4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life! Part 2

– Meringue style. A bit like Gangnam Style
but like the meringue style. (dramatic music) Hello everybody, I hope you’re well. About a week ago, maybe, I put up a video for three ingredients to
try one time in your life and you guys absolutely loved it. You’re like, do this again, make this a playlist, low wear it. I can’t wear it. My point is, if you love it,
I’m gonna do another one. So, this is part two of
four, three, two, one and maybe we will do
other random calculations that you did put in the
combination’s box, the comments box. Like five, someone slid
in like five, four, I think someone put Pythagoras theorem. But yes, we are gonna be doing this today. Very, very exciting as
like the last video. A lot of you are like oh
Barry, you could’ve done water, you could’ve done seasoning
but I really wanted to show you how simple and easy food can
be with just three ingredients. And then you guys pimp it up and it just looks way better than mine. But before we get started
on this, something happened on the giant Jammie
Dodger video, didn’t it? I think I just broke the Wrapmaster 3000. (dramatic music) Yes, that’s right! My Wrapmaster 3000 broke
but being the guy I am I already had another Wrapmaster 3000, this is exactly as it looks, it says Wrapmaster 3000 on it
and this, I don’t know why, I don’t know why I didn’t see this before because I could’ve compare them this is like the width is
half of it, it’s lighter, it’s easier to carry but
this one, it should work. We’ll quickly look at this
’cause we might need it in a bit. It’s actually got a locking system on it, so you can pull the flap down like this but then if I push it out and lock we can lift out the centre, which is where the sharp blade is. When I dropped it, the black
thing shattered on the floor and this was what was actually attached, they’re wedged to the special
film that you buy, yeah? So that they make you
buy the expensive film but you’ve got loads so it’s all good. So it’s got a special
connection thing on it that goes in there and
look, it should, ooh! We feed it through our blade and boom this will be a new Wrapmaster
that we just put in and then lock in place, so there you go. Wrapmaster is not gone, it
was just always with us. (triumphant music) But apparently there is a Wrapmaster 4500, proper jealous. Okay, so just like the last
one, we’re gonna do a starter, a main, a dessert and a drink. So we’ll get the main done
first which we can keep chilled, even frozen but let’s let it go! This is a packet of fresh ravioli, this is chicken and chorizo ravioli, that means I’m gonna have a
chicken and chorizo lasagna. Oh yes! My point is they have loads
of different raviolis in there and to help make our lasagna and give it some extra hidden flavour, we’re just gonna chuck this in with our cheese and sauce, that’s it! So, we’re just gonna get, so
this is some passata, okay? And then we’re gonna get our ravioli, oh hey, just jumped out. In fact, I will push them together, if I spin them around,
spin them right round baby, right round like a ravioli
baby, right round, round round. This is some grated Cheddar. Of course the only
downside to keeping this to three ingredients as you
know you can really go crazy with different cheeses like Parmesan. Ravioli on, some more sauce. ♪ Do-Do-Do-Do-do ♪ Just spreading out a
little bit with the spoon just to cover it, nice! Oh, it’s got the cheese
everywhere but, hey, it’s all part of the fun, hey? I think we’ve got one more layer in us Really gonna go all out
on that and cover that up, bum bum bum bum! So we’re gonna Wrapmaster 3000! Cheers mate! Ah, brilliant! Did you just shut the fridge on me? Ugh, we gotta go quick, there we go, there we go, there we go. Right, there it goes. The reason we’re putting it in clean film is just because we’re
putting in the fridge, you can do this and make
it well ahead in advance, or freeze it. But we will need foil for later. Keeping an eye on you two. Hmm? That would be the world’s strangest British relationship in there. (laughing) Can I get arrested for that? Now, this next recipe it is 10 to 10 in the
morning folks as I do this. We are gonna go for a
fan oven 160C is non-fan so we’re going 140. Is that a baking tray
from last night’s dinner still in the oven? Yes it is. I’ve got to level with you this next recipe it’s kinda like it’s four ingredients but
it’s not, there’s water, but the water it’s not
going in the recipe. So that’s how we’re getting around it. We are making a creme brulee, okay? So good, but the cool thing about this we need sugar and that is
just for the caramelization, damn right, we’re using the
chef’s torch at the end, love that. We’re using an egg, we’re
