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  1. Abigail Barreno says:

    I am kinda happy when they started showing a person who really knew hispanic food and how to cook it

  2. core bry says:

    Level 1: simple
    Level 2: 50 different ingredients takes 5 hours to prepare
    Level 3: Back to simple basics

  3. Al says:

    Wonder who'd win. Saul or my sister's grandma.

  4. Banter Ator says:

    That borritos was the dankness

  5. Fran Films says:

    I’m gonna need the name of Saul’s restaurant right now

  6. negativebuff says:

    I'll eat all of these, I love burrito.

  7. Wassup says:

    Level 6 chef:- let's start by making our own cow from scratch.

  8. Axegirl 2018 says:

    Gabrielle is cute tho

  9. Little Rose says:

    i love the Format, but it would be so cool if the different Chefs would try each others Food too

  10. Jeff Gary says:

    She is beautiful 😍

  11. paloma luciana says:

    the first guy is so white its sooo funny to me

  12. Ognjen Stokic says:

    I feel like the level 1 chefs are always the goofy ones

  13. Basil Ayed says:

    7:15 that’s all I’m gonna to say

  14. xxSmileXDxxx says:

    Me: Rewinding back to 0:50 seconds to hear Saul say "chorizo"

  15. zhoujo says:

    lvl one chef is the definition of millennial and it's hilarious

  16. Isabel Hernandez says:

    I really just care about the tortilla so based on that I would go with sauls

  17. KizXii says:

    9:00 that's neat

  18. Razer XD says:

    Saul is basicley just mexican lorenzo

  19. Martin Holde says:

    Saul's salsa is lightyears ahead of anything ever made on this show :O

  20. Jason Wallace says:

    i'd have her in my kitchen 😉 apron only….or not….no apron…

  21. sugarlette86 says:

    Chef three you had me chorizo🤤i grew up eating chorizo in tacos so I was like hell ya when you made it for your Burrito 🌯

  22. Russ C says:

    Have we got an instagram @ for Gabrielle? Asking for a friend

  23. Jalyn Jackson says:

    Lol that sour cream sirracha egg burrito looks DISGUSTING!

  24. Elim Kwok says:

    Saul may be a dude, but he is abuela material

  25. Daniel Mendoza says:

    As a Mexican I just have to say US store flour tortillas are just a sad imitation of the real deal. Having a burrito made with GOOD, hand-made tortillas changes the whole flavor and makes it immediately better.

    Give them a try when you have the chance!

  26. Skyler Frandsen says:

    Brad needs to stop. Thanks

  27. Kill Raider says:

    If my chef ain’t fat then the food is wack

  28. Drew Shafer says:

    I liked seeing the 3 cooks interpretation of a burrito, I would have liked to have seen a time limit. Even though I think of myself as an amateur cook, if I was given 5 to 6 hours to create a burrito I know I would do better than eggs

  29. donnapls says:

    came for good food, stayed for brads humor, sauls' cooking skills, gabrielle's everything

  30. Harambe Keemstar says:

    Ya'll needed my mom for the one Above food scientist…

  31. Michael Gazdecki says:

    If an IPA is a dark beer then a burrito is definitely a sausage.

  32. Meighan Morson says:

    More Saul!!!
    Brad was hilarious too! 😄

  33. Joseph Gober says:

    Why does Brad remind of Peter Parker from Into the Spider-verse?

  34. Zully Yedid says:

    petition for more Mexican cooks! & foods!

  35. Clan abacate podre says:

    Level 2: I am using a complex mix of spices and flavor profiles, and really overthinking this burrito

    Level 3: I'm Mexican

    I really wanna eat lvl 3s burrito lol

  36. baker ihjul says:

    Saul's burrito is just superior… damn I would pay for that awesomeness everyday

  37. Paul Fredrickson says:

    Saul is the best ever I absolutely love every part of his cooking

  38. Mike Smith says:

    Level 1 I won't starve without mommy
    Level 2 I learn from Food network
    Level 3 I am fat there for I know food

    🤦 level .25 cook .5 cook and .25 cook

  39. Jorge Trevino says:

    her @ it’s for a friend 😳

  40. MasterDannyChen says:

    F*ck the burrito, I would eat the Level 2 girl instead 👍

  41. ForEverRon says:

    If the level 3 chef wasn't mexican lol oh bro… 😅

  42. foster_ gaming says:

    If i go to a restaurant and order a burrito and saul not making it i don't want it

  43. squiresoft says:

    10:32 "And here's my burrito" – Proud Saul

  44. Charlotte Adams says:

    Brad got me dying here >D

  45. Steven Guardado says:

    Any one Hispanic know the pain you have to endure when your mom put the peppers in pan to toast them. It’s like a tear gas

  46. Brad Mundo says:

    Brad… You've brought shame to our name…

  47. Laura Lupercio says:

    Go SAUL 👏👏👏

  48. Thomas Burns says:

    Gabriel if you see this you’re very pretty

  49. hedge says:

    i didnt know we started calling black people eggs

  50. VictoriaScott The Classicist says:

    Omfg. I want to eat Suals burrito for real. I also now hardcore want to make a homemade tortilla.

