7-Eleven Food in Japan | Our $20 Japanese Convenience Store Lunch for 2!

good afternoon guys are set up for lunch
today on RMC from all of these dishes and desserts and drinks on the table we
have quite the spread yeah I bought everything from 7-eleven this morning we
walked over and just grabbed a whole bunch of different items we sure did and
7-eleven is so popular in Japan in particular like you see them on every
street corner yeah and it’s not just a little convenience store or you go to
like buy a few drinks pick up magazines like you can make an entire meal you
make a big meal there you can do photos coffee and you can pay bills you’ve got
an ATM this Wi-Fi some of the 7-elevens even have a spot to eat it’s almost like
a co-op it I wouldn’t call it a restaurant but a quasi area to eat yes
so warm up your food for you there’s all this great package
yeah you only have microwaves they have hot water so if you buy noodles in a cup
you can like add boiling water and they cook right there so you kind of pop
sticks there’s so much more than just a convenience store yes so we thought it
would show you a 7/11 lunch yeah we tried to pick out a lot of different
items to kind of show you the variety that you can find in the store yes so
like there’s a big good section you can buy your salads or you don’t count on it
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve twelve full thing
items for lunch three of them being drinks Wow how many are desserts there’s
three desserts chips yeah yeah and basically if two means and then the rest
are kind of all smaller yes so let’s dig right in if we should start the entrees
okay we got on to Thursday I was going straight for the noodles okay so for my
entree I got a little salad yeah tuna in it yeah it looks like a coleslaw salad
with carrots lettuce corn egg tuna there’s no dressing
I don’t think you came addressing me if it did couldn’t find it that seems a
little bland drunk you know I’m gonna try some of it to go for it stick it I’m
grabbing some tuna mmm oh I like the tuna it’s like a garden salad with eggs
China basically that’s not bad I’m not getting a ton of fresh veggies though
today so that’s not bad when you get a bit of tuna and egg in them and your
bite it’s not so dry but if it’s just cold slaw it’s like why don’t we move on
to this one mm-hmm every morning eating only giddy first
only giddy mm-hmm oh my god we’ve been talking about this for a long time yeah
and the one I picked up was a tuna flavor so I’ll take it bite it I’ll let
you try it too oh yeah oh wow it’s basically like a rice triangle wrapped
in dry seaweed and it can come with different fillings this one is tuna and
mayo yeah yeah we had a lot of these in Korea they’re called triangle gimbap
over there you can find these basically everywhere you find them in supermarkets
you find them at 7-eleven you know the packaging is really interesting because
it’s wrapped in such a way like you have to pull down three different plastic
parts yeah that keep the rice separate from the seaweed so it won’t get all
soggy while it’s there on the shelf you did a good job of that you got it
you got it right my first go yeah you folded it really well so yeah this is
this you wouldn’t have as a meal this would be like a perfect snack or if you
were gonna have it as a meal you’d have to have other other things to go along
with it yeah you like it I do like I never another plate of that
it’s got a bit of a spicy mayo no okay one other what are their appetizers do
we have oh you’re the dried fish so I’m just gonna pour that out here for us you
guys can you see it all look at that it was phenomenal these are like little
stringy bits is that fish sauce squid are you gonna splint I feel like could
be squid attention explain to me I can’t talk on the packaging there’s no
yeah really tastes good it’s like very dry very chewy I like it I think I got
more than you probably would you be done at the start I feel like this is a type
of snacks and word grab if we were going to a movie in Asia
yeah bus ride let me stick this in my pocket bring it into the ruling but yeah
another interesting 7-eleven before we move on to our beans that we
also have we just found these like two days ago for the first time these are
amazing and there are seven eleven items you see that have a 7-eleven logo there
were sloppy chips yes and they taste like sure they do have
the wasabi flavoring but they also have like a crack pepper kind of flavoring
this is actually my new favorite snack and stuff in Japan I should say not well
I live from 7-eleven – yeah if I was thinking of like one thing to have that
wasn’t sweet but kind of crunchy and cheap and tasty to take along somewhere
like that for the wasabi chips yeah you know I had really fun 7-eleven because I
first discovered them when we started backpacking around Southeast Asia know
especially when we were in a big city and it was really hot like Bangkok for