not even using the white we could whip that up with the sugar and do some sort of
meringue topping on it. I wasn’t planning to but I
literally just came up with that. I think we will. The yolk is gonna help bond our ice cream and you can pick, you, watching this right now, can pick any flavour ice cream you want within reason, nothing
too chunky nor sorbet. Actually sorbet might
work, that’s too watery. Yeah, I don’t know. Forget I said that. Carte D’Or ice cream, I
call it Carte D’Or ice cream ’cause is… Okay, we’re gonna go for
a strawberry creme brulee with a now additional flamed
meringue topping on top but you don’t have to do that but this is gonna be insane! (grunts) Need to remove the yolk from a gadget, no? (laughing) Need to remove the yolk from an egg, there is a plastic bottle for that or a fish and you called it an egg. The egg white is gonna stay in there, we will whip that up. The yolk, is just going in
here like this, for now. For now. You know what, I’ve
actually put two eggs in, because I wanna make a second
one for Mrs. Barry later. This is some strawberry ice cream then, look Boston, strawberry ice cream! 30 seconds in there just to melt it up. I’ve left it at room temperature
so it shouldn’t take long. (microwave beeping) Alright, so this ice cream
it’s yeah pretty much there although, yeah, nice and pouring. The egg yolk it’s gonna
help firm it up, okay? Otherwise we’re just baking ice cream. So lets just grab a whisk (upbeat music) Alright I still don’t
think I’ve got enough there I’m gonna have a little pour. There we go, ah that’s not too bad. Yeah, that will do, I wanna have a little bit of a space and if I can get the other one in in time, let’s have a look, will it fill? Oh yes, that will do, okay, nice. Argh, there’s strawberry chunks in there. Anyhow, here’s the fourth ingredient that’s not the ingredient. Loaf tin. I need to pour this in quite carefuly, we’re doing a water bath so just like proper creme brulee style. I say proper, what is this? Is a bodge, isn’t it? Let’s get this in the oven. That is hot, because of the
boiling water you plonker. Ah-ha-ha-ha, be careful Barry, be careful Barry, ah-ha-ha. Oh no! Okay, okay. Just to be sure, get an oven glove, yes, and up and in they
go for about 45 minutes. Well we need our sugar for the
creme brulee topping anyway, but let’s stay with the egg whites, we might as well whip ’em up. (upbeat music) Oh wow! Look at that, nice,
big, glossy teem peaks. Alright let’s take about a
tablespoon of caster sugar, take the speed down a little bit. (mixer whirring) Boom, look at that. So, we might use it, we might not but we can use that for
a garnish on our dish meringue style. A bit like Gangnam Style,
but like a meringue style. Alright, here we go then folks, it is done, oh my gosh
am I’m gonna drop this? Please don’t drop it. It’s shrunk down a teeny bit, but I’m happy with it so what I’m gonna do is carefully lift ’em
out, when I say carefully that means without
filming at the same time, onto here to cool down
to room temperature. Is that gonna do it? Oh no, these are really bendy. Come on, you should be able to do it, you’re thongs, what else are you good for? What about these thongs? Remember these? These were amazing. Come on, oh gosh. (laughing) Despite spending an absolute
fortune on ingredients, ouch, no, I can’t afford a
tea towel, that was my point. (softly screams) There we go. Oh yeah, first time, no problems. Linton, can you edit that out? Cheers mate. Look at that! Alright, so they’re out of
the boiling hot, that’s hot, bath, and that’s gonna
just sit for a moment. That was a moment but longer than that. You guys know me too well, this next one it’s gonna be… Do you know what would
happen if this exploded? There’d be debris everywhere, so we’ve got some cranberry sauce, Brie, and this is some bread. Now we have to get as much
flavour as we could into the bread there’s lots of other ones, this is Focaccia. Right, we’re just cheating here because this is a flavoured loaf, that’s the way these three
things works, alright? Ow, the ramekins are hot. So we’ve got the Brie,
and we’re gonna use this as a sort of template, it’s kind of like Jammy Dodger territory I’m gonna cut out a hole, not a heart shape this time though. Wow, that looks huge, it’s not, I’ve just sort of
put it so close to the camera but we’re gonna cut around it, and I’m probably gonna
have to move the camera ’cause I’m gonna hit the microphone. Alright, so we should have, yeah we’ve got a hole there. I’m not gonna go all the way down, I’m gonna sort of slice it just
to take that top layer off. Oh yes. So what I’m actually gonna do is I wanna keep it a little dense. Now hopefully, this
thing will fit snugly in. Oh you beautiful thing, look at that! (grunts) Now, what we’re gonna do, it’s make some, this is gonna sound really
