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For today’s cook I’m gonna be dry-aging
this beautiful 22 pounds choice grade sterling silver packer brisket. When dry
aging it is important to keep everything clean. I am using gloves and I did wash
the whole packer brisket with soapy water before starting , now I’m just
drying it off. Now I recommend opening the bag just on the front so that you do
not get any of the other part exposed to air. This is an UMAI bag it is a special
bag for dry aging do not get confused with vacuum bags where no air escapes
this is not wet aging but it is dry aging these are special bags that allows
air to escape but does not allow any air to go back into the bag. It also
keeps contamination from coming into the bag from your refrigerator. It allows you
to dry aged at home without any special equipment. Then I like to remove as much
moisture as I can using a paper towel. Because this is a large bag I first
sealed at one side and using a special fabric it allows me to suck all the air
out using my vacuum sealer. Then you want to transfer to a cooling rack so that
air circulates throughout the entire brisket. As you can see it is now ready
for dry aging. Do not be alarmed about not being able to suck all the air out
there is no way you’ll be able to and that’s okay,
however you should try to suck as much air out as possible. Now that we have the
brisket ready I am putting it in my regular refrigerator for a total of 60
days with nothing else to do but wait. After sixty days I removed it from the
bag and this is what it looks like. As you can see some white mold started
forming, so after consulting my favorite dry aging group Dry Aged Beef in
Facebook myself and several other members we determined that it is okay to
continue my experiments so I did. Others Now all there’s left to do is to trim it, and when I did
trim it I was surprised by these results. Check it out! I was completely shocked by what I was
seeing. There’s something that I cannot explain because as I was trimming it the
fat felt just like Japanese Wagyu A5 It was starting to melt with the
touch of my hand, something I definitely did not expect. Let me remind you that
this is a choice brisket not prime, so how could he feel
like a Japanese Wagyu a5? I knew that this was something very special but I
cannot explain why that was. But I was excited to cook it. I really wanted to
taste the brisket so I only seasoned with salt and pepper. Now that we have this beautiful brisket
ready it is time to cook it. I was very nervous on how to cook this brisket and
I had to pick something that was very familiar to me, something I used hundreds
of times and it never let me down. So I am cooking it in my old Weber
kettle using the Slow and Sear. I am going to be smoking this brisket until I
hit an internal temperature of a 185 degrees Fahrenheit on the point. I am going to be using my lump Fogo charcoal and hickory wood. I will
also be spritzing it with apple juice every hour in order to keep it moist. But
enough talking it is time to cook it. So let’s do it! After smoking it for several hours, I did
hit a stall at 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so I decided to do
the Texas crutch which is to wrap it in aluminum foil.
This speeds up the process.Then I put it back in my cooker until I hit 185 degrees Fahrenheit on the point. Once the 185 degrees
Fahrenheit was reached I put it into the cooler and rested for two hours. Once the
two hours had elapsed I was rewarded with this. Check it out! Alright guys we got our beautiful brisket.
What do you guys think? I’m ready to eat it man. Yeah it looks like ten out of ten to me.
I’ve never seen a stake blow up. it’s not a stake, its a brisket. Well I’ve never seen any anything blow up… Did you guys see that explosion as soon as I cut at everybody
it just exploded of juiciness it’s still juicy I’m not used to anything like that.
That was quite impressive for me. I’ve never seen that. That was first. I think enough
talking and we gotta try it ready? Let’s go. All right let’s try this. First
let’s try what they say is supposed to be the dry part which don’t look dry
at all. All right Evan go for it gab that. This is the point. Are we waiting are we doing a
little 1,2,3? I’m sorry this is not the point this is the flat. Go for it.
Just go or you want us to wait for you? Go for it. Go for the flat
tell me if it’s good, juicy, amazing, incredible or if it’s bad. I’m about it oh yeah! Uh-huh. I’ve had a lot of brisket. Is it good Evan?
Oh yeah! That’s a good piece of brisket man! Angel you say you don’t like brisket. You got the stamp of approval over here. Is it juicy? Oh its juicy. You better start liking brisket. Mmm this is good everybody. Cut a little more? Uh you feel that little umami from the dry aged. Oh that is nice! Go for it Evan. 60 days well worth it let me tell you. 60 days dry aged Evan, what do you think. If I had to do it again, it’s worth it! What do you think Angel? Mmm wow that’s good. Are you ready to try the good part? Yeah! That was supposed to be the bad part now we’re gonna try the
good part. Lets go! Al right here we go gentlemen
let’s go. What you’re looking at Angel which piece you want the on the end you
want the first cut? All right go for it. Let’s go. Let’s see. Dive in. This is the
point Angel what happened Angel? You say you don’t like brisket. You’re going for the second one? You don’t even want to talk. What are you
doing? We don’t need to talk! I guess, I guess, is it good Evan? Oh yeah this was
the part that we saw explode and let me tell you, that juice, that juice is there. Wow. Wow man, keep cutting. To be honest with you I don’t have an explanation how this
tastes. It tastes incredible it does have a little bit of the dry aging like a
umami flavor that is quite unique. It is ridiculously juicy like I can’t
describe how juicy it is. It is fantastic in regards to the beefiness of the
flavor. The smoke. The smoke is perfect it’s not overpowering its feel is just
the perfect amount of smoke on it. I mean I’m gonna go on a limb here I think this
is the best brisket I ever cooked period. Now. Yeah you going there? Yeah I’m
going there! Ever? This is incredible. Now you’re gonna ask me Guga, is it really
worth dry-aging for 60 days? I’ll let you reply. Yeah ,that’s a yes for me. Will I do
this it again? Absolutely I’ll do this again everybody. It is it’s an experience
it’s oh Wow! Enough, I think you guys got the
point, right? Yeah I think, I think brisket is Evans favorite. Yeah like this is like
a favorite type of meat I always order it at barbecue places and they just
don’t compare to this. It’s a very unique everybody its unique. It’s leaving
me speechless so I don’t know how to say it.
It is incredible everybody, it is incredible! Anyway you guys enjoy it. Oh
yeah! Now we’re gonna share with the rest of the family. What? Why are you sad? Keep cutting bro! Come on Angel, be nice Angel. Guys, anyway, let me cut it for this gentleman. Look at
that it cuts like butter. I don’t, look at this. Look at that! It’s like butter. I might fight you for it. No fighting there’s plenty for everybody. Guys I hope you enjoyed this video is definitely worth dry-aging the brisket
give it a try I promise you you won’t regret it. If you do enjoyed this video
make sure you give it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber be sure to
subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use
everything is always on the description down below. Thank you so much for
watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. We out! To wrap up this video everybody we were so excited that we could not explain
exactly what was happening. This cook was very bizarre in a very good way for me.
When I cut that brisket and it exploded he was a complete surprise
because I did let it rest for two hours. However he was still hot now I do
understand that you might think that it was completely dry because all that
juice came out of the brisket, but let me tell you this was the most juiciest
brisket I’ve ever tasted in my life. I think the dry aging process did
something to the fat and he did not let it get hard again this is the leftover
brisket and it’s been two hours after I sliced it. As you can see the meat is dry
on the top but it’s still so juicy, by a little squeeze juice still comes out. The
fat never harden it is the weirdest and the most exciting thing that ever
happened to me. I don’t know how to explain this situation and I love to
bring it to the comment section so that you guys can help me figure it out. I can
tell you this I am definitely doing this again. Thank you so much for watching and
I’ll see you guys on the comment session down below. Take care.

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