30″ Brooklynator Pizza Challenge Collaboration in Fayetteville, NC!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very relieved because this is final day number 18 of
our southeast USA winter tour I’m going for my ninth win in a row with this man
my teammate for this pizza challenge Mr. Waney Wonder we are in Fayetteville
North Carolina we are at Brooklyn Pizza we are taking on the Brooklynator
Pizza Challenge now each team here and the other team that Wayne and I will be
going against for the first time I’ve gotten to meet Mr. Darron Eats! Many of
you guys have watched his videos tell us a little about yourself
hey Darron Eats I’m the fifth ranked eater in the world, make sure to check my channel
out at dairy you guys all know Mr. Magic Mitch he’s all decked out in his
Michelangelo gear, all of our social media links are down in the description!
Each team had to go with three topics including two meats for our we went
with sausage and Canadian bacon along with some healthy onions and then they
went with tomatoes for some healthy vegetable and then for their two meats
they got Canadian bacon and then they got hamburger but we’ve got one hour
each team has already paid 50 dollar price but if we win we will get our
meals free and we will get $100 cash back which will help with our trip
expenses six teams of one we’re hoping to become number seven and eight but are
you guys ready? All right let’s get this challenge started! All right twenty-two and one on this
tour so far I’m going for final win number twenty-three then we have a 13
hour drive home but team Wayne and Randy versus – well really this is not supposed
to be a competition but I think it might turn into one with mr. Darron Eats over
there he is very good along with Magic Mitch, but we’ve got one
hour to finish big thank you to Brooklyn Pizzeria here in Fayetteville North
Carolina for letting us do their challenge on a Saturday during their
lunch hour so the record we’re trying to beat is 24 and a half minutes six teams
of 672 teams have failed so let’s get up on that wall of fame and win some
money ready all right 1, 2, 3…Boom! All right this pizzas about 10 to
12 pounds! We’re five minutes in I think we’re
definitely in second place but there’s mozzarella cheese they use is amazing so
we’re gonna keep on getting this delicious pizza down! All right we are 10 minutes and 15
seconds since this piece has been amazing this crust is a little bit chewy
so our jaws are getting a good workout but it is very excited – they are well
ahead of record pace keep it up guys! We are right behind them! One thing’s for sure – I am not touching that! 13 minutes and 19 seconds great, job guys
they’ve got the new challenge record so now we have plenty of time left to enjoy ours! They pick smarter toppings their pizza
was like 2 or 3 pounds smaller. Oh yeah! [shakes his head] All right we are just over 18 minutes in
we’re struggling – we’re just about broken but we are still we still got room, but
we just got these slices I’m gonna finish up these while he finishes that
scrap but oh we still have over 40 minutes though we’re gonna get [Mitch] Is this some dark arts? you tapping in a bit? Dipping into the pond? I admit when I’ve been beaten then we
got I don’t mind losing to Darron and Mitch when I coach Darron very well! He’ll speak for it! So I do I get a free Leonidas for beating you? This wasn’t a competition, I just came here to eat! [Mitch] That’s not what I heard the past 48 hours! 22 minutes and 45 seconds in I was
really hoping that Wayne was we eat more of this pizza but he saved all this
crust to last, I’m gonna finish off these while he gets all that! We’re almost done don’t worry! We are 26 minutes and 45 seconds in it’s
day 18 challenge number 9 with this man in just six days the whole tour Oh a lot
of eating has been done but it comes down to this one slice while he finished
this his and then my diet starts on Monday, thank goodness. get this down, we’ll get the victory. 29 minutes and 18 seconds is not the
record but we really got to enjoy those last few slices 672 teams have failed
this 30 inch Brooklynator Pizza challenge here this what did you guys
think of it?
[Darron] Delicious & I had a great partner! Yes! What about you Wayne!
[Wayne] It was going down
easy at first, then I had to carry the team! It’s his ninth win with us in six days how
do you feel about the tour I thought the tour was absolutely fantastic I had a
great time with you and Mitch overall it was great I have so much more respect
for you guys right now because it is so difficult to do back-to-back challenges
day after day. I want to quit after day – I’m so glad I stuck it out and made it!
[Randy] and he dominated! but for me it was overall win number
seven hundred and sixteen in my final of the southeast USA winter tour great to
finally meet this man Mr. Darron of course fate is always to eat with Magic
Mitch then we got Wayne he goes back to New York City but be sure to check out
the social media links for everybody is now in the description but lastly thank
you to Brooklyn Pizzeria for their Brooklynator Pizza Challenge we are
each going to get our $50 pizzas for free and
we’ll get $100 cash to help with trip expenses, so time to get back for school
on Monday and diet but thank you guys to everybody that’s followed the trip and
just thanks for all your continued support!

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  1. Randy Santel says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this final challenge video filmed during our 2018-2019 Southeast USA Winter Tour!! I was 23-1 during the trip which was pretty good, and BIG thanks to everyone involved who helped make the trip a success!! Starting next week on Mondays and Thursdays, Mitch's videos will feature challenges #759 and forward, filmed during my 2019 Summer Travels!!

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