$35 Kinton Mega Butter Chasu Ramen Challenge

yeah~ Yeah! Is Air like coming through this wall? or something? (feels cold) happy new year Is it recording? hi everyone woops! Hi Everyone today i will be eating a giant bowl of ramen mega bowl! Super Big. 3 bowls I think i can do it if i can’t i’ll just throw up. but yea whateveer man it is what it is you look nude on the camera the light is so like yooooo (asian equivalent of cheers) oh so good. 50 shades of yellow right here so jordan please tell us everything about your life tell us what led you up to this very moment this very moment how prepared aree you for this challenge I didn’t prepare for sheeeeee dawg But hey is this on? Tony this is for you and when you scream easy money and completely died (last noodle challenge) I gotchu. you will be avenged today yeah so that’s what led up to it so last time we tried it was the fried chicken version there was like 9 pieces of fried chicken. It was pretty tough he was pretty loud in the middle of nowhere and then he started to die out like a few chopsticks after that I swear that’s what made you lose man. He amped himself up for nothing yeah it was so close though I had like one piece of fried chicken left and like a little bit of broth left but i couldnt do it i frickn wussed out it’s the fried chicken man part of the genius plan to get you full. yeah… what do you think is going to be your weakness for this challenge the motha effin pork. oh here’s yours ouhhuh wow that’s fast. it’s already here oh i want to take a picture holy. sheeeee. oh can I get a small bowl yea sure. thankyou are you sure it’s not extra extra meat in here haha i hope so. oh man. oh man i can’t do this i really actually want to count though 1..2.3…..7.8.9 10 11. 12. I swear there’s like oh yea sure sure oh oh oh wait wait can I use my phone timer too com on bra. 3 2 1!! o lord have mercy oh god it’s so messy nooo

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  1. NoodlesAhoy Comedy says:

    Been a long time man! Nice to see you again!

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