  51. A Daniel says:

    It kinda sucks that all just try their own food. Why dont they try one anothers cooking? Can that be a thing?

  52. Guilherme Bittar says:

    This is the best one because everyone seems to actually have a great time cooking

  53. Joseph Napolitano says:

    Gabrielle looks really nice tho

  54. A Bunch Of Insecure Buddys says:

    I like them cause you hold them in your hand
    Me: §_____§

  55. A Bunch Of Insecure Buddys says:

    Does anybody actually watch the part with the food scientist

  56. marsajib says:

    Did she say tamarind is like dates 😂😂😂

  57. Ben Lonergan says:

    Better call Saul 👀

  58. Jesso Madcity281 says:

    Orale Saul.

  59. WeDo Official says:

    Can an American please tell me why you call it ‘solantro’ and pronounce it ‘carmel’

  60. Burt Macklin says:

    Gabriella, the beer you used was not a "dark beer". A better descriptor is "A run of the mill Ale" you don't want an IPA or an actual dark beer like an Amber, Brown, Porter, or Stout. As far as cooking goes you don't want to go any darker than a brown ale and only if you are cooking rich robust food that can handle the flavor an Amber or Brown brings to the table. Like wine, your best bet is to grab something cheap and use that.

  61. prabhu teja says:

    Gal Gadot???

  62. stanglova86 says:

    Only saul pronounced burrito right

  63. tritaeus says:

    to me as Swiss it's insane to Always see people from other countries using grated cheese without melting it.

  64. Mr.Electro says:

    I swear Gabrielle looks kinda like Ariana grande

  65. David M says:

    1. You have a date tonight. 2. You’re alone and will open your bedroom window.

  66. Ninas Felicillow says:

    That poor white guy didn’t stand a C h a n c e

  67. Jcolin3 says:

    Gabrielle is beautiful, who got her ig?

  68. THCFan says:

    Brad's cynical sarcasm is underrated!

  69. Mario I/O says:

    My brain stopped working the moment I saw Gabrielle. Now I ended up with a Burrito full of nutella.

  70. SHaDE says:

    First time someone said that he is a lvl 3 chef instead of saying names of some professional hearing institute

  71. Josh Thorpe says:

    Wtf is the girl in the middle doing. Such weird flavors. The pan wasn’t even hot when she threw the steaks on, and barely got any fond on the pan before deglazing with a WHOLE beer. She looks like an amateur too

  72. Tere Arts says:

    Level 2 tried too hard 🤧😴 I'm going to try that cheese thing saul did 🥰

  73. kristhoper luke mcfadden says:

    Bye egg borito.. I didn't know you can make borito that boring. Level 1 more like.. level none.

  74. Carl Stockman says:

    “Annnd, throw in a dark beer of your choice”

    Pours in a pale ale

  75. The Lion says:

    Anyone else hungry after watching this? 🤬

  76. Azemina Dautovic says:

    I have to say that they really took the comments to heart and changed the concept a bit! I like it

  77. MrHootiedean says:

    I would be honored to eat any of the three burritos!

  78. Maksi says:

    wheres Lorenzo

  79. phunkym8 says:

    brads obnoxiousness aside im pretty happy you stopped inviting completely incompetent people that could sucessfully burn water. earler episodes i couldnt even finish watching because of some 'cooks'

  80. Miguel Diaz-Acevedo says:

    It’s habanero not habañero!! Why do people insist on mispronouncing this! Just say it the way you would if it was an English word…

  81. Austin McInnis says:

    “I like burritos because you are holding it in your hand” ah yes

  82. teambeining says:

    Level 3 chef is not messing around.

  83. Johan says:

    Saul would be offended if he saw brads burrito.

  84. Timon Huang says:

    Level 1 & 2: “Tortillas from the package is fine”

  85. xXBiffBoffXx says:

    I'd love to see a video about Chili Con Carne!

  86. B Nizzle says:

    Where did they come up with there level system hilarious.

  87. Catalina Cáceres says:

    the avocado i see here is so pale 😥

  88. william Jennett says:

    is it just me that feels like the level 4 chef is really unnecessary

  89. FinnFunFull says:

    the second one is so freaking mouth watering

  90. Ben says:

    Level 10 Chef, casually:

    So first I'm gonna bang a couple of broads to give birth to the Epicurious founders…

  91. Niko Gagnon says:

    Explain why the amateurs always seem to have a better picture.

  92. Andrea the random human says:

    Yaaassssss Mexican chorizo 👍👍👍👍👍

  93. Josh Moore says:

    When Brad cut his burrito, I thought he was gonna chop his finger off

  94. Mike Ripley says:

    0:12 what the hell is brad saying

  95. Kajiaz疯 says:

    The Level 1 Chef Looks Like a Pedo

  96. hehe it's mcKenna says:

    damn I always thought my skills were at a home cook level.. after watching this series I have had the revelation that I am, in fact, an amateur cook. 🙁

  97. hehe it's mcKenna says:


  98. Kacachaba! says:

    Youre watching millennial Ed Helms makes a breakfast burrito

  99. South Texas Fail says:

    @0:15 welp that is the whitest thing I have ever heard anybody say about Burritos…

  100. Jesus Garcia says:

    Is that Mia Khalifa????????

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