfeed Recipes for Ramen Noodles Put to the Test | Buzzfeed Food Tested!

Hey what’s up? My name is Joe. Today we’re
gonna try three different Ramen recipes that Buzzfeed says are awesome. We’re gonna do
Spicy Peanut Butter Ramen, we’re gonna do Pizza Ramen, we’re gonna do Cheesy Ramen.
Let’s get started. Recipe number one, we’re gonna make spicy peanut butter ramen. For
this we’re gonna need peanut butter, sriracha sauce, soy sauce and obviously ramen. If you
don’t have a lot of time this recipe is for you because it is super easy, super quick
and apparently Buzzfeed says it’s super delicious so here we go. Ok so first thing you need
to do is you need to boil some ramen. You can add the flavor packet if you want but
I’m gonna skip it this time. The ramen looks like it’s done so we’re gonna take it out
of the pot and put it into a bowl. Now we’re gonna put the rest of the ingredients into
the bowl and mix it together. We are going to need a teaspoon of soy sauce, a little
bit of sriracha, really as much as you want. If you like it mild, you can put a little
bit. If you like it spicy, put as much as you want. And a generous heap of peanut butter.
Alright so we’re gonna take the soy sauce and pour it into the bowl. Since I’m a peanut
butter fan, I’m going to put a really generous heap. It’s better if you use chunky peanut
butter. Buzzfeed says it tastes a little better, but we’ll see. This is really a generous heap.
Next thing we’re going to do is we’re gong to put as little sriracha as you’d like. This
reminds a little of sesame noodles, the smell of it. I think that’s made with a little bit
of peanut butter if I’m not mistaken but I really have no idea I’ve never made it but
it is delicious and I’m hoping that it will taste somewhat similar. So I did a super outstanding
job mixing this together and now I am going to taste it and see how it is. Tastes good.
Like I thought, you need a little bit of salt, but overall it is really delicious. The chunky
peanut butter really makes this dish because of the crunch. I thought maybe sesame seeds
might do that, but you really don’t need that because of the crunchy peanuts that are in
the peanut butter. Really really delicious. I think this was a Buzzfeed test success.
It took about 7/8 minutes to do, really delicious and let’s move onto another one that’s a little
bit harder. Recipe number 2, we are going to make cheesy Italian ramen. It’s a little
interesting because Ramen is an asian noodle and cheesy is more like Italian, so I’m interested
to see how that’s going to work out. For this recipe we’re gonna need 2 packs of ramen without
the flavoring, 2 different types of parmesan cheese, 3 tablespoons of butter, some black
pepper and olive oil. First thing we’re gonna do, we’re gonna take 3 tablespoons of butter,1
tablespoon of olive oil and a bit of black pepper and put it in the water before you
boil the ramen. Gotta mix it all together and make sure that the butter is diluted in
the water and go ahead and bring it to a boil. So the water has come to a boil, now we’re
gonna take one cup of each cheese and quickly put in the ramen and then stir it all together.
It smells a little bit like wacky mac. So Buzzfeed didn’t tell us how much water to
put in the pot so right now this seems like it’s going to be really watery and gross.
It seems like it’s as done as it could be, still seems a little watery but we’re going
to transfer it into a bowl. So we just transferred our cheesy ramen into a bowl. I wouldn’t really
call it cheesy ramen, I’d call it water ramen because at first glance it looks very watery
and the cheese looks very clumpy. I’m gonna take a bite before I judge it by it’s cover
I guess, I don’t know. I’m not gonna take a big bite because this does not look good.
The ramen tastes very watery, I didn’t even get any cheese on that, little bit of pepper.
That’s all the ingredients together but it doesn’t really work so well in this recipe.
Buzzfeed test fail. We’re gonna move onto the next one which is pizza ramen which I’m
very excited to make. Alright so recipe number 3 we are going to make pizza ramen. Looks
super easy but it’s a little weird. I’ve never really thought of having ramen noodles as
my pizza base but you know, try it out and see how it goes. For this recipe we’re going
to need pepperoni, we’re going to need pizza sauce, we’re gong to need ramen and cheese.
We’re gong to basically put it all onto the ramen and bake it in the oven on 375 for,
doesn’t really give a time, it just says to keep an eye on it, and that’s exactly what
we’re gonna do. Alright so we’re gonna take the ramen and break it in half, as such. Tomato
sauce. Spread it around on each. Everyone loves a lot of cheese. We’re going to place
pepperoni on the pizza. Alright, so we’re ready to put our pizza ramen into the oven.
They should bake for around 15 minutes but you should keep an eye on them and see how
they go. Let’s go. So we just took the pizza ramen out of the oven, baked them for 17 minutes
and 39 seconds on the dot. They look really delicious actually. The consistency, one of
them feels a little flimsy and the other one feels a little you know more solid but for
the most part it just looks like pizza ramen. So we’re gonna take a bite out of it and see
how it tastes. Alright here we go. That is really good. The crunchiness is really great.
It tastes like just crunchy pizza but I love crunchiness as you can tell from the spicy
peanut butter ramen. Crunchiness is great. I recommend this. Buzzfeed test success again.
I’d give this a 7.5 out of 10 just because it’s a little weird that it’s not pizza dough,
but it’s still super delicious that it’s crunchy and I’m a big fan. If I had to rank these
ramen recipes, I’d pick the spicy peanut butter ramen as my number one choice. The mix of
the crunchiness and the peanut butter really did it for me. Number 2 I would choose the
pizza ramen. It was really delicious. The pepperoni and the cheesiness and the crunch,
the interesting crunch of the dough was also very good. The one I disliked the most was
the water cheesy ramen. It wasn’t the best. The ingredients did not really tell me how
much water I should put in when I mix it all together. If you’re in need of a quick fix
and have a tight budget these recipes will do the trick for you. It’s still good even
an hour and a half later.

