You need to hold it! Oh no sorry!!! – Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and…
– Misato! How are you guys? Today Misato is going to introduce to us 3 MUST EAT Japanese festival foods for when you come to Japan so let’s go and eat! Leave it to me! Let’s leave it up to you! Let’s go. Its so hot! I think we should get some drinks first. What were you thinking of? I actually would like to have beer but… It’s only lunchtime! I would love to have beer but… it seems beer at lunch is not a thing so… Let’s get some RAMUNE. It will come shooting out so… So I pull away? You have to keep a steady push or it will come shooting out 3…2…1… This is scary. I can’t do this. So push from above! Here I go. Ready GO! You need to hold it! I am so sorry! So that’s what you meant. Thank you! Everyone just gives it a quick push because they are scared but but actually when you do that it will foam up. So you need to actually hold it. I didn’t get that. Sorry! Thank you kindly. I only drink those at summer festivals! So that’s Ramune guys! Let’s make a toast. I can’t drink properly! – No way!
– It’s overflowing. – So for food?
– Let’s keep looking for it! This isn’t food but it’s a popular game to play at Japanese festivals! – It’s the one where you catch goldfish?
– Yes, it’s scoop the goldfish. But then you have a goldfish… what if you don’t need one? I never need the goldfish that I win at “scoop the goldfish” so I just free them again. Do you know these? They are called Mizuame. Okay guys if I get the same number, I get two for us. So we both can eat one. That was close! – I tried, I tried!
– That’s ok. – You can also eat the plate.
– You can eat that? It’s like a candy. So you can lick it or knead it. – Gosh this is sweet!
– Yes it’s candy. Wow that was tasty! Thank you! It’s like orange coated in sugar paste but it’s not too sweet. It’s called Mizuame. It has a watery taste.
– Not sure if this has an English term. This is not necessarily a festival must-try but… Cathy is a big lover of Karage (fried chicken) so let’s try some of that. I LOVE KARAGE! Let’s get some karage. Karage? One. Let’s pick some larger ones. – Here check those out.
– Oh wow. Oh wow! – That’s 300 Yen for you.
– Are you sure? Thank you! Hey thank you! Thank you. – We got some extra there!
– Yay! Japanese karaage is different from friend chicken. – It is?
– It tastes really good. At Japanese festivals people generally give you an extra. – Is that so?
– Yes, that’s the fun of it! I can’t finish my Mizuame. – How is it?
– Delicious! You said three Japanese foods so… So for the final one I want to show you a dessert. – Dessert?
– Well Mizuame was sweet too but… I want to show you a real dessert. At the Asagaya Tanabata festival, they display those … paper mache those paper mache characters… You don’t get really tired of looking around you. Well actually the dessert I wanted to show you is shaved ice. Oh shaved ice! Nice one! When you say Japanese summer, I say shaved ice, right?! Today is really hot. I think ice is a great idea now. Take a huge block of ice, wedge it inbetween… – The pink is really cute.
– Pretty! – Our peach flavor is actually not that popular.
– Let’s make it go popular! Thank you! That’s a straw but also a spoon. So you scoop it up like this and eat it then. It’s really peachy. I can’t get some at all. – How is it?
– Really tasty! – Yeah right?
– Sweet! It’s like knockout sweet! I heard somewhere that the taste is all the same while the color is different – But that wasn’t right I think.
– Yeah this tastes of peach! It will start melting slowly, so right at the end you use the straw So you can drink it like juice. Festivals are quite long, so while you walk around with it – It melts slowly.
– If you have one, you can refresh yourself. – Nice strategy. I shall remember that. I recommend you to have shaved ice! Wait wait. Let’s try with the stick… Ah now this will look really messy. That flew out at you. Ah now I got ramune in my face. If you drink Ramune too quickly, it will block the opening. So you should not drink it too vigorously. You have to lift it up and drink it little by little. So the bead stops here. It is supposed to stop here. But if you turn it over too much it will block the bottle. You can only drink it little by little. But people who really want to drink it all in one go… they just take this part off together with the bead inside And drink it like that. Was that alright? I had lots of fun! There are so many foods though, it’s really hard to pick which ones to start with. There are lots of sweets as well. What do you generally eat when you don’t eat these ones? When picking something savory at a festival I pick Yakisoba after all. I see! Today you didn’t though. It was supposed to pick three so I chose things that don’t make us too full. I kept it quite light. So guys when you come. We also recommend you Yakisoba. Okay. Well guys those were three of the Matsuri (festival) foods that we introduced to you and a couple more. I hope you enjoyed this! I hope you enjoyed this style of video of us hanging out in town. It’s a bit more like a Vlog but I hope you learned something. Let us know in the box below or on the side what your favorite festival food is. Maybe from your country or maybe you have a special thing that you do in summer or eat in summer on the summer festivals. Let us know. We are looking forward to reading your comments. Catch you here soon on Ask Japanese! Enjoy your summer! Bye bye! This is the pasta restaurant that Carlos likes. Let’s go! Penne Arabiata! This time we came to Japanese vending machines… And then like this. You are imitating Jon Daub! Only in Japan! This looks really tasty! If I do this I will annoy all your fans… Here you go! Now I will annoy them even more… Here you gooo. Hey check it out they have a paper marche pokemon! What’s the name of that one?
– Kyogre! Kyogre! Can you imitate Crayon Shin Chan? No I can’t really. Oh no puri puri. (tries) – What? That’s supposed to be Shin Chan?
– I think that’s wrong! (Shin-chan voice) You are pretty bad at imitating Shin-chan! Why are we still filming by the way?


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