3 Ramen Recipes COMPARED (5 min vs 1 hour vs 8 hours)

Hello. Welcome to SORTEDfood. This is Fridge Cam. How is your week going? We have already had
messages from people who have started receiving
their club welcome packages. Look at these pictures
of excitement. Now, if you haven’t
received yours yet, it’s probably because you’re
in a much nicer climate than London. And it could take a bit
longer to get to you. But it’s coming. If you’ve already received
your welcome pack, then you probably already
know the name of the next book that we’re going to be making. If not, hang around until
the end of this video because we have a title,
we have a front cover, and we have a thing. But we do need your help. But before all that,
if you like ramen– and we know it’s one
of your favorites– then enjoy this. Today, we’re looking at ramen. We have three different versions
in front of us that we’ve made. Each takes a little bit
more time than the other. Each takes a little bit more
expertise than the other. But does it make a difference? First up, a five
minute instant ramen. Now, I’m guessing when we
talk about instant ramen, you’re thinking about the thing
that comes out of a packet, and then you get the
mystery flavor packet, and you put that in, and
suddenly you have flavor. Yeah, we’re not doing that. But we kind of are. Because we’re making
our own sachet. We’re a cooking channel. This is the “can’t
be asked” method. And we need a lot of
ingredients for this, but not a lot of skill. We’ve got shitake mushrooms. Porcini mushrooms. Bonito flakes. Kombu. Chicken stock cube. Ginger powder. Onion granules. Garlic salt. Clove. Black pepper. Chili flakes. And star anise. Who’s niece? Star– star anise. And one of these– a spice grinder. If you don’t have a spice
grinder, don’t panic. You could use a pestle
and mortar or a blender. And we’re going to put
all of that in there. A tablespoon of it into a
pan with 1.5 liters of water. Nailed it. Somebody borrowed
a kettle for me. You can’t even take a
moment to boil a kettle. That will boil away
for five minutes. Then we’ll chuck our
noodles in– cook them. So it’s so simple. That’s with two people to make. I know. Ahh! Ooh! Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You’re thinking. However, the next one– a little bit longer, a
little bit more going on. He’s the man of ramen. Man of ramen. Yeah. One singular raw man. He loves ramens. Time to take our
ramen game up again. So where our instant ramen used
a lot of dried ingredients, we’re going to replace them
with the fresh version. And it does use a
couple of cheats, so you’re going to
want fresh chicken stock, some cured bacon,
smoked bacon, and a bunch of fragrant ingredients. We’ve got leeks, shitake,
ginger, garlic, kombu, and star anise. So it begins with about a liter
and a half of chicken stock in a pan heated up to a boil. Smoked bacon– we’ve
taken the fat off, and that’s going into the broth. And our bowl of fresh stuff. This is all going
to go in there. Anything we chop up is the peak. Thank you very much. So the key to this one
is a few less spices– no clove, no black
pepper, no chili flakes. It’s all fresh, fragrant,
and needs about 30 minutes to rubber away. Once that’s boiled away for 30
minutes, we need to strain it. Then we use the broth
to cook the noodles. Then we season it and serve. Oh-oh! Yes. It’s the same. Does it taste any different? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come over here. Come on. This is a traditional ramen. (MOCKING) This is a
traditional ramen. For our traditional method,
we are going the whole hog. And we need the foot of
a pig, the ribs of a pig, the carcass of a chicken,
and a number of aromats, including onion, leek, garlic,
ginger, and shitake mushrooms. All of the animal bits into
a large pan with cold water, enough to cover it,
and heat it to a boil. So he said animal bits. The reason we’re using
those is because that is where all the flavor is. It’s got all the gelatin
in it, so it makes it all like meaty and delicious. Once it’s come up to a boil,
you get that wonderful layer of “scum.” We’ve drained that off,
rinsed it in cold water, and then put it back
into a clean pan and topped it back
up with cold water. Ben’s done that. All I have to do
is add the aromats, which are things that
flavor the broth. After eight hours of bubbling