weird, fingers, on the bread. (upbeat music) As they bake, hopefully,
it should tear off, so you’ve got like little teary chunks, that you can just tuck off. That sounded really wrong. Oh yeah. Brie and cranberry goes together like peas and carrots, Jenny. So let’s just carefully, or
maybe carefubrie, (laughs) put the Brie loaf, oh yes,
yes, fragile, fragile, oops, onto a tray like this,
and then we just bake it. But we’ll bake it with our lasagna. And whilst that was happening, the ramekins have been cooling down, sorry, I know my phone
always gets everywhere but I have lots of phone calls when I make videos by the way. These are at room temperature now, alright and what we need to do
is actually chill these for maybe an hour in the
freezer, in the fridge, a little bit, you don’t want
it frozen, just make them cold. Let’s return to the lasagna,
that isn’t a lasagna, yeah? Ugh, I’ve got a nightmare, we haven’t got any tin foil, you wanna bake the
lasagna covered ideally, ’cause you don’t wanna
scorch the top too soon then you wanna get it
bubbly for the last bit. I’ve got a bodge though. Right, so there we go. I would now normally,
ripping, no putting foil on top of this, instead,
I’ve got seal pad, I don’t know if this is gonna work, this is one of those like
pretty things that you line, pretty things? You know, that you lay on
trays with like non-slip. But effectively I’m gonna
put it in the oven like this ’cause I feel it’s still
gonna do the same thing it’s gonna act as a shield to protect the top layer from getting burnt. So about half and hour. Well, I know it’s not gonna
melt, ’cause of the seal pad, Mrs. Barry used the last
cling film this morning for a lunch but we’ll
see that in half an hour. Alright, so our fourth and final recipe. We wanna kind of have it cold but we’ll put it in the fridge anyway. This is gonna be a gorgeous milkshake, in fact, for drinks we can
do so many three ingredient alcoholic recipes but I
kind of want to make this you know videos about for
kids, maybe pugs as well scratching themselves, I want
to make it universal you know, just chug vodka in it. But this thing is gonna be amazing. I have got a Nutella
bowl, that’s not critical but we just have a bowl, but in here it is some amazing
quality vanilla ice cream. Is the real good quality
stuff with the little specs, the vanilla pods in there, alright? Just like before, any ice cream but vanilla will work well with this, especially with those pods. The infused pods (grunts). We’re also gonna use some hazelnut milk, so this with the Nutella bowl, I intentionally use this to remind myself it’s kind of gonna give it a Nutella vibe, but then it needs chocolate, doesn’t it? And to make myself feel like
I’m doing some kind like healthy protein oh my God,
we need some protein powder, now we’ve got some
Nesquik chocolate powder. So this is kinda gonna be like vanilla-chocolate-hazelnut milkshake, it’s still gonna have
that little icy twang. Ice cream is going in, nice. We then top it up with our hazelnut milk, get down, get in there, and then we take our powder. We’re gonna go for three
good teaspoons of that. Put our lid on and that is it, we’re gonna whizz this up now. (blender whirring)
(cheerful music) Done. (blender whirs)
(screams) Oh, you see that? That sort of rough chunkiness to it? Boom chicka wow wow. This oven did get turned up, I can’t remember if I said that or not. ♪ Turn up for what ♪ In goes the Brie, and I’m gonna give this another five minutes. And the only thing with that Brie, it would be really cool if
I used the four ingredients to brush oil on the top, because that would really
give it a nice golden brown sort of surface. Focaccia, Focaccia is
actually quite oily anyway, so it might help that,
but if you’re doing this put a teeny brush of oil
on there, season it as well all this stuff I’m not doing
and it will be (lips smacking). (oven beeping) Alright, boom. I think it’s worked. Oh yes, okay. It’s not browned, it won’t
be but it’s protected it which has helped cook through the ravioli. So now I’m gonna keep
that cooking the lasagna for like 15-20 minutes
until it’s golden brown and the Brie needs about 20 minutes too so whilst that’s happening, we shall do the strawberry
thing, that’s it, yeah. So what I’ve got here
is a teaspoon of sugar, now I’m just gonna sprinkle
that on top of our, effectively strawberry ice cream custard, little shimmy just to even it out. It has like shrunk a little bit in size but I don’t mind that, I don’t mind it because
were gonna try to do the meringue as well, it’s
gonna be a brulee meringue. Bruce-Lee meringue. This is like a chef’s torch thing, you can do it under the grill if you haven’t got one of these. I’m gonna lightly caramelise up the sugar (upbeat music) I’m gonna put a bit more actually oh that’s good, that’s good. Oh, shall we double coat it? Oh, why not? I really wanna coat it properly, I wanna get a good disc of
