7 Bizarre JAPANESE FOODs You Might want to Try #2 [Japan Guide]

Hi, it’s YUKA
This is the second video of 7 food you might want to try in Japan.
In the first video, I shared information about 2 food out of 7.
The first one was chicken sashimi and chicken cartridge.
The second one was suppon, soft shelled turtles. If you haven’t watched it, please click
here to watch it. If you’re on mobile, click card around here.
Today, I’m going to talk about 3 more foods. So, le’fs get started.
Number three Horse Yes, horse.
I know most of you guys have never ever tried horse meat before, though.
In Japan, you can eat horse meat at Izakaya restaurants or specialized horse meat cuisine
restaurants. At restaurants, they serve many kinds of horse
meat dishes including sashimi, grilled, deep fried and pot dish.
Well, myself, I’ve never tried it before. I just don’t want.
Because I used to learn horseback riding and horses are not food for me.
Horses are animal that I love. Anyway, it’s true that horse meat dishes
are really common and popular here in Japan. And it’s getting popular more and more among
women because horse meat contains high protein and low fat. Healthy meat.
And horse meat is often called Sakura niku in Japanese, means cherry blossom meat.
It’s said that the color of meat is similar to the color of cherry blossoms.
Number four Whales Well, I understand this is the controversial
topic. If you ask me whether you can eat whale meat
dishes during your stay in Japan, the answer is yes, you can.
Is it normal to eat whale dishes in Japan? The answer is, it depends on region, though,
no. It’s obvious that whales are not common
food in Japan. Around my parents’ generation and before,
eating whales were normal. Whales were one of the cheap food back then.
I’ve heard that deep fried whales were served as one dish of the school lunch.
When I was little, eating whales were already not common.
It was already an expensive food. And if you ask me whether I’ve ever tried
whale meat dishes, the answer is yes. There are areas where local people eat whales.
I’ve heard that whales are reasonable food over there,
Like I said, you can try whales in Japan. And if you want to try them, you need to go
to the specialized restaurants in big cities. And it’ll be very expensive.
Number five Shiokara Shiokara is salted squid.
It’s fermented squid and its guts. I am sure that most of you guys don’t like
it. I’ve found of a couple of videos and sites
and I checked them. Well, most of the comments in the videos and
sites, well, they just don’t like to eat it or cannot eat it.
Me, I like it. I usually eat shiokara with freshly cooked
rice or I’m going to eat it as it is with dash of lemon while drinking.
I can keep eating rice with shiokara. It’s really good.
And like Shiokara, there is another food that I like eating with rice.
It’s Mentaiko. I’ll show you some other time.
They are spicy and really good. You can try shiokara at Izakaya restaurants.
Or you can buy it at super markets or even convenience stores.
So, if you have a chance and just want to challenge new Japanese food, please try it.
OK, I stop here today. And I’ll make one more video about 7 food
you might want to try in Japan. Well, what do you think about this video?
Please let me know what you think and leave a comment below.
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I’ll see you soon on Experience Japan with YUKA.

38 comments on “7 Bizarre JAPANESE FOODs You Might want to Try #2 [Japan Guide]”

  1. T. Ryan says:

    I love to try the lastly food you recommended but not horse meat. I love horses and horses are good animals! Let humans ride on it and now let humans eat!!?? That is disgusting!!! But anyway Yuka, thanks for recommending other nice Japanese food! Thumps for you! Yay!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Evange says:

    I ate whale when I was in osaka 1.5 years ago!

  3. Aizakku27 says:

    When I was staying at a ryokan, they served us horse sashimi. I did not try it though.

  4. FruitsPunchZura says:

    My friends and I ate grilled horse meat when we went to Japan last year. Its a bit tough to chew but the flavor was all right.

  5. Ravenclaw Seer says:

    Arigatou! I enjoy all of these videos!  Also I think you always look amazing!

  6. The Wayward Haitian says:

    i had horse meat in Tachikawa. It was very good.

  7. Marshell Harwell says:

    Yuka, your videos are very informative and interesting. I'm a fan. Thanks

  8. Ori The Enby says:

    I'm curious, how does the Shiokara taste like ? is it like cooked squid ?
    oh and I heard that in Japan the behaviour is not the same in the country side and in the big cities, do you know anything that is important to know when going in the country side in Japan ?
    thanks for your videos ! ( ˘ ³˘)❤

  9. L SH says:


  10. van Turner says:

    love your accent! you still so cute 😉

  11. russell schaeffler says:

    l don't like Shiokara… but the worst food was trying pickeld grasshoppers with sake.

  12. Musashi Marc says:

    your vid's are usefull info. before goig to japan i appreciate and yuka kawai desune doumo arigatou

  13. George says:

    Yuka, I think that your videos are very well-composed and well-edited. Good work! I look forward to watching more.