and occasionally topping it back up, we’re going to do
a two-phase strain, which is colander and
muslin or cheesecloth. So cheffy. So we’re using a
cloth because this has been roughly
boiled for so long that it’s broken down
a lot of the meat into very, very fine shreds. So we’re just getting rid
of all of those bitty bits. Now, that’s our
traditional broth. We’re going to use it
to cook our noodles in, season it just like the others. We should stress that
every single bowl has been served the same– identical seasoning of meso
and soy, identical noodles, identical egg, and garnished. Right. Let’s dig in. Give a bit of a swell, and
let’s start with the easy one. What? Can we mix up? I like that. What I think it has is
kind of spice to it. And it’s kind of
very all rounded. The depth of it– like, you’re getting
a lot from the broth. You’re getting a
lot of different of flavors coming out. Again– the mushroom. I find it really hard
to comment on that without tasting the others. Because I need the
comparison to know whether I like that
better or not as much as any of the other ones. That’s very true. I don’t eat ramen enough to
know if that’s good or bad. It’s delicious. Second ramen. Move along. Always. It looks darker. Oh, wow. Oh. This is going to be the
hardest thing to feed back on, because I can’t work
out what I’m tasting. But it is different class. I’m getting a lot more of
the garlic, and the ginger, and the kind of fresher flavors. Yeah. The first one isn’t grainy. But there’s a slight– Dryness. Dryness to it, whereas that
is just all about explosion of flavor in your mouth. That one can taste a
little bit too much salty. And that one is mellow,
and rounded, and delicious. These are all about
delicate flavors, so it’s quite
difficult to describe. This is like an instant coffee. And that– that’s
like an espresso. Now I need to know
whether that one is like having a personal
barista who knows my roast and knows my grind. I’d have to say– even
without tasting it, just looking at it– it’s a bit more– it’s got oil. Yeah. Gentlemen, that is like gravy. First one– instant gravy. That tastes like it’s been
like de jus of an animal. I think ramen is
like sandwiches. Coffee, gravy, sandwiches. They’re so bespoke. And it doesn’t matter
where in the world you go, or which region of Japan,
or which town or village, or which personal family
member makes it, or restaurant, they’re all slightly different. But when you understand what
the difference is doing– so the time and
the animal bits– is giving it mouth
fill and body. Whereas this one
is much fresher, but it’s also a
tenth of the time. And I wouldn’t say
it’s a tenth as good. No. I’d say it’s as good
for different reasons. Instant satisfaction
of ramen– have that. Because it works is a ramen. If you want something that you
can have on a regular basis, go for this– if you
want a naughty treat. Definitely the last one. If you want to win an ultimate
chef at a chef ramen battle, this is the way to go. Please do comment down
below, and tell us what you think about
each one of these and which one would
be your favorite. What should we be
comparing next? We’ve done ice cream. We’ve done ramen. What should we cook next? Now, funny enough,
three different ramen at three different effort
levels leads quite nicely into the announcement about
the theme of the next book. Seamless segue, as we
announce the theme is– “Can’t be asked.” We heard from you that as
much as you want a great food, you really can’t be asked
to go to the effort of all the cooking. Yes, this is like rewinding
to sort of day when we want quick, simple, tasty,
easy grub you can cook in– well, when you
can’t be bothered. My mum watches these. So we have a title, we have a
theme, we have a front cover, we have some ideas for recipes. But we still need your
help in shaping the book. So please head over
to the forum and let us know all of your
ideas for your favorite “can’t be asked” recipes. And not just ideas,
actual recipes. If you want your actual
recipe in a cookbook, that’s the place to leave it. And if you didn’t get
to sign up to the club or you have absolutely no
idea what we’re talking about, then sign up to the club
letter in the link down below– give you all the information
you need on how to join. And we will see you on Sunday. Goodbye.

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