Thank you for the meal. Thank you for the meal! One more, please! Hey everyone, it’s Cathy Cat. This is Misato. And today we are gonna introduce to you 3 words, which are food related,
that you can use when you come to Japan. Even you`re not heavily studying Japanese , these words
will help you around on your next trip to Japan And today’s words are: Thank you for the meal. Thank you for the meal. One more, please. These three. Okay, those ones you can definitely use when you come to Japan whenever you have a meal. And people will appreciate you being able to use those. So let’s go and try them all. So, Let’s try! Now in the case of ‘Itadakimasu’, That is something you say before you have your food. And you put your hand together like this. It’s actually a sign of gratitude, Originally, you pretty much say gratitude for the person who made the food for you, and gratitude for all the things, might be animals and something that have become your meal. Nowadays people don’t really care much about it,
it just become a common thing, That you put your hands together and say:
‘Itadakimasu’. before your meal. You might have something similar in your country, for example, ‘thank you for the meal’. But you should or might say that afterwards. Japanese say it beforehand. And in German you say ‘Guten Appetit.’ So everyone has something that you say before the meal, the meaning might be different, or you might say gratitude,
or thanks to God or whatever your religion is. But in Japan it’s ‘Itadakimasu’. For example, in the restaurant. -Cathy the meal has served, let’s have them.
-They look delicious! Itadakimasu. Next one we have, ‘Gochisousama deshita.’ Which to say after the meal again, to express your gratitude. pretty much says:
‘that was a real feast, thank you for that!’ And again, that’s a word saying thanks after the meal. So before and after the meal,
it kinds of wedge in between. Also the hand pose it’s the same thing.
You put your hands together just like this. You might have seen the Anime,
they might hold the chopsticks on the hand as well. That’s just a little thing that some people do,
because it’s cute but manner wise I just got told that it’s actually not good mannered. So leave the chopstick on the table while you put your hands together before and after the meal. For example, in the restaurant, part 2. -Cathy we had so much food.
-Yes, I can take no more, I’m full. ‘Gochisousama deshita.’ And finally there’s another word
that you can use when you want to have seconds! We’ve done a video about this before,
but it’s a very convenient word to use. Especially when you come to Japan There’s gonna be so many delicious meals
that you wanna have a bit more. So that’s the word ‘Okawari’ So let’s try and use that. For example, in the restaurant, part 3. -It’s so delicious!
-(Cathy eating.) Cathy you eat so fast. One more, please! So if you use ‘Okawari’ just like that,
it’s not so formal. If you want to make it formal, just add ‘kudasai’ to it. Okay, that was: Thank you for the meal. Thank you for the meal. One more, please! And those 3 will be very convenient,
maybe even if you go to Japan, or just around the corner to your local sushi place. Trying use those new words that connected to food. I hope you enjoyed this,
we’ve done other Japanese lessons. There will be links, you should check them out
if you are interested of coming to Japan, and learning couples of Japanese words. Thank you very much for watching,
and catch up with you soon, bye! Bye-bye.


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