  14. Angirson Lopez says:

    I would hang out with Yuka, just saying. 😊

  15. Michael Toro says:

    Night life and dance clubs

  16. David Sanders says:

    I always enjoy your videos Yuka and I probably would try horse if given the chance. It is a common meat in parts of Europe but not here in the UK. I did see a food programme on TV presented by Ching He Huang where she visited Okinawa and was disturbed to learn that, as a result of American influence, a common snack there contains Spam… now that really is a disgusting and bizarre food. 😉

  17. Kyyra says:

    I love your videos! Can you do a video of temples or legends in Japan?

  18. Kenneth Scharf says:

    Whale is not fish, it is a mammal, so I guess that would taste like very fatty beef. Of course there are many different kinds of whales, I don't know which are used for food. I would have a bad feeling about eating 'flipper'!
    The squid I might like to try, I suspect that would not be too different from Lobster or octopus in taste. (I've had octopus at sushi restaurants). My kids would cringe "You're eating Squidwort!! (Sponge Bob's friend).

  19. Pedro Gabriel Haddad says:

    今年の10月に日本へ留学しに行く可能性がありますので、Subscribeしました。 勉強になりますね。

  20. T. Ryan says:

    If I ever visit Japan, I would go and hang out with Yuka and let her be my tour guide! He he 😁👍🏻😋😋

  21. Mikael Granhaug says:

    In Norway, we used to eat whale and horse a lot a generation or so ago, while this was less popular in other European countries. Both where used partly as cheap substitute for beef. That being said, a good horse steak is very tender and better than ordinary beef, I highly recommend this. Now that whales are no longer an endangered species, you can buy whale meat in the shops again, but the meat is not very good so most people don't.

  22. yurameki ! says:

    @Experience JAPAN with YUKA In Germany we eat Horse meat too. We have some special local dishes with it. Although we love our horses much and taking good care of them. But not many young people eat horse meat. I had tried it. It´s delicious, although I was cactive rider in past. But now I see the things more relaxt.

  23. Choi says:

    in Spain you can also eat horse, it's not common food though but in some butcheries you can buy horse meat

  24. Master Bait Tour says:

    in the uk we've eaten horse meat……tescos put in their burgers……..well when we were eating it we didn't know there was horse meat in it…but now we do.

  25. Seb Ian says:

    I have tried Basashi (raw horse meat) and whale in Asakusa.
    Here is my photo of the whale restaurant in Asakusa – it is the blue building on the left.
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/22552185858/in/dateposted/

  26. Seb Ian says:

    One time in Japan when visiting Hokkaido I was served Shiokara as a side dish.
    I didn't eat it!
    Here is my photo of my dinner with shiokara as a side dish.
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7740868878/in/photolist-cN2YCw

  27. Peter XD says:

    wonder food you have on japoskem

  28. Jonathan Modeste says:

    I thought only the Europeans ate horse. I am with you Miss Yuka, horse should not be food.This is the first thing I learnt about Japan that disappointed me

  29. John Gilbert says:

    I truly enjoy this series. Thank you. The information about whale was very insightful.
    Oh, by the way, I don't mean to be rude and this has nothing to do with anything…I think your very pretty😊 ok. Sorry.
    I subscribed and can't wait to learn more.
    Also if you haven't seen, I HIGHLY recommend this to you and your subscribers. I watched a movie called 'Little Forest'. There are 2 parts 'Summer and Autumn' (2014) and 'Winter and Spring' (2015). It is like part documentary, part movie. It shows life in rural Japan. It shows so much about planting, uses for different plants, harvesting, plants specific use per season, and COOKING!! Lots and lots of cooking. Very needy movie series.
    I love Japan and I am so excited to start watching your videos.

  30. Ts IV says:

    Can really see the compassion in her eyes when talking about horse meat :3

  31. G Higgs says:

    I met a Japanese lady that loved whale bacon! Whale bacon….. I never even imagined such a thing! Yuck!

  32. Christian Porcella says:

    Yuka, I love mentaiko, too!!! As always, great video. Take care. Peace.

  33. Lydia S says:

    Thanks for the video! I won’t eat horse meat because we had horses growing up and we fed our horses supplements and antibiotics as well as dewormer and it clearly states on most of these things not to feed to livestock for human consumption. Most horses are former pets that were fed these types of supplements and antibiotics and then sold to slaughterhouses. But I would probably try many other things when we get to go to Japan. 🙂

  34. Alice Casagrande says:

    Hi Yuka, I am writing you from Italy and also here we eat horse meat, we also eat rabbits……

  35. gary Aa says:

    I love your channel and I love Japanese chains but, no horse or whale for me.

  36. F Lynn says:

    No horse or whale meat for me, thanks, but I might be willing to try shiokara.

  37. hachidori 106 says:

    a! … and kusaya! … I can't eat this! … whale is nice but the flavor is so light for me.

  38. Nancy Ferrand says:

    In France, horse meat used to be common when I was a kid. Nowadays, there are still horse meat butcher's, but they are getting rare. By the way, horse can't be found in a usual butcher's shop. Horse is the first meat I stopped eating long before the other ones : horses are buddies, aren't they?

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