3 The old fashioned ramen restaurant ~since 1950s~

Good evening! Welcome to the Niconico Sakura Tour! It’s Momie! So today, I am in the… Ramen Ooshimaken right now!!! So let’s go! Hello! This is ramen which you love it
maybe is because my most of my friends love this ramen a lots. so I’m just gonna try this. it is so hot and This is taste really good This taste is absolutely really good yeah I love it okay let me check the soup next oh my god it’s so hot and maybe I thought that this pork. At first, I feel like “yes, it is just a pork” but after that I feel the flavor taste of the pork so this is kind of like a good point of this ramen Hey guys! It’s Momie! I am editing my video right now and you
know what when I talk to him, he say that he wanna appear on the documentary
TV program so I just wanna make him dreams come true right yes so I’m gonna
edit as a TV program so let’s go And I think it has a very long history. this is amazing history righ Do you eat ramen every day? Thank you so much for watching this video I hope you would like it. So see you next time! ookini, arigatou.

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