example yeah we always be like seeking out AC like if we needed to walk from
point A to point B yeah and it was really far it’s like jiggly go ahead go
into a 7-eleven and cool down a little bit but we would get a cold drink and my
9-3 would stay in the or an ice cream and stay inside and drink it with the
air conditioning all right why don’t we move on to the drinks and you got one
you’ve never tried to yeah and I have one I haven’t tried before – called
Suntory sparkling snow-peak happy Elkin as you can also tell here it says it has
zero calories so and what’s yours no it looks I thought it was gonna be
something fruity just based off of the colors and now I’m looking at it and
there’s like I’m an exercising but there’s a
splashing suppress as if there’s if there’s a route they’re washing in water
I feel like this might be a vitamin drink could be will we technically they
get another drink that was ahead of me trick okay so I’m totally sparkling
let’s try it might smells it coolly oh this is cool this is like a little
bit like a ginger ale but without the sugar and it’s refreshing it has a
ginger taste and it doesn’t have the sugar it doesn’t have the sweetness mine
is like watered-down Gatorade with swamp I feel like this is a drink that you
have a sports drink after you’ve been like you know running out in the Sun oh
yeah it does have a sports drink taste yeah very subtle sweetness to it I like
my more has more bite oh you’re the super fizzy the last one to try again is
there’s a bottle too yeah this is a vitamin C drink I think you might have a
thousand milligrams okay I get in a thousand milligrams of vitamin C and
then the rest is in Japanese I have no idea you know this reminds me of the
drink that used to sell in Korea and like a little brown bottle with an
orange label and if you felt like you were getting a cold you were about to
get sick you would get that vitamin C drink and just the whole time this has a
lot of it it looks like that you know we’re out of our little vitamin
C it tastes it tastes like a vitamin C tablet that’s been dissolved in water
hmmm we should also mention the price of all this it only keeps like 20 bucks yes
we’ll have 12 items there’s 2100 something in so yeah 20 less than 20 US
dollars for all this food and keep in mind we’re probably gonna probably won’t
finish it although we’re gonna have a line machiner and her dinner all right
won’t move on to the mains though won’t do want to try my first time will fire
sure mine requires some preparation mine’s yakisoba they microwave this
about 45 minutes ago it’s still still warm lukewarm I think all the noodles
yeah so soba it’s technically a buckwheat noodle but for a yakisoba it
can be any type of noodle it can be just a plain noodle not like we as it tangy
kind of like soy sauce kind of switchin a little sweet got some beef in there
that could definitely be a meal in and of itself pickled stuff on the side
mm-hmm it’s not bad it’s not my favorite no we’ve had a lot of really good
noodles in Japan like I’ve really enjoyed my ramen might Adhan soba so now
I don’t know I feel like yakisoba is the bottom of the barrel
yeah I mineral Department mm-hmm well let’s try yours so I got the cold soba
noodles cold buckwheat noodles I mean the color there’s like a little bit gray
mm-hmm you’ve got a sauce so this is like really stuck together hopefully the
sauce will oh just to a bunch of them is this for dipping yes you put in here and
you dip the noodles in there okay let’s all right let’s assemble my look I got
nori another little seaweed seaweed pieces okay liquid stop there it goes oh
the new spring onions to one of my one of my legs is already falling asleep
gasps huh so want to make sure we’re going to throw in the spring onions as
well sure it’s a white liquid let’s try it without that yeah that’s we if it
doesn’t feel good enough then we’ll have it we’re gonna make a mess on this table
I can tell you now okay let’s try it does that feel complete tastes like soy
sauce with the chives maybe we should put in the other one
this white liquid be mmm in the middle of them yeah the the buckwheat noodles
are really relation for summer yeah I’d really enjoy what do this right now guys
it’s like the middle one where’s it just water it is this for like separating to
be watering it down so I pour it on the noodles no I wouldn’t do that
I don’t why I don’t want it on the noodles yeah pour a little bit more
there and just leave it okay there’s some left in there dunking it in again
I’m taking it for a big swim loss is so refreshing that’s the thing with
packaging in Japan it’s only in Japanese so there’s like a lot of mystery a lot
of things that you just don’t know am I supposed to eat it like this this is how
it goes am i doing it right what I love leg is falling asleep yeah stretch your
mouth stretch em Oh any favorite so far I feel like not much sweeter mmm my
favorite so far I like the chips I actually like my noodles gary was nice I