caramelised sugar on there, ’cause that’s when you get that
sort of breaky thing in it. (upbeat music) That’s gonna be a nice
rock hard layer on there. So there we go, that’s my other one done, just to show you that I did it. I kept the meringue mix in the fridge, whilst this all was happening. ♪ Do-Do-Do ♪ Oh this is cool, I like this. The only problem is ’cause
it’s not done fresh, I can’t really spike it
but I’ll do my best to, I think we’ll go really rough like this. Basically hacking it up with a spoon, but this is just an optional
thing I was gonna do you know, I’m just gonna see
if we can make this a thing because you’re using up the whole egg. Look at that, I like that. It looks like popcorn, yes, I love that. Just to show you my spare
one, how quickly it cools down and the time it did for me
to torch down that meringue. You see? (groans) You’ve got the strawberry
custard underneath. Beautiful, so there you go. I’m not eating this one, well I might, in fact I’ll oh no Mrs. Barry can have, yeah, I’ll dress it up later. Awkward. I just checked the oven, the
Brie is melting and gooey and the lasagna thing is
like a hot bubbly mess. Look at that! I’ve just taken this out of the oven, look it’s toasted, the gooey cheese coming down the centre there. Look, you beast. (grunts) The other thing I was
thinking, oh my gosh, oh yes, look. I really wanna put herbs on it I can’t, but on that sort of topic, ooh, that’s quite a big portion (laughs). You could’ve used more like
herb-infused sauces as well. I mean, there’s baked ravioli in it, but lasagna sounds cool. Oh yeah, that has toasted, oh, the top is so crunchy. I don’t know if this is gonna work, I’m not really a Brie expert. Come on, break the seal, break it, oh, oh yes, (laughs) look at that. The only thing is I actually
generally hate Brie, I’m hoping cranberry will mask it. Look, look, look, look, look, ooh. I don’t like it, I don’t like it. I like cheese when it’s melted, but Brie I don’t know, I find it quite strong. Oh cranberry. Oh, the cranberry… (grunts) The cranberry
really did mask that but then all of a sudden
it’s got this like, kinda like berry vibe in Brie,
I don’t know if it’s just me, it gives it a real tang
that’s just a bit too kind of blue cheesy territory. You get me? But let’s do the others. The lasagna, which is just… Oh that is so rich, really tomato-y, the cheesy tang in there, and that chicken chorizo,
well, forget about that, it just looks like parcels of pasta, chicken and chorizo running
through it, mix it up. I mean obviously instead of using this, I could’ve just used sheets of pasta but then you’re not getting
the bechamel sauce of lasagna so this is really making up for it. So, I call it lasagna but obviously it’s just like a ravioli bake, it’s just yeah I like it. I really like it! The meringue topped brulee. Oh I just broke through the disc, come on, let’s get some of the oh look at that I’ve got meringue, I’ve got the sugar and the custard strawberry. Oh wow. Oh that is really, really good! You know that charr-ness,
that’s what I hopefully I’m sort of showing you with this, obviously there’s work around, but like getting the ingredients
with flavour within it but by charring it and things like that just gives it more flavour. That’s baked ice cream (groans). Last up, it’s got a little bit of a foamy head on it now actually I feel like with a glass like this, I should have roller skates on, I don’t. Oh my goodness, Oh the hazelnut milk in there really does give it a
delicate Nutella vibe, but then you get those vanilla pods, those seeds from that more
expensive ice cream in there but, oh, I mean if you
just use standard ice cream put fresh vanilla pods in it. (moans) I don’t know which one is my favourite. Well I know the Brie isn’t, but the cranberry in the Brie works well. So, I don’t know where you go from here, I was actually planning on doing a Taste of the World playlist, and doing different countries or regions within each country,
start our main dessert, but I feel like maybe if it goes like this I’ve got a few other adaptions I can do for a few more weeks if you like. But check out the first one if
you haven’t seen it already. If you give any of these
a go, any of my recipes, you guys are sending me
pictures on social media, I absolutely love it so please do that and I think I’m gonna
have a very nice lunch. Bye! ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Side burns, moustache,
goatee, maybe all three ♪ – My kids aren’t actually
looking forward to Frozen 2 ’cause it’s been such a break between the first film, you know? Should’ve just done it in Plasticine.