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  1. vintagetimetable says:

    You had me at 'BuzzFeed Food Test'…

    Who would have thought that ramen, sriracha, and peanut butter would work well? I guess I have to try that on some of my more lonely nights!

    Thank you for trying out these recipes! Now I don't have to be scared I'm wasting time or ingredients when making these.

  2. Shaelynn Lee Wendt says:

    Cheddar cheese raman is better I think. The best starter for this kind of ramen I had was the cheddar Yakisoba noodles that you can get at walmart or jewel by the regular ramen. It's really easy to make and you might like it a lot better! (Plus it tell you the amount of water you need so it won't be watery) I do like the cheese you used here though, I'd give it a try 🙂

  3. Imatallelf says:

    You're supposed to drain the water before you add the cheese and stuff to the ramen. Watch the buzzfeed video again.

  4. Arissa says:

    umm don't keep the water for ram n cheese just milk and cheese

  5. Benisse Calmleth M. Famat says:

    Messy cook. Hmm.

  6. Christian Castillo says:

    maybe alfredo sauce instead

  7. C.E.L says:

    Not to be mean but your suppose to take out the water. Why don't you give another try?

  8. Ryan Mersey says:

    I fucking hate how u say water

  9. N says:

    You were sopose to drain the water before u add cheese…

  10. samiam20024 says:

    i request a video for spaghetti ramen noddles

  11. ItsNutritious says:

    why didn't he show when he took a bite on the pizza ramen?

  12. Patrick Mitchell says:

    La Choy? Really?

  13. Lucas Lima says:

    are you the linkin park vocalist???? haha 😂

  14. Damien Nguyen says:

    Can't resist the urges of ramen.

  15. Jason Bula says:


  16. Dom Pinto says:

    You're not supposed to put the cheese in the water smh

  17. Alexandra Stephanie says:

    U talk so fast

  18. A Foster says:

    Y'all stole that pizza ramen recipe from auntie fee 😒

  19. Chris Jimenez says:

    What if I don't have Siracha

  20. Maria Gomez says:

    am i the only one or ..he sounds like hes saying .woter

  21. jj ceco says:

    sucked sheeeeeet! the peanut butter ramen was yuck as fuck. and was thick as shit. i tried salvaging my ramen by adding cheese and tomato sauce but it served no justice because it still tasted like shittttttt!😬🍜ill stick with my plain ramen

  22. 리아 래 says:

    raw ramen is one of the things i didn't think i'd ever see someone see but i saw someone fry ramen in honey (my sister has weird taste buds) but you never know.

  23. ig- xosaintcloud says:


  24. franco perez says:


  25. Damon Duvall says:

    I wish I wouldn't die if I ate peanut butter

  26. Paula says:

    I had the first one with regular creamy peanut butter and it was sooo good. Wish we had crunchy like you were raving about but that's all we had lol. But it was so so good. Maybe because I love peanut butter or I was starving and wanted a midnight snack.

  27. Marvin G. says:

    the best way to cook instant ramen is to cook the broth and noodles separately that way you can remove any starch and preservatives from the noodles which will make your broth much pure in taste without an aftertaste..

    also the peanut butter ramen is Mi – Goreng an indonesian noodle dish…
    On your cheesy ramen I am not sure how buzzfeed did it but you are supposed to use the stock or use that broth powder mix then add cheese to your broth and also you really got too much water in the ramen…

  28. Crystolla Marolla says:

    the way he twists his fork with his index finger is wierd!! However, the peanut butter ramen is AWESOME!!!

  29. jo alexander says:

    1:16 Don't break your arm jerking yourself off. It's just mixing…

  30. Derek Stoltzfus says:

    How would the pizza ramen taste without pepperoni

  31. Tyson says:

    I always put peanut butter in my ramen noodles 😍😍😍😍😍

  32. Miyong Kuon says:

    I tried the peanut butter one and OMGGG it's so gooooooooddddddddd

  33. Jelli0920 says:

    I put soy sauce and pepper in my ramen. I also put this roasted chicken seasoning in the water and let the noodles kind of absorb the flavor.

  34. Brianna Thomas says:

    When he said it needed seasoning but skipped the season packet 😶

  35. Hailey Lincoln says:

    Everyone focused on the ramen but i can't keep my eyes off of the dudes beautiful face

  36. CStarz says:

    that peanutbutter shits disgusting

  37. abenz419 says:

    raman is supposed to be served in a broth

  38. HOOD HORCHATA TV. says:

    I remember this shit i county lol

  39. Jenean Kirby says:

    Who adds cheese to whadder? Ding dong!

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    As such??👎??? NO….. LIKE SO👍

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    they stole this from ysac

  42. k says:

    non of these are buzzfeeds inventions

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