would take another bite of that like my gingery son Toby sparkling mm-hmm I’m
trying to think what else we can tell you guys about 7-elevens here in Japan
you know what yeah a lot of them are open 24 hours mm-hmm not something that
you know because when we first got to Japan and you were super jet lag we’re
waking up at like 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning and we’d run over to the
convenience store he’d be working there I think also there their menu changes
throughout the day it’s like you can go in at different times of the day and
they have different things stock especially for like these these
prepackaged meals that need to be ended up I’ve also noticed if you go towards
the end of the day they discount the meals just like they do in the
supermarket because they obviously want to clear their their stalks so they have
fresh meals prepared for the following day so it’s realize it really has a
really good budget tip but yeah we’ve been frequenting convenience stores
quite often I’d say at least once a day like if we’re not having a meal there
we’re usually popping in for a drink or like a little snack enjoying those
noodles on your final greeting good there’s some interesting dessert two of
them are green matcha green tea with a cookie and looks like a lovely a cannoli
again Japanese cannoli kind of italy and japan collide in the form of a pastry is
7-eleven we once you had a pretty big piece Street section know you have like
a lot of donuts and cookies and baked goods I went for something that looks
pretty North American like this look like a long twisted glazed doughnut yeah
should we want to dessert let’s move on tonight I could leave my noodles for
later maybe for dinner huh and yeah I’m eyeing that just looks so good
thing is heavy in the head it’s like I picked that up it’s like whoa it’s got a
lot of icing sugar on it I went for size check this baby out
look at that so has glaze on one side no this plane on the other and let’s fight
it I hope this is like a Krispy Kreme donut that’s what I’m hoping for
you try some of that too no should be I’ve got one of Aesop’s tails but it’s
not like the Krispy Kreme I was dreaming up at my head no really yeah a toilet
convenience store supermarket Cola yeah I feel like it’s the Japanese version of
a donut Japan’s baked goods are very different from what you get cause we’re
in the world but I am gonna eat it I’m probably gonna eat the whole thing you’re falling everywhere move on the
matcha green tea is called matchup white choco cookie then you get one it reminds
me so much of the subway cookies subway sandwich
and actually this one kind of reminds me of though it’s the white chocolate with
macadamia nut okay as I see messiahs just a texture I’m
gonna try that I’m gonna grab a bite you bull Wang blue tastes of Machop has the
same texture as the subway cookies too it’s an icon it’s not it’s not a crispy
cookie more insulin want soft and chewy Oh hold on the delayed onset of the
white chocolate chips years ago about let’s see make sure you get a big bite
with the white chocolate chip like chocolate chips
Oh white chocolate chips I like real chocolate chip I like this it’s
interesting I’m undecided I like it more than the doughnut are you going to do
more no and the last thing for us to try guys is actually it’s not like a cannoli
now that I’m touching it to like a pancake it looks like a match of pancake
and inside there’s red bean pista well as your means and then I think this is
kind of like a matcha cream oh it’s not like whipped cream yes
that’s my favorite part Azuki beans at the bottom of the pancake is really
fluffy and the cream is also very light it’s a lot a thick cream boo it is a
fluffy pancake I know you mean this is not what I was expecting
no me neither I thought that the shell might be harder but it is actually just
a it’s a fluffy pancake like that one that’s pretty good that’s pretty tasty I
love the means the beans are everywhere how many desserts have we had with red
bean paste yeah that pretty much concludes our our meal trying different
things from a Japanese 7-eleven yeah we wanted to show you guys the variety that
you have inside the stores yep and like it seriously there’s like a salad
section cold noodle section though you can get western-style food like
spaghetti zuv carbonara and tomato sauce you can even pick up non-food items just
make jeans or school supplies it’s like it’s so much more than just a place to
get your Slurpee and chocolate bars and chips like in North America and they
even have like an entire section where it’s household cleaning supplies like
for your toilet or if you need toilet paper
Windex yeah you can really find it all find it all so Phil you ever visit Japan
definitely have to go to several of it try eating out of 7-eleven so hope you
guys enjoy this I hope you guys enjoyed this video we still have some work food
to eat but we are gonna say goodbye farewell

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