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    Watermelon+sugar+lemon juice+blender= deliciousness

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    A way to cheat with the "lasagna" is to buy a shredded cheese bag that contain a mix of different cheeses.

  72. Mo Mi says:

    Why do you use Brie when you already know that you dont like it? You schould have useed other cheese like Camenbert …

  73. Crystil Murch says:

    Barry, if you find Brie too tangy (as I do) try this: Camembert is more nutty and woody but similar in the good ways to Brie. Also, take the rind off the cheese first, since that is where a lot of that sour tang lives.

  74. irishequalsme says:

    I just want Barry to call me stonking.

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  76. Klai don says:

    haha oh no french meringue is not made for blow torching, thats pretty much raw egg white with burnt outside, you need to use a swiss or italian style for blow torching

  77. Thetruthsetsyoufree says:

    Barry I am a full blooded Italian and I did the ravioli lasagna and OMG it was easy I used a ravioli with spinach and I cannot tell you how glad i am I did not have to do all the hard work I always do when making lasagna , best thing was after baking it I let it rest for about 30 min before cutting into it and that made it come out just like lasagna OMG thank you 🙂 I jar my own sauce so it did not take long to make it 🙂 sweet 🙂

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    Barry I love your videos and I’m so sorry but I am being sooo picky when it comes to your ice cream choices 🤭.. Carte Dior is full of air as is Kelly’s “Cornish” ice cream and all supermarket brands, I’m sorry!!! Hence why your “brûlée shrunk” I know you’re doing this as a family friendly show and I love that, and I know it’s budget friendly!! (I’ve been here since like 50k, probably less haha) but I do work in an ice cream parlour in St Ives and I do know about ice cream haha!! If you come down to Jus’ Desserts I’ll give you and your beautiful family free ice cream!!! 🥳

  79. Yaaahoo says:

    2:03 all that plastic triggering me and the penguins, turtles and the polar bears

  80. Obomatik says:

    couldn't the egg yolks and egg whites technically be seen as two separate ingredients since the yolks are used as an ingredient to make the brulee and the whites as an ingredient to make the meringue?

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    So quick tip for the creme brulee I used Cadbury crunchy icecream and oreo icecream. IT WAS AMAZING AND I WAS ABLE TO ADD CRUTCHES AND OREOS ON TOP ASWELL IT WAS SO GOOOOOOOOOD

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    it's pronounced bru-lay barry 😂 not bru-lee

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    Many years ago I had a lasagna recipe that used ricotta in place of the white sauce. I should try this "lasagna" with ricotta added and see how it pans (ha-ha) out.

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  90. Summer Noybn says:

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  91. X says:

    I also dislike brie, but I find it tastes really nice on a cheese toasty

  92. Karen Fuchsbichler says:

    I have a suggestion for a recipe. A packet of pitted dates, roasted salted macadamias and rice bubbles. Boil dates in a little water until you can mash them. Add nuts and enough rice bubbles to make a stiff mix. Spread in a pan and freeze. Slice. Eat.

  93. Kate Brown says:

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